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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Adalia and Phinn are seeing the ghost of their mother.
Delia (with her boyfriend, JJ) uncovers secrets of her father's sordid past.
Rosemary is having visions of someone she has never met.
Nikki, Cinna, and Mikey are trying desperately to hold their broken family together.

One word connects them all to the past, present, and future:


Table of Contents


PHINN I woke in a cold sweat, my sheets twisted around me. I gulped in the chilly night air, letting my dream slip a... Read Chapter


PHINN "Hey, can I ask you something?" "Not now, Phinn. I told Mikey I'd meet him in 15 minutes," my siste... Read Chapter


ADALIA "You okay, babe? You look like you've seen a ghost or something," Mikey greeted me. I settled myself in ... Read Chapter


DELIA "Jasik James Middleton. People are going to be here in 20 minutes and you're still in bed," Delia scolded from the do... Read Chapter


ADALIA "Adalia!" Delia practically shouted in my face as she gathered me in a giant hug. "Hey, Dee," I ma... Read Chapter


PHINN I was just about to settle in for a marathon of Bioshock when I heard the doorbell ring. I considered not answe... Read Chapter


ADALIA Eventually, everyone else arrived at Delia's. I was actually impressed with the turnout for an afternoon brunc... Read Chapter


PHINN "Okay, she's on her way," I said, hanging up the phone. "Um, do you want water or something?" I asked, not real... Read Chapter


ADALIA I pulled into the driveway, spotting a silver Buick on the curb. This was so weird. Uncle Vic was usually out ... Read Chapter


ADALIA "Hello? If it's Victor, I will--" Aphrodite rounded the corner and spotted me. "Oh. Adalia. Thank God." She sc... Read Chapter


DELIA "Babe, I know you're mad but don't you want to talk about this?" JJ asked as Delia aggressively cleaned the kit... Read Chapter


PHINN "So, how was your day, kids? You've hardly said a word all evening," Aphrodite commented cheerily, passing the ... Read Chapter


ADALIA Dinner was finished in silence and Aphrodite stuck Phinn with doing the dishes. I took advantage of my freedom... Read Chapter


PHINN I always get stuck with doing the dishes and I hate it. Especially since no one hardly ate because of the way t... Read Chapter


ADALIA JJ steered the car through the rain effortlessly. The mist hung heavy over the road in the encroaching darknes... Read Chapter


ROSEMARY The patter of the rain on my window was calming. Exactly what I needed with my cup of tea. I was lounging in... Read Chapter


ROSEMARY When Dallas and I pulled up, the party was a mess. Clusters of people smoking pot on the porch. A couple of ... Read Chapter


PHINN My eyes roved over the documents on the table. I picked up a photo. It was my mother. I recognized her from my ... Read Chapter


ADALIA "Hey!" I called after JJ and Delia. I slammed the door behind me, sloshing out into the driveway. I pulled Del... Read Chapter


ADALIA Aphrodite passed me on the way to the stairs. "Hey," I greeted her awkwardly. "Hi," Sh... Read Chapter


MIKEY I groaned as I exited the car, my legs straining with the effort. I still decided to go on the hike, despite Ad... Read Chapter


J.J. The quiet of the car was almost oppressive. The weight of the silence bored down on me, but Delia hardly seemed to not... Read Chapter


PHINN I thought Adalia might come to the basement after JJ and Delia left, but there was no sign of her yet. I flippe... Read Chapter


ADALIA Grandpa sat hunched over in his chair, staring blankly into the bottom of his glass. If I didn't say something... Read Chapter


DELIA JJ steered the car onto the curb in front of Sandra's dark bungalow. He put it in park and turned to me. ... Read Chapter


ROSEMARY Dallas and I managed to get Alex into the back door without waking up Dad. Which, to be honest, was some kind of fuckin... Read Chapter


ADALIA Grandpa downed the last of the whiskey in his glass. He pushed himself out of his chair, wobbling dangerously. I stood an... Read Chapter


J.J. Delia was frozen in panic and I prepared for a fight, tightening my grip on the hefty seal. I wasn’t sure how I would rea... Read Chapter


MIKEY “Hey, puff and pass,” Malcolm said accusingly. I rolled my eyes and took a long drag on the joint before passing it to... Read Chapter


ADALIA “What’s up?” Phinn asked as I reentered from the back door. His sudden appearance startled me and it took me a ... Read Chapter


SETH Cinna walked me out to the curb where I picked up my bike. “I can drive you,” She offered, but I shook my head. “... Read Chapter


DELIA It was a quiet drive home. JJ didn’t say a word. His body was taut, but his mind, elsewhere. We entered the house in sil... Read Chapter


ROSEMARY “Should we go down there?” I asked between bursts of the car horn. “Nah. Dad’ll take care of it,” Alex sa... Read Chapter

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