The Second Shot

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When this election process is over, you will have a thirty to one hundred-eighty day window to prepare for the rest of your life. How you do this is going to be very definite as to whether you are a patriot or a puppet.

The Second Shot

Gail D Prentice


The United States had suffered many setbacks over the last five presidents.  In fact, President Reagan was the last president to accomplish bringing Americans back together.  Though President Trump tried his best, the party across the aisle was set on destroying him at all costs, even if it cost the Constitution.

At the 2020 election, the left pulled out all stops of integrity and decency, they discarded honesty and fairness to overthrow an election by fraud, deception, and malfeasance.  Though the election results will not be known for another thirty days, to assume one candidate the winner is not a wise assumption.

As this election process heats up, there are two scenarios that need to be considered.  One – If Trump remains in office, the left will encourage and assist in civil unrest.  Riots will again take a frontline position, along with that, they will censor in the press and social media more.  The major media will paint Trump and the right as terrorists and as anti-American.  They will suggest assassination without actually saying the word.

The radical left in the puppet culture will encourage a civil war against anyone who does not align themselves with the radical left.  Their goal is to cause as much civil unrest that even the right will want to impose more government restrictions.

Two – If Biden and Harris get into power, there will be a drastic move to bring about full-blown socialism and lead to the authoritative state of communism.  There will be a radical move against the Constitution and a very strict call for martial law should any group, state, or community resist in any form.

Attacks on the Constitution will start at the top.  The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights will be the first to go down.  Peaceful assembly and the freedom of speech will be stricken out.

The Second Amendment will be next and is already in the plans.  Don’t take this as a rant, check out the Biden website and the Harris website.  They are very sure of their position and wants concerning gun control.

gnfringe is a key word in the Second Amendment.  By definition, it means, infringe  [in?frinj]VERBactively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.).


contravene · violate · transgress · break · breach · commit a breach of · disobey · defy · flout · fly in the face of · ride roughshod over · kick against · fail to comply with · [more]

act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.

"his legal rights were being infringed" · [more]

synonyms:  undermine · erode · diminish · weaken · impair · damage · compromise · limit · curb · check · place a limit on · encroach on · interfere with · disturb · disrupt · trespass on · impinge on · intrude on · enter · invade · barge in on · burst in on · entrench on

With just that word, I can honestly say that EVERY gun law on the books in the United States are an infringement of our Second Amendment, including and maybe especially the registering of firearms.

In history, there was an occasion where the political unrest was so intense that the citizens created their own ragtag army and then launched out in a conflict.  This occasion was dubbed, “The shot that was heard around the world.”

When the American colonial citizens rebelled against the tyrannical British government, a single shot from a colonial militiaman was the first round fired to start the Revolutionary War.  Though nobody knows who this man was, it was that first shot that was heard around the world.

April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops set off from Boston toward Concord, Massachusetts, in order to seize weapons and ammunition stockpiled there by American colonists.

Today, we have in the making a governmental entity that is setting up to do the very same thing.  By creating a ‘tax’ or fee of ownership on every firearm that is owned by every citizen.  Because of the registry of ownership, the two hundred and fifty dollar ‘tax’/fee, could cost the registered gun owner over one thousand dollars per year if he/she only owned four firearms.  Should they not pay the ‘tax’ or fee, the government would have the right to confiscate those weapons that were not paid for or registered.

For the gun owner that owns10 firearms, the fee or ‘tax’ is twenty-five hundred dollars per year.  I know of many owners of firearms that own thirty or more.

In short, this up and coming attack on our Second Amendment and our Constitution is real and needs to be checked.  If we as American citizens do not keep our government in control and force them to uphold the Constitution, they will assume, demand, and take authority over the citizens that will be very detrimental to the citizen.

Over the last few months, militias have popped up, but not too effective in promoting themselves, for fear of the government stepping in and arresting them as terrorists.  A very real threat.

I joined a militia just to see if anybody was doing anything constructive.  To my dismay, there were some that wanted to get dressed up in camo and storm through a storage building or barn as a training, using paintball guns.  It was more of a time of playing a game and far less about training in an actual combat situation.

This new Revolutionary War that is coming will be a war like no other.  It will be taking up arms against American citizens by American citizens.  The most dangerous combatants will be hiding in offices and in Capitol buildings in all fifty states and in Washington DC.  Their weapon of choice will be a pen and a radio or TV platform.  They will have bodyguards or secret service protection and a very secretive travel agenda.

Taking this into consideration, whoever fires the second shot that will be heard around the world will instantly be labeled an assassin, a terrorist, a murderer, and an enemy of the state, and rightfully so, at least by the standards that the government has placed in the laws of the land so conveniently over the years. They knew that this day would arise.  They can only hope that this second shot is by an individual with no possible following and that they can be apprehended and eliminated before a real movement of patrriots starts to rise.

There won’t be two opposing forces standing in armed formations like in the first Revolutionary war, where the colonists aligned themselves against the British Redcoats and fired volley after volley of shots.  It won’t necessarily be guerrilla warfare.  It won’t be a battle as in Iraq or Pakistan where the citizens militia go door to door.

It will literally be the government/politicians against the citizens.  The government will attempt to use the US Military to do their battles and when that does not work successfully for them, they will resort to the United Nations for protection.

