Chapter 3: III

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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His body was warm and strong, and she found herself leaning into him as he tightened his embrace.

You are mine Nadezhda. Mine to pleasure… and ravish.” One of his hands slid to her back, rubbing up and down it slowly. His hardness strained against her thigh. She wondered what his sexual proclivities were. Was he rough, given his alpha-male attitude, or did the cool, strong facade hide a gentle lover?

His hand slid from her back to between her thighs as he nudged her knees apart, and Nadezhda bade herself to relax and allow this to happen. As he shifted around, his cock bobbed, the motion drawing her attention to his arousal. She'd seen a couple of dicks in real life, and a bit of porn, and what he had was indeed very impressive.

It's all for you, Nadezhda," he whispered as he reached down to stroke it. "Often I have dreamed of this." His gaze moved along her body before he leaned down, positioning himself between her legs as he propped himself up on his free arm. Without his clothing, she registered more of his personal scent and took a deep breath before she felt his lips on her brow.

She shivered when she felt something gently nudge at her intimate opening, and looked down to see him sliding the tip of his cock against the slick flesh. She looked back up at him as his face moved lower, his lips pressing against her temple and then cheek. The feel of his intimate flesh lightly teasing her, making its presence known, sent fresh knots through her core, causing an ache that bordered on outright painful.

Arkady. Please, be gentle.” She brought her hand to his chest, registering the strong beat of his heart. She felt several coarse blonde curls under her hand.

I would never harm my little tsaritsa,” he whispered. “Is this your first time?”

She swallowed thickly. She supposed this subject had to come up at some point, and… well, guess it might as well happen now instead of later.

No. But there was always protection. I'm not stupid." She felt the need to defend herself at this moment when she was utterly vulnerable.

He was silent for a moment as if considering how he would answer that. Had some hope of taking her virginity been dashed? Too bad, so sad, she mused smugly.

No. You are not stupid. Far from it.” He stroked his cock up and down several times, nudging his hips a centimeter forward. She bit back a moan as she felt her labia start to part for him. “Why then, do you seem so nervous, hmm?”

You're… well-built.”

That I am,” he replied, sounding pleased. “And it's all for you.”

Her fingernails dug into his chest a bit when he slid forward, sheathing the head of his manhood. Her gaze moved down, but by then the gap between their bodies had narrowed considerably, cutting off much of her view. Her free hand slid down to where they joined, her fingers lightly curling around the thickness of his manhood. The flesh moved past her fingers as Arkady inched forward.

Damnit...” she breathed. Only a few inches in, and already she felt overwhelmed. “Arkady.”

What is it, love?” he asked, nibbling along her ear. Releasing his cock, he used his now-free hand to cup one of her breasts, rubbing the nipple under his thumb.

Nothing,” she replied, blushing. Part of her just wanted him to fuck her and get it over with. And the other part wanted him to take his time, to prolong this exquisite agony she was experiencing, the ache she felt at the presence of his flesh, and her need for completion.

An inch, and then another, Arkady's need penetrating her deeper and deeper, filling her with a delicious ache that could only be relieved by filling her up even further. His hand slid from her breast to her hip, helping to hold her steady as he sheathed himself fully.

Oh.” Never had she felt so full. He seemed to fill every bit of her very being, the walls of her pussy filling her senses with what they were taking in.

Her soft 'oh' was echoed by his own, and her eyes focused on his face. "The sight of you. The smell. The feel. You surrounding me, so hot and welcoming. Nadezhda." The Russian poured off his tongue in a satisfied purr. He rolled his hips, pulling back an inch before shifting forward, causing her to tighten her thighs against his hips.

Arkady.” she whimpered. Even though he had not done very much, she did not think she could handle any more. Her nerves seemed to be on fire. Her being demanded the completion that only Arkady could bring, and she whimpered as he rolled his hips several more times. She pushed feebly at his chest, her other hand registering the motion of his flesh against hers. It seemed almost impossible that he'd been able to make it fit. Yet here she was, having opened up to him.

Who do you belong to, my tsaritsa?" he asked. He shifted his hips a fraction before he stilled all movement, leaving her full and aching. She wiggled around a bit, but there was no give from him as if he were a statue of finely-sculpted marble. One of his hands reached down, a finger teasing her clit from its hood and rubbing it slowly.

