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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Made this after finishing writing for my project in school.

The chilling, ominous atmosphere of powdered concrete and the smell of stagnant puddles of raindrops are two of the few things the Assertion Division are taking note of in a broken, worn-down concrete building they are currently scouting in. The paint of the walls of the building are noticeably breaking apart little-by-little, and the window panes are either fractured or fully broken. The pillars of the building are also breaking down slowly; each of its reinforced steel framework can be visible from certain angles. Cracks can be found everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. 

The Assertion Division keep their senses alert, aiming with the help of the scope of their sniper rifles as they scan the area for any individuals - dead or alive, injured or not. Each of the members of the Assertion Division are armed with the finest armor and technological addons such as night vision goggles and multiple information trackers. Their captain - Lt. Bernard - currently leads the division towards their target. 

In the translucent fog of the building, they see a figure standing - the light of one of the near-broken windows shines from his top-left, making the figure's position even more revealed. The figure was muscular, and has long hair tied up to look like one of those man-bun combinations. He has a nearly worn-out, thin cloak as wel as a gray muscle shirt in pair with camouflauge pants. As the Assertion Division approaches with their scopes pointed directly at the head, they notice the figure looked opposite from their direction. 

"Heh..." The figure laughed. Lt Bernard raised his left hand up and halted aiming at the figure. He notices the amount of scars he has on his muscles, and the gray hair of his, with the indication of being older than he is. Around 40s, he thought, or maybe 50s.
"Are you, by any chance, the leader of terrorist group named 'Animaux de Synthèse'?" Lt. Bernard asked the figure, which caused the figure to giggle and made a few members of the division step back.
"I wouldn't go so far as to call a small group of people a 'terrorist group'. I do like to call ourselves... refugees. Running away from the people that had kept us caged" The figure says as he counts the number of scars on his arms. 
"So you are..." Lt Bernard commands the division to raise their scopes at him again, pointing at different organs of the figure's body such as the heart, brain and lungs.
"Hmm..." The figure crosses his arms "I don't need to look behind me to know that you are all pointing at me with those guns you have, and take my word for this: those bullets of yours won't work."
"You have killed very important figures to society: scientists, investors for scientific projects, and CEOs of entire companies. I don't care how many bullets we spend today, I don't care how many gunshots we need, if we are command to kill y-" Lt Bernard backs up a little due to the sudden gust of wind from the figure.

"I'm impressed by your goal, but you say it for too long"

The figure turns around to reveal the face of an old man scarred on one half of his face, with the other intact. The other side has a shiny green iris with dark sclera, and his other half eye - although most of it is covered - has dark red iris with dark red sclera. He smiles, revealing a complete set of shining sharp teeth, and he looks at the number of troops the division currently has.

"You are... smaller than I expected, I was expected the whole 2/3 of the buil-" Before the figure can finish the sentence, Lt. Bernard shoots him at his left chest aiming for the heart.
"You talk too much... wait a second" Lt Bernard notices the patch of thick, green cells on the area he was aiming at. It appeared so fast he did not notice it immediately, and disappeared the same way it appeared. 
"You are... very quick to move, Lieutenant." The figure brings out a pack of cigarette, but to his surprise, there were no cigarettes in the pack. He throws away the pack behind him.
"What is that green blob?" Lt Bernard asks with a bit of fear in his eyes.

"Listen up. I don't care whether you go to the gates of hell or heaven when you die." The figure roars those words, making some of the division members numb and frozen. "When you die and meet Satan or Jesus or Buddha or who the fuck you worship at. I want you to remember the name..."

The figure transforms into a large green animal hybrid with the proportions of a gorilla, the skin and head of a tiger, the hind legs of a goat, and the claws of a lobster. His eyes lose their iris and the sclera turns full green. The division fires as he transforms but like he said earlier: the bullets do not work. 

"Remember the name: Ruron Vasiliev"

And the onslaught of terror, the festival of blood begins.

Submitted: December 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Lustrox. All rights reserved.

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