That second shot will be heard around the world in seconds.  So, if this war is going to be won, it must be a well-coordinated and precise strike.  That in itself is going to be a trick.  With the government watching every movement of its citizens via social media, cell phones, census, taxation, and gun registrations they know where we are most of the time.  They know what we are doing and saying most of the time.  They will step in and stop any movement that is being planned against them, should they find out about it.

With the United States so addicted to and invested into, and locked into the internet and cell phones for almost all communication, monitoring, and tracking is simplified.  Homeland Security and other government agencies have trip words that lights the board when they appear or are heard.  They will investigate, arrest, and incarcerate anybody who is deemed a threat to the government.

Just so you know, if you are a patriot, you do not want the government to interfere with your life and livelihood, you own a firearm, and you believe that the Constitution is the founding document and limiter of government over reach and domination, you have already been spotted and targeted as a potential terrorist.

With this type of government restrictions placed on the US citizens, I believe that it will very soon be time for the second shot to be heard around the world, or the United States will cease to exist as a free nation as we grew up enjoying.

Submitted: December 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Gail-D-Prentice. All rights reserved.

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JE Falcon aka JEF

I been around for 75 years and I have 7 flags of past veterans on my book shelf, more will follow, so don't think you have the right to say who a patriot is, or who isn't.. --- In all those years I have never seen or heard the kind of illogical thinking that your so called essays spouts. --- The Insurance companies, banks, and other businesses know more about you & I than any Government intrusion. But you already know that. This so called essay sounds more like a map to Fascism than anything else.

Sat, December 5th, 2020 12:44am


I also have flags on a shelf. You have me by a few years, I am only 68.I do not see the fascism element that you speak of, but I do see the making of a tyrannical government, but everybody at least until somebody or some party eliminates the First Amendment has a right to their opinion. Thanks for your comment. It does make one think.

Sat, December 5th, 2020 7:25am

dj hundley

Not only is the subject trash the writing is sub par too. I just finished Hiram Grant's memoir. I think we had a war where citizens fought citizens once so your essay isn't even accurate, not surprised. Your spelling and grammar are good so you must be educated. How can an educated man be so.... you?

Mon, December 7th, 2020 12:27pm


Not once did I ever elude to the fact that there has never been a citizen against citizen conflict in the United States. Evidently you missed that part of history. Even during the Revolutionary Way, Colonists turned weapons on Colonists. We had the Civil War, where citizens fought each other. No doubt, you missed the whole concept of this writing.
I know that not everybody will agree with this, thus is the rights we have in America, at least until they start tearing down the Bill of Rights, which, by the way, has already begun.

Mon, December 7th, 2020 6:39am

dj hundley

Out of professional courtesy i tried to read your work again. Couldn't make it more than 2 paragraphs. Something occurred 600 years ago called the enlightenment, evidently it flew over your head like "a big ole jet liner" .......
Im Mr glass, looking for a super hero to validate that there are writers out there better than us. You my compatriot are not it

Sat, December 19th, 2020 6:58am



Sat, December 19th, 2020 7:34am

Peter Piper

Hi G.D.P have just waded through your diatribe; a few comments from an interested neutral. The U.S. "ship of state" is very large and complex. It would take decades for any President to change the system appreciabley. Comunism in the U.S.A no chance!! Certainly presidents and governments veer to the left and sometimes to the right but the electoral process is there to prevent excess. Trump was a case in point; there have been good presidents and bad presidents. I am afraid to say that Trump was not a good one and so he paid the price! If its any consolation if Biden makes a hash of government he too will go the way of all flesh! As for the constitution your Supreme Court is probably more conservative (with a small "C") than at any time in history. The constitution is in reasonable shape and will no doubt remain so for the forseeable future. The N.R.A 's mantra is "its not guns that kill people; its people that kill people". I don't agree with the sentiment but then I'm just an interested Brit! But ask yourself, what civilised society needs to arm its citizens; particularly on the scale mentioned in your narrative. I would suggest that not curtailing gun use and ownership is the parth to perdition. Unfortunately no president in history has been clever enough or brave enough to challenge the "status quo". I don't think the war you talk about is likely or necessary and would only inflict misery on the population. I like to think that all the Americans I know have more sense!! Best wishes and good luck with your writing.

Tue, May 25th, 2021 1:18pm


I understand your response as a response from a foreigner. That is not to be insulting in any form. You are just not here to witness the happenings as a while, but rather get your information from predominately liberal news sources and hearsay means.
As for the NRA, they are a stalwart in the protecting our Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms.
Though you do not have that right in UK, we do here. I understand that you do not understand or agree with that right. However, our founding fathers saw the wisdom of an armed citizen to protect themselves from harm and another tyrannical government, even if it happened to be our own government.
As a gun owner myself, I have not ever had a gun shoot someone else. They are usually loaded and ready if the need to use them were ever to arise. A loaded gun has never killed anybody without the operating hand of a person.
My loaded guns have never gone of without my permission. They are always in my own hands or the hands of someone I let shoot them. So in short and in fact, guns do not kill indiscriminately on their own. They are required to be in an operators hands. So "guns do not kill people. People kill people." The gun might be the weapon used but the gun is no different than a knife, hammer, screwdriver or a rock.
Please take the time to read my article "All in the Plan of Communism". Compare this to what you think you know about our nation and your own and see what conclusion you come to. There is so much at play here in the US, that you cannot take what is written as a diatribe or senseless rant as you refer.
I wish you well, and thanks for the comment,

Thu, June 3rd, 2021 7:35am

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