The Transfer Part 1: The Arrival

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

After being unjustly expelled from his old school, Takashi Kinomoto, a sixteen-year-old, Japanese boy is forced to attend school in America, all by himself.
WARNING: This book may contain content that may be uncomfortable for some audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

Table of Contents

Prologue: The End of Everything

If someone solves an issue with their own hands, do they deserve to be punished for it? Vigilantism has always been a split topic; you ar... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: Settling In

A month passed after the incident in Japan. After a long flight across the globe and a long cab ride, Takashi finally arrived at his new ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: The Head

The rest of the night flew by for Takashi, and soon enough, it was morning. After eating breakfast and getting ready for school, he looke... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: The Advisor

After walking a fair distance away from the Principal's office, where no students were present, Takashi suddenly stopped. Ms. Yumi took n... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Two Views

As Takashi made his way to the Attendance Office, the students of CHS took notice of him and began muttering to each other, prompting Tak... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: A Strange Acquaintance

Time flew by as Takashi attended his classes. After a third of the school day had passed, Takashi finished third-period. He then went to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: An Upcoming Assignment

Fifth period Art class went by without any problems. After the bell rang, Takashi and Catherine left the class with their completed work ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: Rising Tension

The bell immediately rang after Takashi entered the gym. Takashi then went into the boy's locker room, changed into his gym clothes, and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Prove It

After exiting the gym, Takashi looked at the last class on his schedule. "Math 3 Honors with Mr. Lo, room #169. Where am I going to f... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: A Desperate Plea

Ten minutes then passed by for Takashi as he took his test, and to his amusement, he had already finished a fourth of his assessment. ... Read Chapter

Epilogue: A Bit of Self-Reflection

After a long bus ride home, Takashi made it back to his apartment complex. He then immediately went inside, made his way to his apartment... Read Chapter

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