My Greatest Blessing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In April 2020 Kimya had learned he had a daughter who was given up for adoption. Being incarcerated this was both exciting and heartbreaking news. He always wanted a daughter, but now that he learned of his, he couldn't yet meet her in person. This poem Kimya dedicated to her.

My Greatest Blessing

Thank Indigenous Day, 2020


I dreamed a dream for 22 years not knowing it already exists.

how in the world could I have missed this?


But examining my past – so many faces and places were excuses for

different love affairs … relationships built on instinctive emotions

that never last – what else should I have expected?


Pouring my heart and true feelings into so many that were wrong…

from love songs imagining the perfect one to come along…

then unexpectedly she appeared. It feels like we experienced a love

for a moment in time that turned into exotic memories. I loved her

before our first kiss and missed her each time she pulled away.

Touching her flesh as she trembled caused her aroma to rush

from her pores intoxicating me more.


We experienced each other’s imagination to the fullest while leaving

our worries behind. And when she left she took a part of me with her…

not only my heart but the beginning of another beating inside.

A life to be born unknown to me. The daughter I have asked ALLAH

for time and time again. I have only imagined laying her tiny body upon

my bare chest so she could hear the rhythm of my heart beat; and

to see her smile in those first days of life and wonder why?

Tamara … you are my greatest blessing.


Although I sit separated from society still unfamiliar with her voice,

demeanor, or even touch I know she exists. After all these years

on her own she found me – and now… in her letters of questions

I rejoice each time she calls me – Father.

Submitted: December 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Kimya. All rights reserved.

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