Day by Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: House Of Poetry

I open my eyes

Bright light

I see my mom in the hospital bed

my dad sitting at the foot of the bed.

"She's beautiful."


Five years old

Mom brings home Owen,

my new brother

His crib is in the room next to mine

He's sweet and loud.


Nine years old

Grandpa takes a breath,

closes his eyes one last time

Mom colapses into dad's arm

"No, don't leave me dad."


13 years old

I walk into my first day of 7th grade

I see my best friend Abby get pushed down

I get sent to the office for standing up for her

Mom's not happy.


16 years old

Dad comes home with a pickup

18 year old Ford

He hands me the keys

"Happy Birthday."


18 years old

I cry as hug mom, dad, and Owen goodbye

UNC here I come 

Leave everything I know behind

Take a try on my own.


21 years old

Raise a glass

Take a shot

Wake up on the hotel floor

I feel horrible


24 years old

Phillip finally asked me

I said yes

In 7 seven months I'll be in the white dress 

Saying "I do."


27 years old

I lay in the hospital bed

Phillip sitting at the foot of the bed

"It's a girl"

"She's beatiful."


33 years old

My daughter Cara is expecting a sister

When Phillip tells me to hurry

The adopton papers have come back

We've been matched with a child.


40 years old

I now have 3 kids

Cara is 13

Madalyn is 7

Issabella, my adopted daughter, is 15


42 years old

I was waiting for the kids to get home from school

I get a phone call

Issabella has gotten in a car wreck

But she's alright


45 years old

Issabella has moved out

Cara is a senior in high school

We are at Madalyn's physical, and the news isn't good

She has Leukemia


48 years old

Madalyn isn't doing well

The cancer's in her lungs

The doctors are trying something new

We are praying that it works.


50 years old

Madalyn's cancer is gone

she is now 17

Issabella is divorced with 3 kids

Cara is getting married.


51 years old

Madalyn is 19

 She is going to have a baby

Phillip and I live alone now

But we got a 4 year old dog named Doug


60 years old

I am retired

Doug has died

I took up sewing

I get to see my grandkids once a month


70 years old

I live completely alone

Phillip had a heart attack

I have great grandkids 

Both my parents have died.


90 years old

I am in a nursing home



I get to see my kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and great great grandson weekly

I can feel my time is coming


97 years old

I see everyone I love around me.

"I will see you all again someday

Take your time," I say with my last strength.

I close my eyes.

Submitted: December 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Grace Anders. All rights reserved.

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