the beginning of the end

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

you are grace, who is one of those girls who don't care about their looks but still are amazingly beautiful. during the zombie apocalypse what will happen to you and your friends? will you survive? read to find out...

Table of Contents

The Near End of the Future

It’s your first day as a senior, your one of those students who don’t really care about your looks but still you get complements ever... Read Chapter

The Market Mission

The day after… you all decided sleeping upstairs was a good option in which, it was, aside from one thing. There were two bedrooms left... Read Chapter

The Harsh Realization

This chapter may be a bit short, sorry in advance!
Read Chapter

The Arguement

~The next day~ During breakfast everyone was silent after what had just happened the night before, especially between you and Simon. ... Read Chapter

Blacking Out

Let me know who you guys ship and maybe i will make the story so they get together.
Read Chapter

Your True Feelings Part One

this is only part one, plus my writing is gonna start to slow down from now on because my last chapters were already typed up in a word document, thanks for your understandment. Also while writing
this chapter i was listening to "Mad at Disney" by salem ilese
Read Chapter

Your True Feelings Part Two

this is another short segment of the book.
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A New Handsome Face

the meaning of the title is more towards the end... sorry for the cliffhanger
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The Handsome Face has a Name?

“J-James, is that you?” you ask, before he pins you to the wall, “I-“ You get cut off with a kiss before you could finish, you pu... Read Chapter

he is staying with us?

“Is everything okay?” Simon asks you after he gives you a peck on the cheek, “Is something wrong?” He asks, you holding you tight... Read Chapter

Truth or Dare?

Sorry for not uploading in a while... i forgot to upload for while! :)))
Read Chapter

Why do the games turn so ugly?

Nathan comes running down the stairs and into the dining room and grabs your shoulders, “Where did that numbskull go?!” Nathan asks y... Read Chapter

The Fight turned nearly Fatal

You decided to cook breakfast alone today to think things through of how you would tell him, that he had to stay and kill either his brot... Read Chapter

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Criss Sole

So Simon's dad accidently introduced the virus? Yikes!
This would make into a great movie.

Sun, December 6th, 2020 11:16am

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