Peacefall: Book Two of The Fourpointe Chronicles

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

The time has come. King Jameson arrives on the Continent to seal his union with his betrothed, Queen Taresa. The marriage will unite the two most powerful kingdoms of Afari: Marland and Ibia. What’s more, Jameson will be able to start his family, to carry on the legacy of Kin Saliswater.
The gravity of such a regal union is not lost on the four Saliswater quadruplets – Symon, Dawkin, Ely, and Gerry – who continue their clandestine ruse as King Jameson. Their lifelong secret continues to serve them well, right up to the exchange of wedding vows . . .
Then chaos ensues. The end of a fragile peace begins.
Kin Saliswater – and soon the whole of Marland – find themselves embroiled in attacks and insurrections, which rise and fall without provocation or warning. The brothers suspect a sinister plot connects all these seemingly random events, but with enemies too numerous to count, none can determine the true source.
With danger looming at every corner of their nation, the highest authorities in Marland convene to formulate a response. In the guise of King Jameson, the four arrive at the gathering . . . Where they encounter a force determined to end them all.

Table of Contents


“Your Majesty.” Audemar nearly strode on before he realized that the salutation was meant for him, not his father. “Yes?” h... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Mar, forgive me. The image of his hands wrapped around his brother’s neck overwhelmed his mind. He knew that such thoughts would ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

“Brothers . . . Kings . . .” Gerry scarcely heeded the rest of his brother’s words. His concentration ebbed and flowed like the... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

“My dear.” Taresa sighed. “Yes, Mother?” “What of this design?” The Princess glanced over her shoulder, turning h... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“Bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody hell,” Ely muttered under his breath. “Some just have all the luck.” Around Ely, barons a... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Never before had Symon felt less sure of what to do. Hesitation wasn’t unfamiliar to him. In battle, he paused, whether he forced h... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

When plagues and wars besiege us, in their wake, what is left? Songs of old sing of victors who emerge. The great. The bold. The lege... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

“Calm down, brother.” Gerry stared at Ely, incredulous. “You are telling me to calm down?” “Don’t take that tone with... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Why is this damn seat so hard? I thought I asked the attendants to replace the cushions. In truth, the cushions were far from the pro... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

He seems so unlike himself. A different man from the one I married. How long has it been? A week? No more than two, for certain. Still, i... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“An abomination to Mar, is it not?” Low Bishop Jervis of Har-Kin Kensley sputtered before his coughing cut off his line. “Tis . .... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

This must be what Mar feels like. Well, not always. But at least part of the time. Ely, suspended by the wild blue around him, glided... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Clank, clank, clank, clank. So on and on the racket went. Dawkin glanced at the column of young men, some younger than he, as they tr... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

The hump crested. Then it sank below the surface. Symon needn’t ask his men if they saw it. Their faint whispers and pause among them... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

All this is happening too quickly. “Your Majesty.” The voice, a meek one, hit her ears like the piercing call of a siren, alo... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Symon rubbed the sinuous fibers of the rope between his fingertips. The habit gave him a short reprieve from grinding his teeth. “A... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

“. . . and here is the manifest.” Artus laid the leather-bound book before Dawkin. “The Head Magistrate delivered it this morning... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

The ale was sour. The corner dark. The banter around him unamusing. All just like his mood. “The gale continues. That wind be s... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

“He’s being careful.” “Too much?” Gerry asked. Symon squinted. “We’ll see.” What are you up to, brother? Thre... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Dawkin rubbed his temple in earnest, attempting with all his will to show interest in the nobles who spoke. He failed, the events o... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

“Your Majesty, her fever hasn’t returned. She remains committed.” As I knew she would. “Many thanks to you, Mage.” Wyst... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

“Here they come,” Ely said, just before he tipped a glass of sherry into his gullet. “The suckling pigs.” “Where is he?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

“Our mage says it looks like rain.” The gap-toothed attendant squinted as he stared into the haze. “Can’t say I see it myself. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

“They grow restless. Are they almost through?” Symon turned from Gerry to sign to the Voiceless at the entrance. Half a head tall... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

So much chaos. So suddenly. The thunder of conflict awash in a rain of blood. Remember your training. You were born to be a royal. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Stay with me, brothers. The chair splintered against the charge of a baron, who collapsed away from Dawkin. Dawkin heaved another f... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

There he goes. Mad. Symon glanced back in the direction of Arcporte Castle. The salt breeze invaded his visor, its cold telling of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

“You need your rest, My Queen. Too much of the night is not good for the child.” Never one to entertain the tales of wives young ... Read Chapter


“You had the right of it, Grandfather.” Damn, was his voice always so deep? Colbern asked himself. Or perhaps he has grown into h... Read Chapter

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