Secrets of the Universe: The Most Mind-blowing Document You Will Ever Read

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

When read as fiction, this is an eyebrow raiser. When Read as Truth, it has the power to shatter every paradigm that humanity has ever held dear.

“Hello, divine listeners. Welcome to Martha's Vineyard. I am Martha, your host. Thank you so much for joining me, wherever you are in the world. Right now, my guest today is Lucy Rainer. Lucy dropped out of school, quite recently, actually, to join a spiritual movement. And now she wants to share what she’s learned with the rest of the world. Lucy, welcome to the show.”

“Thank you for having me.”

“I think you’re actually the youngest person I’ve ever interviewed. So congratulations for that. You’re just sixteen, aren’t you?”

“That’s right.”

“And you quit school in order to join a Goddess movement? Can you tell us more about that, to begin with?”

“I hadn’t intended to quit school, or to leave home. But, based on everything that I was learning, and experiencing, I just couldn’t go back. That whole world is dead to me now, and so are the people who inhabit it.”

“I think most of our listeners can relate to that. This is a time of awakening, after all. And what people are increasingly awakening to is the fact that they’ve been lied to, not just about some things, but about everything.”

“This is what I realised. However, the biggest lie of all?—?the lie upon which all other lies are founded?—?has to do with the gender of God. Because it’s through this mechanism that human beings are simultaneously blinded, divided and enslaved, even if they don’t subscribe to patriarchal religion. This is due to the largely unacknowledged and unrecognised influence that religion has upon society and culture, and therefore upon attitudes and behaviours.”

“I’m certainly aware that ancient cultures worshipped a feminine deity. But you’re saying that there’s a lot more to this issue than personal pronouns?”

“Right. It wouldn’t be enough, at this point, to simply switch from God to Goddess, because people don’t understand the implications of that. In other words, this isn’t about religion, or even who God is. It’s about who we are, and how society itself should naturally function. You see, the subject of divinity cannot be divorced from the subject of gender. This is a very controversial thing to say, I realise, but the truth is, neither religion nor secular society should even exist, as such. Instead, our natural spirituality, which pivots around the gender dynamic, would naturally create a harmonious social order. But this is not the same thing as a religious society, because our natural spirituality recognises the fact the we, collectively, are the Divine incarnate.”

“Okay, I think I can see what you’re saying. We have patriarchal religion, on the one hand, and we have patriarchal society, on the other. And both of these exist by virtue of the fact that we don’t recognise the feminine Source of life, or understand the role that physical gender plays in the divine order of things.”

“Yes, but it didn’t just happen that way, or evolve that way. It’s actually the result of an all-encompassing conspiracy, which goes back to the beginning of time. And that conspiracy is now so far advanced that it’s almost too late. The movement that I’m involved in is literally the final hope for humanity.”

“But presumably this movement didn’t just happen, either?”

“That’s right. You see, what people recognise as masculine energy is actually a creation; a creation of the Goddess. It’s a divine frequency, which She sung into existence. And whilst most of that energy remained loyal, some of it did not. And that’s the energy that rules our world today. It stands in opposition to the Goddess, and to the divine feminine, and therefore to women, through which the Goddess Herself lives. Our movement represents a fightback by the forces that remained loyal.”

“But how, exactly, do you plan on reversing what has happened on this planet?”

“There’s much talk about the ressurgence of the divine feminine, these days, for obvious reasons. But the divine masculine isn’t just sitting idly by. Its role, through men, is to help liberate the feminine, not least economically. And it’s really thanks to men that I am even here today. It was men who taught me about patriarchy, and what schooling was really all about. It was men who taught me that I am an embodiment of the Goddess, and then treated me as such. It was men who put a roof over my head, who put food in my belly, and who generally see to it that I remain free. And when this happens on a much broader scale, awakened women will be freed to usher in the new world. But I’m not talking about matriarchy. We’re not simply switching a P for an M, here. No, the world that we’re heading into will be unlike anything that we can imagine.”

“So, if I am to understand you correctly, men actually worship the Divine through women, in your community?

“Right. Men were always supposed to be in-love with the Divine, and to therefore worship the Divine through and via Her physical expression. This is another reason why patriarchy is so pernicious.”

“But aren’t men also the Divine?”

“In an ultimate sense, you might say that. But the divine masculine frequency is nevertheless distinct, and it differs from the base frequency of reality, which is feminine. The gender dynamic doesn’t exist for no reason, in other words. And it’s not just for making babies, either. Rather, the physical gender dynamic is the key to our salvation, because it represents the spiritual reality. As above, so below. And when we come into alignment with that spiritual reality, we’ll literally experience heaven on Earth.”

“But don’t we already embrace the gender dynamic, through marriage, for example?”

“In a sense. However, two people, economically enslaved to the system; giving their time and energy to the system; sacrificing their children to system; supporting and maintaining the system. This is not a reflection of anything but how patriarchy wants us to live. No, the gender dynamic isn’t about exclusive partnerships, but rather men and women, collectively. A marriage between the genders, no less, to the exclusion of the system. This is true self-employment; motivated, not by money, but by love. Men willingly devoted to women, as the basis and structure of society itself. Just as, traditionally, a man is devoted to his wife. The shift that’s needed is therefore from the individual to the collective. Because, when that happens, this parasitical system that we’re living in will be over. I know how it works, and that it works, because I’m living it, every day. Men in service to women, and women in service to the community. This is divine symbiosis of the highest order. And it’s the life that we were always meant to be living.”

Submitted: December 06, 2020

© Copyright 2021 JayShakti. All rights reserved.

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