The Bus Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story about one life saving the souls of other lives in the secret plans that are rooted in pure evil.

The kid knows of the intentions of the bus man when he is the last one on the school bus of Morgan Heights. Morgan Heights is the oldest town in the county with a gentle population of four thousand and six hundred and forty seven souls. The town mayor is the county sheriff that goes by the name of Hank Zeffon who has to be as big a Bo Svenson and twice as mean if someone lies to him. He is a “good old boy” from the suggestion that his old man says before he got drunk drinking a whole case of Natural Ice without even batting an eyelash, looking at his kid with one eyes open and his mouth open as well.

“I-I-I tell you that – you got it good, me boy.” He dribbled spit out of his mouth while looking at the television, dabbing the beer out of the brim of the can that splattered on his thigh when he giggled at the television that is not even turned on.

“You know that I used to be a champ of the football field – y-y-y-you know?” He looked at his son with brewing anger in his eyes when he knew that he is going to rage in due time.

“I had people looking at me. I had girls going out with me. I had everything before that bum hit me in the back and busted me up. I knew it before it happened. I KNEW IT!” He started to rage when the kid retreated in the shadows as his father started to scream obscenities at the blank television screen that is broken beyond repair.

“I could have gotten a contract at a big Ivy League School. I could have been making thousands of dollars on something that is a dream job and not a job where the boss is riding my ass and the people hate me! I could have been something useful and now I am a bum and lives in a house where the roof leaks! I could have been rich but the bums! The bums! THE BUMS!” He threw the can at the television screen when his crying pleas started to turn into an insane laugh of giddy of a man with his mind completely broken and beyond repair.

“I am going to get those punks with every last breath I can muster. I am going to get them, get them, and get them in the end!” He kept rambling on when the kid closed the door, laid on the bed, and stared at the ceiling. He tuned out the ramblings that are going on in the next room when he went to sleep.

Before he went to sleep he thought about the school bus driver and the black magic that entails over the head of that bus driver. The kid went to sleep with no dreams but the madness in his heart that he lives through now.

Now he is the last one on the bus for that he is poor and he lives in a poor neighborhood that pays the most in taxes for the man that does not give a shit about him when the bus driver looked in the mirror and did not say anything for almost five minutes. Then he spoke up in the driver’s seat.

“I know what you are getting on. I took on the matter with the rest of them and you are the last one that I have not collared yet. Soon, I will get you.” He started to smile when he stopped at the stop sign and then turned.

The kid knew of what his intentions are when he heard that children are being brainwashed around town, doing things on their parents that are getting a rise with the local churches in the neighborhood that are talking about it on Wednesday and Sunday night services. They talked about what is happening to the children before the first murder happened when they stopped talking about it as church and started to talk about it in secret.

The bus driver knew what his intentions are when he is going to bring back the shaman of centuries past that holds the key to black magic. He will bring it back into the fold when the bus driver is the descendant of the keeper of the key to his coffin.

“The children are a fair sort, I know.” He kept driving as the bus drove over the potholes as the bus jumped when the kid rocked in the seat with the old springs rocking the frame of the bus like a hellacious baby crib. The kid kept quiet when he had something secret in his backpack that he found in the woods where the coffin could be at in interest that pertains to the likeliness of beating this monster that wants to wake the dead like Lazarus coming out of the tomb in witness the dead walking upon the face of the earth. The kid found it in the field for which the bus driver did not know when the bus driver is lost in the template of his own world. The kid has it in his backpack when the bus rocked again on the springs that have been on this bus since its days being born in the factory.

The kid looked at the backpack next to him when he opened the bag, finding the product that he found in the field when the sunlight outside danced into the clouds as the day dimmed into darkness. The bus driver kept driving when the kid knew that they are not driving on the route anymore. What is his plan? Is he trying to kidnap me? The kid kept thinking when he knew that the School Bus Department will want to know about where he is at. He is getting desperate, the kid knows that when he grabbed the object in the bag and caressed it. When he did he thought about the images that he had never seen before when he looked at all the people in mails and swords swinging in a long forgotten battle that is not written in history books. The day on this day in the past is like the day of today with the conception of David and Goliath on the mind. The kid is David and the bus driver is Goliath when the bus driver turned the rig on a road that the kid might remember on the banks when he fished here for any type of fish that he can render.

The kid pulled the object out of the backpack when the kid had to make a move and fast. He got up from the seat when the bus driver became agitated and yelled for him to sit down when the kid pulled it from the shadows and presented it to the descendant of the shaman to see.

“You will remember what you have forgotten which will come back in the land of flames.” The kid smiled when he presented an artifice, a tumult of something that brought the memories of the unknown when he saw what he never witnessed in his life before the feelings of what happened clenched on his nerves.

The bus is still moving when it happened when the bent piece of cut wood that was made by a king long ago turned in the kid’s hand when it formed an image of a snake that crawled in the hottest deserts before sleeping at night when the lands of the dead are cold. Then it changed into something else that resembles the shade of a wolf when the bus driver shook his head, bouncing his head off the glass when he started to scream in pain. His face dissolved and what followed after is something that cannot be described with the exception of dread and horror when the kid’s mouth became agape before the blood splattered his face as he dropped the artifice as it continued to change shapes on the floor that moved faster and faster when the bus driver’s guts hit the floor.

The bus slammed into the tree after dropping into the embankment when the kid slammed his head into the dash panel when he slumped into blackness. By the time he woke up the sun is dancing in the west when the sunlight hit the clouds up above and the land below. He felt the knot on his head when he looked up and gasped at what he saw. He did not want to look at the body that is not in the driver’s seat when the kid got up and grabbed his bag that took some time to find underneath one of them. He wrapped the bag behind his back when he looked at the emergency exit on the door to the back of the bus. He went to that and opened the door when he dropped down onto the embankment flooring when the sun went down as he escaped into the shadows. It took him thirty five minutes to get home when he knew that his mother is at work right now when he opened the door with his key hitting the front door, locking the door behind him, dropping the bag onto the floor when he thought about getting something to eat. The house is in darkness when he flicked on a light as he thought about another thing which is to get on social media to contact many of his friends that are out there. He did that went he saw all the posts and the blogs of children trying to remember what happened a few days before when they cannot. Many of them went to the hospital when it is a case of something going on around town, something odd that is not fathomed by science.

The kid knew what went on when the descendant of the shaman wanted to use the children to create a town of black magic when it went further into the land to change the world in some type of mystic power that is deep in the trenches of evil. The bus driver thought of it as a good intention when he thought of humans being fool hearty and sentient to the progress of self-provision that causes war and destruction upon the world. The bus driver thought it is the peace that is within the land when the kid only kept quiet about this from here on out. His mother freaked out but he kept quiet. His friends freaked out and he kept quiet. The police came and he kept quiet when they found the body of the bus driver in the seat of the school bus that belongs to the school with no evidence that proved that he murdered the bus driver to save the rest.

He kept quiet on all of this when time passed and fall turned over into winter. The snow fell onto the land and holiday lights are up on Pines and Arpividas when the kid got bored in school with the math problems that rambled on. Time passed and he forgot about what happened as well when he beat the bus driver who wanted to turn this town into a place of dark magic that moved on and on from that point on. The kid cut the head off from the snake when he did not remember this from here on out.

Submitted: December 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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