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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Night Owl Hotel

A collection of sonnets depicting love, emotion, and desire. It's for those times when words elude you when you look into your partner's eyes and you realize that they're the one for you.

Because, they'll always be forever more.

Table of Contents

Sonnet #1

How shall I profess my love to you? When you are as flighty as the scent of spring, Whilst the storm clouds pass through? You... Read Chapter

Sonnet #2

I hope the memories of us never fade, Because I can’t bear to see them go. I don’t want to be afraid, Because I’ve neve... Read Chapter

Sonnet #3

If time could stand still, Maybe even for a moment or two. I would take a photograph on a hill, And keep this frozen memory o... Read Chapter

Sonnet #4

The moonlight shines down softly, Illuminating the shimmer in your eyes, And I want you to put those fears on me, Because I n... Read Chapter

Sonnet #5

Take a look at the stars, While we gaze at the moon. Do you see how far they are? But they shoot so quickly, so soon. Qui... Read Chapter

Sonnet #6

Although a thousand miles separate us, I know that our love will continue to pull through. The distance is only a temporary nuisa... Read Chapter

Sonnet #7

It looks like I’ve found my angel, Send down from the heavens above. You’re an ethereal archangel, And I wish to profess ... Read Chapter

Sonnet #8

Say that you’ll stay with me, Until the sun grows cold and the oceans dry. For you I’d walk a thousand leagues and cross the ... Read Chapter

Sonnet #9

Take my hand and never let go, We’ll wander through the caves, And we’ll watch the light show. Don’t be afraid because ... Read Chapter

Sonnet #10

Why do I feel like we’ve always had this connection? That we’re two parts of a broken whole? Is because I’ve seen your refl... Read Chapter

Sonnet #11

If I were a sculptor, Shaping your body from ash and clay, I’d worship your body like an altar, And I’d do anything to ma... Read Chapter

Sonnet #12

Place those sweet lips on mine, And we’ll dance together in the dark. I’ll forever be thine, No matter what, even if our ... Read Chapter

Sonnet #13

You were always there for me, Chasing those grey storm clouds away. You were always the missing key, The words that I could n... Read Chapter

Sonnet #14

You whittle away at my inhibitions. You make me wish to stay, And I’ll pay the price for your admission, Because I never wa... Read Chapter

Sonnet #15

You are the sun to my moon, The night sky to my stars, The harmony to my tune, The shining light so far. If I could conti... Read Chapter

Sonnet #16

Sonnet #16 Like raindrops falling, From the sky to the earth. I find myself stalling, Pondering my own worth, And it ... Read Chapter

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