The Blood Born

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

When a Kenadriian goes too far, they are stricken from the race's collective oral history. What does it take for a Kenadriian to get stricken from the history of their kind? I'm glad you asked.

What have we done?


His heavy breathing echoed off the sooth stone walls around him. His clawed paws made a skittering sound as he tore through the tunnel toward the reliquary. Something wasn’t right and he needed to reach Talim, he needed to save Talim. As he rounded the corner to the reliquary the stench hit him like a brick wall, stopping him in his tracks. His stomach lurched and he puked so violently that he hit his knees. The stench of rot permeated the hallway outside the reliquary door. Through watery eyes he could see the reliquary door was cracked and his heart sank into his now empty stomach. The stench must be coming from inside.


How did this happen?


He slowly approached the reliquary door, his drive to reach Talim now tempered by his fear of what he would find once he did. He placed his gauntlet on the door, took as deep a breath as he could stomach and slowly pulled the door open. It opened silently, as all Kenadriian doors do, and revealed a horror the likes of which he had never seen. Viscera painted the walls, some even dripped from the ceiling. On the workbench in the center of the room lay a Kenadriian torso with only the head still attached. One of the missing arms lay by his feet. The skin of its face had been torn off and half its muzzle was missing. He once again found himself on his knees, his eyes on the gray stone floor beneath him so as to avoid the gory scene before him. As the shock faded he heard a feint pop, then a wet squish. As he slowly raised his head, through a bloody hole in the lower section of the workbench, he saw his worst fear realized.


The blood rises.


What little he could see of Talim through the hole in the workbench made him glad he couldn’t see the rest. Talim’s left ear was missing and his face was covered in blood. Talim’s left eye dangled from its socket, the right made eye contact with Him. When their eyes met a tear rolled down Talim’s cheek. Talim’s muzzle said run, but all that escaped his throat was a wet grunt. The squishing sound stopped and something rose from behind the workbench. At first it looked like a moving pool of congealed blood, its deep maroon body appeared to ripple in the torch light. As it rose to its full height, having to crouch slightly to not hit its head on the eight foot ceiling, he could see that it took the shape of a Kenadriian, but the details were all wrong. The top of its snout was a jagged peak instead of a rounded bridge. Its pointed ears protruded from the top of its head of rising from it like the soft pink ovals that were a Kenadriians ears. It had long arms like a Kenadriians, but, instead of round hands with strong stubby digits, its hands were long and tipped with savage claws. Claws that pierced and gripped Talim's severed, lifeless head.


The blood surges.


The beasts jagged maw opened and a blood chilling roar erupted from its throat. He ran from the monster and he ran from Talim’s lifeless eyes. His heavy breathing echoed off the smooth stone walls. He rounded the corner to the reliquary, he could hear the beast gaining on him. Its feed pounded the gray stone floor as it surged forward. For a moment he considered letting the beast catch him. Accepting his fate. Enduring the brief pain so that he could join Talim in the next life. He knew Talim would want him to live though. So he ran. “Run!” a powerful, commanding voice boomed down the tunnel. He looked up and saw two soldiers and an elder at the end of the tunnel.


It is born of blood.


As he ran the tunnel was bathed in warm orange light. A wave of heat washed over him as two balls of flame shot past him, inches from his head. The explosions that followed sent him sailing through the air. The explosions filled the tunnel with dust, making it very difficult to breath. He rolled to his knees coughing and choking on dust. As the smoke cleared he could see that the tunnel had caved in. he slammed his gauntlet against the ground, the green gem seated in the center of the back panel glowed brightly and the wall of loosely stacked rubble became a solid wall of stone. “What the hell is that thing?” a muffled voice slipped through the ringing in his ear as a hand slid under each of his arms and hauled him to his feet. “That was a Blood Born. A creature born of blood magic and a demonic pact, and that wall will not hold it for long,” the elders tone was accusatory and full of malice. “We need to get out of here,” Alik, one of the soldiers, said. The elder shook his head, “We must hold it here while the city evacuates. The more victims it claims, the more powerful it will become.” A heavy blow shook the tunnel. A second sent a crack through the wall.


It cannot be killed.


“No need to evacuate,” Gilr, the second soldier, said drawing his sword, we’ll just kill the bastard now.” Alik grunted his agreement sliding his own blade from its sheath. Again the elder shook his head, “It cannot be killed,” he began. “Sure it can,” Alik interrupted gripping his sword with his gauntlet. The gem on the back of Aliks gauntlet began to glow and the blade of his sword became engulfed in small, rolling flames. The elder sighed impatiently, “If you kill it, two will rise from its corpse.” This gave the two warrior pause. It was Gilr who spoke up first, “If we take its arm off, will a new one sprout from the severed limb?” The elder thought for a moment, “The story doesn’t mention… I, I don’t know.” Chunks of stone came flying from the wall as a hole appeared in the spiderweb of cracks. “You gonna learn today,” Gilr said as another heavy blow shook the tunnel.


