Seasonal Complaints

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In the winter, I get tired of complaining about the cold. I'm always anxious to start complaining about the heat of summer. Complaining about the weather is always adjusted by me to address the current season. I consider it my personal tradition.

I now live and grew up in an area that experiences all four seasons. When I was younger, I thought each of them was a special time.


During the summer I enjoyed not going to school. Summer days were filled with playing sports, watching baseball, going on bike rides with friends, sleeping in backyards, camping, eating ice cream as well as enjoying the fireworks, and more on the fourth of July. I loved summer.


When summer gave way to autumn, I got back into the routine of school. There was playing football, jumping in piles of leaves, dressing in costumes, and going trick-or-treating. It was also a time of sitting by open fires and having apple cider, s'mores, and more. I loved autumn.


Then it became winter. It was cold, but there was always the hope of having a snow day and not going to school. There was always Christmas, sled riding, building snowmen, and having snowball fights. Inside fires on cold winter nights with the snow falling was a really special time. I loved winter.


When spring came, I was always ready. It was the beginning of baseball season. This is when it started getting warmer, so we could spend more time outside. The days slowly got longer, and we all anticipated the end of school. Summer was around the corner, and we were getting ready for summer and starting the cycle all over again.


Since I've gotten older things have changed.


Summer now means mowing the lawn, dealing with bugs, getting the air conditioning going, avoiding the heat and humidity. I complain to my wife about it. I tell her we need to move to the beach. No lawns to mow, and we could listen to the surf all day. She looks at me then turns and walks away.


When fall comes, it means cleaning the gutters, putting everything we use on the lawn away for the winter. Removing the leaves from the lawn, checking the furnace as well as buying candy for kids trick-or-treating, and remembering the days when I played football. I also tell my wife we need to move and get away from all this autumn stuff. I suggest maybe a desert area where there are no falling leaves from trees and only cactus to think about. She sighs and walks away.


Winter now means cleaning snow out of the driveway and off the car. Dangerous driving conditions, spending money for the holidays and complaining about the snow and cold. I also tell my wife we need to move to a warmer climate. I suggest somewhere in the deep south where there is no snow to deal with every year. She groans ignores me, and goes back to doing whatever it is she is doing at the time.


When spring comes, there is always cleaning things up and getting them ready to put on the lawn. Checking the air conditioner so it will work well during the summer. Making sure the lawnmower and other tools are ready to be used. There is placing seeds and buying plant bulbs and more for the garden. I tell my wife we need to move and get away from doing this stuff. I suggest we look for a place that only has one season. She rolls her eyes and walks away.


My wife says she now knows the season based on how I complain about them and where I want to move.


The other day I spent most of it taking care of our lawn. There was mowing involved, removing the weeds from the garden. I filled the bird feeders, trimmed the hedges, and removed debris from a recent storm. After I was finished, I took a shower and then sat on my lawn furniture and enjoyed a cool drink and the nice weather. My wife came out and joined me.


Well, where do you want to move to today?” she said

Why would I want to move? I've got my routine down for each of the seasons. I know how to handle them.”


Her face contorted into a rather scary expression. She then yelled about being married to a crazy man before she left. Maybe living in a place where there are four seasons is getting to her. She no longer seems to see their value for some reason.








Submitted: December 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Nevidomo Istoriya. All rights reserved.

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