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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A light novel about a boy planning to live off his dragon race father's wealth forever and be remembered as the couch potato prince


“hell is this shit, no matter the times I reincarnate I can’t defeat those accursed gods,” thought, Rageon laid back on the sandy desert beside countless corpses of angel like warriors, wearing bloodied silver armor his face charred and facing the sky filled of dark clouds, his torso mutilated beyond recognition anyone with trypophobia would faint on such a ghastly sight, with his lower part from the waist down detached from him he looked more like a carcass ravaged by vultures over a weeks’ time.

The sky swirled forming a black whirlpool that spun at an unimaginable speed and had crimson lightning gather forming a giant redeye of a giant beast from the epoch age peeking at its victim from another dimension through a space crack, “blood eyed beast of reincarnation is keen to feast on me, darn it! As I undergo rebirth, they consistently have to make me go through such torture” thought Rageon, his mouth spewing of blood.

A mountain sized whale like creature appeared with its blood scales all over its body as the mouth full of sharp fangs and the teeth swirled, it was descending toward Rageon like a giant grinder about to dispose of waste by crushing and shredding every bit to dust, a teardrop fell from the eyes of the already worn-out body that looked unrecognizable, “I’m tired” thought Rageon.

Having no strength to move “I’m…” the green-eyed young warrior started laughing crazily despite his horrific condition, but this laugh had a hint of despair and self-ridicule “for how many centuries have I fought for you gods and always I have followed you like a fool hoping to get a normal life, all I asked for was to be free and live happily then die in peace, but because my soul demon race proved useful to you barbarian gods, they framed us and punished the soul clan to do their errands,” coughing heavily with some blood and organs splattering on the ground the young man gave a resentful gaze toward the blood beast.

“this… time… this time I won’t let you bastard gods have your way with me RAGEON last of my of soul demon race” with a determined look he closed his eyes and activated soul conscience search his senses feeling all physical entities in the planet and showing it in his mind, beside him the air space begun forming fissures that when you looked closely inside a person could see a whole different world from another dimension.

In a different world, a man was holding an infant child in his left arm as he was silently shedding tears while looking at a smiling woman who looked extremely beautiful and refreshing to the eyes the husky man looked like a samurai as he tightly held his curved, single-edged blade with a circular guard and long grip “I cannot kill you, Harley, even if you are about to turn into one of those creatures we can think of a way to save you think of our child he will need a mother, being infected by the undead essence I can save him as well by killing that bastard, please don’t leave me”, said Draco with a trembling voice and tightly knitted brows and watery eyes.

Shaking her head showing her disapproval Harley looked at the blue and pale baby with softness and love in her eyes “even if I die, I must somehow try to save our child I’m the empires number one healing mage and I should ensure Rasen must live even if he may be half undead, I must try,” 

“Then let me do it I can transfer my dragon Ki to him and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice yourself,” said Draco 

“You will remain as silly as ever my husband, I already told you that since the undead demon lord bit me I had to suppress my transformation, thanks to me being a healer it did not affect our baby while in the womb but because of my battle injuries and giving birth, I still could not prevent the undead magic from attacking our child so all I can do is transfer my magic life essence to our child so he has a higher chance to live,” explained Harley

Gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, “Draco King of the dragons will ensure the extermination and a bloodbath of the undead race and offer the demon lord’s head as offering to you my love,” said Draco while releasing immense pressure from his presence alone

Seeing her man acting so savagely Harley blushed a little “you don’t have to exterminate the entire race just the head of the undead demon lord is enough you crazy bastard”. Then she positioned herself comfortably in a prayer position opened up her palms and begun chanting some ancient language, multiple azure dragons the size of butterflies burst out from her heart and the dragons coiled themselves to form magic circles full of ancient character symbols forming an orb on her hands that slowly bloomed into a cyan lotus flower and a seed in the centre.

She took the seed and placed it on the infant’s mouth and immediately the seed turned liquid and seeped into the child’s mouth and then the blue discoloration faded slowly starting from the head of the child, “take care of our child Draco and make sure he inherits your fiery spirit hehe, now do what you must for I wish to die still human don’t give that bastard a chance to control me,” said Harley as her flesh decomposed and her eyes turned bloodshot.

Holding back his tears, Draco held his sword and did a quick draw technique “Dragons’ 19TH Gate of oblivion scattered ash,” said Draco as his sword ignited into flames and sliced clean the neck of Harley in less than a fraction of a second.


With a smile on her face, Harley scattered into dust,

Draco looked down on his arms and saw that the blue, pale colour on the baby was no longer disappearing but spreading again, “cursed demon lord Ashun do you intend to take even my son from me, looks like the life essence did not work I must take this upon myself”

Changing his hand into a dragon claw, Draco chanted a magic spell with incredible speed, his mouth moving quick. This was an ancient spell created by the ancestors of the dragon race called DRAGON KI TRANSFER.

A red flame aura appeared on the scales of Draco and flowed out like liquid into the baby the infant only frowned a little and did not cry “I know this must hurt child because of the opposing undead essence magic powers and the life essence of your mother but please hang on and don’t die” but like how fate enjoys playing with mere mortal lives the body of the infant briefly became cold and lifeless.



“no… noo… noooo how can fate be so cruel I sacrificed revealing my trump card of having unlocked my Dimensional soul search rare only in the soul demon clan, those bastard gods will find out as soon as this blood beast engulfs me so I have to find a suitable body to reincarnate in to escape the artificial reincarnation blood beast made for the slaves of those gods but I have found nothing so far,” having lost hope Rageon was slowly having both soul and flesh sucked by the blood beast and as the flesh and remaining organs were being ground in the teeth of the beast, his conscience picked up the body of a dead infant.

With both eyes and mouth wide open, shocked at how lucky he is, Rageon’s eyes lit up and immediately activated his soul spell transfer to reincarnate into the baby boy’s body escaping the blood beast whale

Submitted: December 06, 2020

© Copyright 2021 martian19. All rights reserved.

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