It must never be uncovered.


The wall crumbled beneath the mighty blows of the monstrous creature. “High Low?” Alik asked as the wall cracked and fell away. Gilr shook his head. “Double south crossover?” Alik asked as the creature kicked away the last standing section of the wall. Again, Gilr shook his head. Both soldiers eyes lit up and after a quick glance between them, they said in unison, “Beached Gilbet!” When the creature took its first step forward they charged, their blades trailing orange flame behind them. The Blood Born's left hand swiped across the width of the tunnel. Both soldiers ducked beneath the attack, Alik struck the creatures arm from below which was immediately followed by an overhead chop from Gilr, severing the Blood Born’s arm about halfway up its forearm. Even as it roared in pain its right hand shot towards the soldiers. He slammed his gauntlet into the ground causing a spike to launch from the ground and impale the creatures forearm. Alik and Gilr each took a shot at the creatures bell as they made their way to the creatures right leg and began hacking away at it. Without warning Gilr pushed Alik to the ground. Alik looked up just in time to see his friend impaled on the Blood Born’s tail.


It is what lurks in all of us.


The tail whipped Gilr’s lifeless body down the tunnel, sending it skipping across the smooth stone floor. Alik was consumed with rage, his blade struck with bone-shattering force as he hacked at the base of the creatures tail. The blood Born’s left leg lined up to send Alik flying but was impaled by a second earthen spike as the creatures tail fell free of its body. The Blood Born’s injured right leg gave way beneath its body weight and it collapsed. Still enraged at the loss of his friend, Alik approached the injured creature. With a triumphant roar Alik’s blade swung for the Blood Born’s exposed neck. A stone collided with Alik’s blade, knocking it to the ground. Alik’s eyes locked with the elder’s. Alik’s lips formed the words ‘traitor’. The Blood Born’s tongue launched from its mouth, impaling Alike through his chest. Alik was pulled toward the creature’s mouth. He tried to fight it, his hands on the creature’s nose, his feet on its lower jaw. He was only able to hold out for a few moments before his spine snapped. Alik folded in half backwards, blood spewing from his mouth and nose as he was pulled into the Blood Born’s gaping maw. Two more earthen spikes launched from the ground, impaling the Blood Born to the wall of the tunnel. The elder grabbed his arm, “we have to go!” So they ran.


It is hunger.


They made their way to the nearest surface outlet and burst into the open air of the surface. He made eye contact with the Elder. The Elder looked away, “He shouldn’t have… If we had killed it...” he stammered. There were other Kenadriians standing around the boulder that marked this hidden entrance to the underground city. A soldier approached the Elder, “This is the last entrance to be sealed, we were waiting for you.” With a tired sigh the Elder said, “Seal it.” There was a palpable sense of relief when the last entrance was sealed. The beast was locked away and when Kenadriians concealed something, like the entrance to a now cursed city, they stayed hidden. Forever.


It is power.


The Kenadriians would head south. The Southern Icepacks would serve as a rallying point and eventually a launching point for the foundation of a new city. That would be a long time from now, though, and they had the journey south to focus on for now. Talim had always pushed the envelope, stretched the limit of what the Elders would allow. Not out of malice or lack of respect, but out of curiosity. Talim had always needed to know more, needed to explore the limits of his knowledge. That was what drew Him to Talim, that passion, that drive. But Talim had gone too far, and it had cost the lives of his fellow Kenadriians, and he would be stricken from Kenadriian history. Everything about him would be forgotten; his life, his work and even his lover. So, He picked up his pack and settled on heading west. He had never seen the ocean before, besides, Talim had always loved the water.


It is eternal.

Submitted: December 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Drinks Much Soda. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

That opening scene is so gruesome that it certainly got my attention. This was an interesting snippet, and the characters mentioned here seem to have an intriguing backstory.

Mon, December 7th, 2020 8:57am


Glad to hear I could pique your interest. Thank you for reading :)

Mon, December 7th, 2020 3:52am


What a tremendous gorefest!
I loved it. sharp, punchy, and fast-paced.
Some great descriptive writing, here.

1 recommendation, though!
I would consider separating the dialogue between characters and giving them their own line.
Apart from that, a very enjoyable read.
Nice one!

Thu, December 10th, 2020 10:19am

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