Star Dino

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Star Dino:

Characters: Ralph the human-like stegosaurus (has a unique mental disability that makes him smarter than most stegosauruses), Marty the tough triceratops, Camille the sweet, cautious parasaurus, Derek the outgoing pteratacyl, and Cassandra the “fine” maiasaura. (Together make Star Dino!)

Allies: Calvin and Rita the gentle, intelligent, and old brontosaurus leaders of planet Mezo’s capital city, Sereno. Lon and Sarah Cantrell, Ralph’s parents. General Richard Owen the dracorex of the Ostrom Army.

Enemies: Resim the sinovenator, Azazel the yangchuanosaurus, Avery the indoraptor, captain Cain the carnotaurus, and Jed, tyrannic ruler of the Alvarez league.

Locations: Mezo the home world, Buckland the ally planet, and Esuor a lesser known planet with little life on it.

Story (So Far):

Once upon a fond, golden shining day at the planet Mezo, there lived two stegosaurus lovers and their son, Ralph. Ralph was beyond your typical spiked leafeater, he loved the healthiest foods, excelled in middle school through college, and had a kind heart for everyone. While it was not obvious for most, his different behaviors were due to his disabled brain. At 23 months old, he fell into a chemical watering hole with a testing element for experiments: Polonium, rare radioactive metalloid. Not awful, unless it gets inside any body! Lon worked at a nuclear plant in Mezo’s capital city, Sereno, and occasionally brought along baby Ralph few times a year. “I need your help with testing helium and lithium,” politely asked chemist.

“Be there in a moment.”

He had a humble attitude to everyone, especially when preparing He element for son’s birthday. “Stay right here in your carriage, little Ralph! Be back in five minutes.”

Locking his office door tight, he felt 100 % confident his only child was safe.


Five moments later, he gently returned to see Ralph was gone. “Ralph! What happened!?”

He searched and searched speedily all over his organized office, even if it meant throwing papers in random directions and sometimes looking in the exact same space twice. “Where could he be?!”

After putting blood-pumping hands on his head in worried pose, he looked through his office window to see Ralph, all happily curious and crawling, dangerously close to the Polonium barrel. “Don’t worry,” shouted Lon as he ran straight to stairs directly above the firkin.


Ralph merrily crawled as he then smelt an unusual toxic smell. Having a queer look on his face, he looked down and saw a green pool of Po, also being his favorite color, green. Cheery thoughts of grass, relatives, and food popped into his head. He decided to try a light jump, remembering how his parents taught him recently at home. His figure was in the air, almost touching the liquidly surface of “skeleton and crossbones” fluid. “GOT YA!”

Lon got him and looked carefully at his bundle of cuteness, with a green substance on his mouth and right above adorable big eyes. “Who could have set you free and trick into swallowing deadly radiation? I hope you’ll survive this accident!”


Twenty years later, Ralph had his Associate’s in geoscience and wondered what to do next. “I could help out with my dad at Nuclear Energy, but I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings if I did not agree with a business thing there.”

“Thought of going into the medical field?,” thoughtfully asked mama Sarah.

“Sure, but I have no experience doing surgery, medicines, or anything involving that red cross.”

“Go into the navy, Ralphie!,” added Marty his best non-relative friend.

“NAVY?! Are you crazy?! I don’t want to kill or swear at anyone!”

“You don’t have to talk nasty,” taught the triceratops who was kind, yet not quite as smart as Ralph.

“In a legit war, that’s the only time you can murder anyone bad.”

“For you, yes, but me, never!”

His lightly angered face was quickly gone when keeping his calm, feel good expression going. “Not even if you did it for a friend or home?”

“Well… Maybe. War will never come in my life, NEVER!”

“Ralphie, Ralphie, Ralphie. My sweet cherub carries on the traits of his old mother, taught him with ease. Surprisingly, I never had that much of a difficult experience teaching you kindness, running, writing, and self defense.”

“Yes, mother. I’ll see what’s available in town.”


“Look at those air pilots out on another test drive!,” loudly pointed out Marty as both sat right in front of Jack’s bar.

“Yeah, amazing! Love it when they fly over citizens to give appreciation of this beautiful planet, city, and all excited to see flying machines above.”

A sudden, tiny black dot appeared high in the sky. “He, Marty, look.”

“What’s that?”

“Not sure, must be some type of gift for a pilot’s family who works here.”

As it got closer and closer, it was metal and round, no wrapped gift! “Oh my,” carefully exclaimed Ralph.

“Let’s duck!”

“Got your back, buddy!”

After the metal missile slammed in front of Jack’s, an explosion occurred. Ralph and Marty were filthy top to bottom, black smoke and gray dirt from concrete landing on them. “You alright, buddy?”

“Yeah, are you?”

He nodded yes right before a manager shouted, “My entrance!!”

The worried supervisor made the stegosaurus think something was wrong in the peaceful world. “Who could’ve done that?”


“That missile had a symbol of death as you can call it,” announced Richard Owen of the military branch.

“You boys are miraculous on surviving that attack.”

“Thank you!,” commented Ralph who wanted to see if the reliable army cores could help with the assault, and maybe even land him a fine job soon.

The chief dracorex wondered who could have done it, possibly from a far-off planet not known to many. “Perhaps this weapon is from a carnivore.”

“You mean the species that is all against others?”

