You wake up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Have you ever felt like you were still dreaming, evern after waking up?

You wake up. You look around and see your friend making out with a very pretty girl, way above his pay grade. 'Cool, that's good for him', you think, as you walk past the bedroom to the living room, where the rest of the people are gathered.

The couch was full, with people sitting on its armrests too, engaged in a conversation you found it hard to dive in. It had started raining a few minutes ago. It was heavy rain, almost a tempest.

The doorbell rang, and that was the perfect opportunity to do something. You left the living room, took the corridor to the main entrance door, and opened it quickly, as not to leave the person out there too wet - not that it could be helped, actually. Another one of the friends. They smiled and thanked, folding their umbrella and walking in, complaining about how soaked they were due to the rain.

You gaze to your left, the garage slowly filling with water. There was also no electricity there, so no light.

You are back in the living room, some woman is saying how dangerous the garage is right now, and how it always fills up with water when it rains that much.

You are in the garage. Going in from the back, from inside the house this time, you look down the stairs and see the water level is maybe almost knee-high. You go in, down the stairs. No reason why you'd do that. Maybe to understand why? You walk slowly as the water fills up, and it's now above your knees. You look outside, and you see the rain pouring down, and look out through the double-pane large window at the front of the garage, you see the door you were just moments ago, to the right, outside. The water is above your waist.

You look back at the stairs you walked down a while ago, and you start making your way there. It's dark, there's no direct light, the only illumination comes from the streetlights outside shining in through the front window. You have an idea where the stairs are, but you can't actually see it anymore. The water reached your chest and now you are floating. In the middle of the rapidly filling garage, you think that maybe you won't be able to reach the stairs after all. It's dark. You decide to retrace your steps, to the front, and exit through the large windows. The water is at your neck.

You keep your face up and your head tilted back so you can breathe without swallowing water. It's dark, you are kind of desperate now. You can't see exactly there the widows are, and you can't look down because the water level won't let you. And it's rising fastly. You decide to dive in to try to find it, but as you touch it, you see it's closed, locked. You feel the glass to your fingertips and a sense of dread runs over your body. You quickly raise yourself out of the water. Now only a thin line of air to be filled with water, you force your face up so you can breathe.

You know it's over. You shouldn't have gone to the garage, it was dangerous. It's dark. You feel surrounded by why water. It was dark, that was the end of it.


You wake up.

You are lying on your bed, still confused as to what happened. You look outside and it’s still light, but it’s fading. Must be the end of the afternoon. Looking around, you check your bedroom, your bed. Everything seems normal, just a bit… dream-like.

You get up, you’re dizzy. You slowly make your way to the computer. A couple of messages unread, a few more unanswered. You get to read them, it’s 18h23, and you reply to a few. Everything feels weird. You feel like you’re floating, the world is slow-motion. Either that, or you are. You grab a bottle of water and take a sip, but the water is hard to swallow.

Your cellphone rings, on the stand beside your bed, and for some reason that startles you. It keeps ringing as you wonder why and try to ‘snap out of it’. It rings a third time, and you get up, and walk towards it.

Breathing heavy for some reason, you pick the phone and slide up to answer it.

“Hello? Are you there?” says the voice on the other side of the line, “Please, wake up.”


You don’t wake up.

Submitted: December 06, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Ace Skylark. All rights reserved.

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