Remaining inside of her, he arched his back and lowered his head, taking a nipple into his lips and sucking it several times, letting it pop out of his mouth before blowing on it. A frustrated moan broke from her throat. The hand withdrew from her pussy, leaving her aching even more, and his weight and position gave her limited wiggle room as she tried to move around on his cock. The friction was brief and maddening.

Say it, and you will have pleasure worthy of a queen.”

Damn you, Arkady. You are the devil, and I made a deal with the devil.”

A handsome devil, to be sure," he replied. "Although for all your sweetness, you have me in your thrall as well as a succubus. Quite the pair we make, hmm?" He wiggled a few times. "Now, Nadezhda, Devil or not, you are mine, and I want to hear you acknowledge it."

Guys and their stupid power games. Words were just words, right? People role-played, swore at each other, talked dirty, and the like… if this was what would help her get off, then she'd spit out these words.

You, Arkady. You won fair and square, and I am yours.” It bruised her pride, but then she didn't have much to argue with, in this particular position.

Never forget that.” He shifted his hips in a sharper manner, and she arched her back as he picked up a moderate rhythm.

Her fingers dug into the blankets as he slid back and forth within her, spearing her core. Their bodies tensed and moved in a rhythm as old as the duality of the sun and the moon, moving forward, retreating, flowing through different rhythms. Nadezhda's cries and Arkady's growls filled the room as he increased the pace further, hands on her hips as he plowed into her. When he buried himself deep, fingers curled around her outer thighs, balls against her perineum, Nadezhda found herself lost in a haze of pleasure that could only have one outcome.

She cried out his name when the pressure broke past the point of bearing, breaking out into a sudden, sharp gasp as her toes curled and her eyes rolled back in her head. His fierce thrusts continued, drilling into what was left of her consciousness before he gave a particularly hard thrust.

The slowing down of his movements alerted her to his own orgasm, and he came into focus as she gazed up at him. His hips were swaying slowly now, and she felt a twitch now and then from his loins. His face was a mask of bliss, his lips slightly parted in a somewhat goofy-looking smile.

Wasn't there some line in the movie Dogma about how goofy humans' faces became during sex? She couldn't recall the exact words, but Alan Rickman had said them. That was a good movie, and Rickman was sexy, but then she knew she wasn't the only girl who thought that. And with that smile on his face, Arkady certainly didn't look threatening. She became aware of the fact that one of her arms was now wrapped around his side, nails having raked down his back several times, to an enthusiastic nod from him.

He relaxed, lowering his head to bury it between her neck and shoulders, his arms hooking against her sides as he remained within her, squirming around a bit on his knees to keep them both comfortable. They did not speak for several minutes, and he placed gentle nuzzles and kisses along her shoulder, neck, and the side of her face before he whispered her name. All this while, she had been recipient of his surprisingly gentle attentions after he'd thrust into her so roughly.

Hmm?” she replied in languid acknowledgment. His response was to nibble along her lips, drawing her into a heated kiss. He squirmed again, and even though he'd shrunk a bit, she was still quite full of him.

She didn't think she could take any more at the moment. The scant experiences she'd had with sex were put utterly to shame with this afternoon jaunt.

Arkady, please.” She pushed at his chest with one arm.

I was not gentle enough?” he asked. “But you did ask me for more.”

She stared at him for a moment before recalling her impassioned cry that he go harder, and faster. “Yes I did, but still… You are very strong. If you could let me have some rest-”

Certainly.” With that, he slowly disengaged from her, and despite the empty ache that remained, she wished he'd put it back in. Damn him.

You are welcome to take a nap here, and even have a shower. We can order dinner.”

...What?” She raised her head after rolling over onto her side. “I need to go home and study.” And process all this. Did I actually just fuck Arkady Suvorin?

The warm ache between her legs would serve as a reminder of what had transpired between the two of them.

Why not? I think you have a computer or tablet in your book-bag? You can study here.”

She stared at him as he looked down at her, now sitting up with an arm casually draped across his knee. Sweat stuck several loose strands of hair to his brow, but he was still an alluring sight, with the glow of pleasure around him.

She could just relax here or insist on leaving and go back to the shitty fold-out couch in her apartment. Pride struggled against practicality, and fortunately, the latter won out.

I'll shower, then nap.”

You're certain to need rest for later," he replied with a lecherous smirk. She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes and looked away so he wouldn't see an amused smile tug at her lips.