“Yes! Resim and Azazel were among two I encountered at 21. Those two never dared come close to wear I was or lived near after experiencing my fighting skills.”

Ralph gulped, hoping he’d never have to do that. “You alright, Ralphie?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“You boys take care now, and come back if you’re interested in helping us with this!”


“The army, my ancestors from centuries ago fought off a huge group of raptors eating away civilians in this ten founded town.”

His hand held a black and white photo of Robert and Richard Cantrell. Two siblings who weren’t very smart, yet had great fighter skills! “I’ll put my degree and family legacy to more use, somehow!”

Went to bed and hoped for something extravagant to pop up the next day.


“The mysterious strikers have bombed again!,” told a news reporter on television.

“Who’s leading these attacks on our town!?,” asked Sarah around everyone who could hear.

“Not sure, mommy.”

“This just in, their new bombardment area was a small neighborhood with many homes and innocents ruined or dead!”

Mama Sarah spotted the footage of smog and debris before asking, “Isn’t that the same bungalow Mr. Neil lived in?”

“What?! Not my favorite high school teacher?! He helped me achieved all A’s junior year!”

“Chemical workers have found a dead styracosaurus under all of the brick rubble.”

He had a sudden tear and lower voice. “I hope Mr. Sinclair Neil of azoic High rests in peace...”

His face was calm with eyes shut and head looking down. “Mommy, tell daddy I’m going to visit General Richard again.”


“ I know what to do now even before school break is finished!”

“Alright! Hope you have fun with Martyn today!”

“Sure, momma!”


A door slammed wide open in front of Owen. “Hey, Owen, is there any room in your pilot squads?”

“Sure! Why you ask?”

“Marty Stone and I want to fight for all! I have a degree in geoscience and he was  a varsity athlete in sprinting, football, and basketball!” 


His eyes looked serious and focused heavily on both at once. “I’ll put you two with captain James Ryan. He knows how to treat all newbies.”


Four days later, ankylosaurus James welcomed, “Salutations, cadets! Hope your training goes well today!”

He, Ralph, and Marty each walked into three star fighters all pained blue, gold, and white. “Press green button to close your roof!”

Simple, and as trainees awaited, Jimbo ordered, “Now press the blue button to get up while keeping in eye on your targeting screen!”

Roaring engines ignited with huge bundles of fires stretching four feet long. “Nice job, and now, grab on to your handles and stir out of this old hanger one by one! I’ll stay in front!”

Ralph just knew captain was feeling anxious under his loud, wisely aggressive attitude. Slowly moving his controls left inch by inch, he went ahead of Marty and took eight seconds to fly out completely. “Well done! Now let’s begin real training!”


Shooting fake raptors, flying through giant, virtual hoops, and trying to drive even in hazardous conditions caused by wind and debris machines made them well trained flyers. “You two are becoming more like Pteranodons everyday! Luckily, those meat eaters are smart enough to side by us anytime. Unlike those twisted other species, especially t-rexs!”

“Do you know one?,” asked Marty as all flew like big winged dinosaurs. 

“ Derek and I go way back!” 

“We should meet him sometime!”

“Don’t worry, Marty, we’ll see him very soon!”


Patrolling the space above Mezo, most boring job ever! “ Can’t we do another job now?!”

“Patience, rookie! Every first real assignment is to patrol the space above home base for weeks.”

“We’re doing a good job in our first three days, my neat wingman,” complimented Ralph. 

He hoped and prayed no more friends would be killed alarmingly. Shedded tear was in his eye. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “Scanners picking up something red coming up, a group of them!”

“Finally! Thanks for noticing, partner Ralph!”

“You’re welcome. Is it the same targets from before?”

“Could be, newbie. Let’s stay here until I give the signal.”

“Roger, sergeant boring!”

They stood there waiting for the moment to charge. Any minute now, their true glory or faille would occur. “Wait for it... OK, now!”


Full speed ahead for this tiny squadron against a dozen black, red, and green fighters! “Pull up!”

Trio flew as the enemies fired rapidly with bright red lasers. “Ralph, take the left! Marty, go right! I’ll do my job!”

Flying like soaring eagles, all locked on to separate ships. Green lasers fired one by one, actually easier than they expected. “Well done, you two!”

After all were destroyed, “This was a bit too easy... There should have been a stronger threat here.”

“Hey, at least we saved millions!”


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “What’s that noise this time, sir?”

“Don’t know.”

Suddenly, it beeped at a sonic speed sound. BOOM! “JAMES!”

His star fighter blew up with a surprise, red glowing bomb attached to it. “Our captain!,” tearfully shouted Ralph.

“ There, there, buddy. It will be ok. Hey!—“

He spotted two small different looking black interceptors leave the space and enter hyperspace. “ You see those ships?”

“Yeah! Who are they?”

“Don’t know, but we better inform Richard!”

“Right you are, Ostrom pilot!”

“What?! Who is this?”

“How you two doing? My name is Derek Mays. James called me about you two and I wanted to find time to see you both anytime. Where is that sturdy veteran?”

“Well,” exclaimed Ralph, “he was a brave pilot all around!”

“Oh, I see. I’ve heard strange attacks on your planet. Mine experienced one recently.” 

“How sad. Want to come to our base and discuss it with our top general?”

“Anything for Rickie Owen!”

Submitted: December 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 JonathanSluty. All rights reserved.

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