Stay Blind

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Photo Credit: Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash
I would also like to state that the views expressed in this poem have no affiliation with the photographer. This poem is purely my own work!

Stay Blind



The world has stayed wilfully blind too long,

To these dictators wearing false faces,

Re-dig the graves of the common places,

Reason had been buried too deep.


Was logic always an outlier?

As the world lines to be re-educated,

Learn the new language of their phases,

And kneel to their cause of indoctrination.


Mislead by the misguided.

That is the state of today.

If you’re silent you’re violent,

But speak out you’ve disgraced.


With all this indoctrination,

We need better education.


Can we not see these jesters in hollow armour?

Fuelled by their blind hate,

Burning through their state,

For people who did the wrong thing.


O’ these bringers of chaos,

Bodies of good will pile in their wake.

And it’s all for their own sake.

Who will be their sacrifice tonight?


All for the greater good,

Of their criminal enterprise.

No sanctity for any human life,

If that life defies their weak minds.


Burning books on the grey slate,

Collecting ashes at a fiery pace.

Pictures of a hero’s cold face –

Their news won’t discuss that tonight.


Believe the headlines.

Don’t think to criticise.

They’ll tell you who to despise.

Do as they fantasise.


Stay angry.

Stay awake.

Stay blind.

Stay safe.



- G.M.T. -


Submitted: December 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 GMT. All rights reserved.

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