As she expected, the bathroom reflected fine taste. It was quite modern, in black and white along with soothing shades of blue, green, and brass. She let out a sigh of relief as the hot water hit her body, and she lifted her chin, arching back in pleasure. And unlike at home, the hot water didn't run out so quickly. When she stepped out, there were towels and a deep red satin robe waiting for her. The robe was a bit too large for her, but still fit her comfortably, and she took a moment to admire her reflection in the mirror above the bathroom sink.

With a towel, she rubbed the excess dampness out of her hair before pulling it back into a loose braid with the band she'd used earlier this morning for her ponytail. She'd expected Arkady to come in some time while she was taking a shower, and that thought had her getting flustered. However, apparently, he was enough of a gentleman to give her space. The shower had helped to clear her head some, but her body still tingled warmly at the memory of his touch and attention.

There was no denying it. The sex had been incredible. And there would be more of it, Arkady had made that much apparent. She took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom, wondering what awaited her.

The blankets of the bed had been turned down invitingly, and she looked around to see that the room was empty. She walked to the doorway, glancing down the hall at the space between the living room and kitchen. Padding down the floor cautiously, she glimpsed him in the living room, glancing at a smartphone before setting it down. Oh, it was his. Had he checked hers as well?

He looked up as she moved closer.

And how are you?" he asked. He had put his jeans back on but remained topless.

Fine, thank you,” she replied politely as she picked up her own phone from the table. As she expected, there was another message from Ludmilla, but she would not deign a reply this time, and barely glanced at her other messages before she locked her phone, sliding it into the pocket of the robe. After she did, she glanced back at him, feeling his scrutiny.

What?” she asked softly.

You just look very good in that robe,” he commented. “Already I feel myself stirring again.” He rose to his feet and she took a step back, heart pounding at the carnal intent that was so open in his gaze. Now that she knew what he was capable of, his touch inflamed her even more. How was she supposed to resist a man who made her nerves sing in joy?

He closed in on her, and slung her over his shoulder, making it to the bedroom in several long strides before tossing her to the bed and rolling her onto her stomach, lifting the hem of the robe to grab her hips, guiding her into a position on her knees. Instinctively, she grabbed for one of the pillows as she heard the soft, metallic sound of a zipper coming undone.

He slid into her several times with calculated speed, measuring out his inches to give her fiercely-used pussy a bit of time to open up to him again. She arched towards that fullness, and when he entered fully, she asked him to stop.

Just… please stay as you are.” She shifted her hands, seeking the best leverage in this position. The stillness allowed her to become more familiar with that which now possessed her. Obligingly, one of his hands moved from her hip to rub and caress her back and side.

Yes,” she breathed, seeing how she could maintain some control here. Arching slightly, she wiggled her feet and knees into a steadier position, looking over her shoulder at him. When he pulled back and started pushing in again, she arched to meet him.

Fill me,” she groaned. “Give me all of it.”

As you wish, my tsaritsa." He placed his hands on her hips and pulled firmly so that her pelvis was flush against his groin, and she gave out a delighted whimper and arched, involuntarily clenching in the process.

Do that again,” he asked.

Hmm? This?” She arched again, and his fingertips pressed into the soft flesh just above her thighs.

Gods! I thought you were tight already, but when you do that...”

Stay inside of me, and I will,” she promised. He grinned at that and thrust forward again, balls tight against the front of her womanhood. She reached under with one hand to caress them, sliding her nails against the heavy flesh. As she did, she shifted, focusing on tightening her muscles. His cock twitched in response, and she did it again.

You are going to drive me mad if you continue for much longer," he groaned after she repeated the gesture several times. "I should simply lock both of us in here, lost in our pleasures with no care for the outside world." He pulled back several inches and slid forward. She clenched.

Soon enough, his pent-up need had him thrusting into her fiercely, and Nadezhda placed one hand in the headboard for support. Her arms and legs would be sore later, but right now she didn't give a fuck. His desire and need seared into her, making her want to respond to him. She braced herself and pushed back against him, and with a short roar, he climaxed.

As in the beginning, he remained within her a bit more as she twitched and clenched around him before pulling out. Pulling the hem of her robe back down, he draped a blanket over her.

Around her, and in her very own skin, was now the smell of his cologne, sweat, and the unmistakable musk of his sex. Damn if this wasn't one of the most comfortable beds she'd ever slept in. Letting out a slow sigh, she closed her eyes. Well, what was done was done, and she would not think about it – at least for now. She hadn't slept well the night before and squirmed around as she pulled the blanket up to her chin, welcoming a much-needed rest, and worry later about what she was going to wake up to.


Submitted: May 17, 2021

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