No More Masks

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

He could finally see the big city of Austin, Texas from afar. His eyes got wider with glee as he was stuck in traffic that was heading to the same place as he was. Vince could barely mash on the accelerator. He had to ease his way with the traffic so he wouldn't get into a wreck. Vince was excited to be in Austin, it was only an hour away from the city of San Antonio.

The traffic wasn't bad at all until he reached the entering of Austin. Vince just glided with the traffic. It would speed up a little then slow down, it would speed up again and then slow down again. This continued for 15 minutes until the traffic finally begins to pick up for good. Vince was having a hard time concentrating on the road.

He was enjoying looking at the beautiful buildings on the left and the right side of main Austin. Vince was even enjoying the green signs that had historical words on them like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Former President Lyndon B. Johnson who had a library in that city. As he went through main Austin, he thought that part of the city would last forever, until it didn't.

Vince needed to catch an exit to go into mainland Austin. He was going further away from the destination he wanted to be around. The part he was entering was more rugged and run down. Vince finally caught an exit after forcing his way through some tight traffic. He headed down to exit 65 with other vehicles. A red light was waking for him at the bottom of the hill.

The traffic is stopped along with Vince. While waiting for the light to turn green, he sees a wild-looking Caucasian guy without a shirt on. ''Whoa, this guy doesn't have a shirt on nor a mask''. He says. He starts to see other people without a shirt on the right side of the street. Blacks and Caucasians alike. ''This place is weird''. Vince thought to himself.

The green light finally came and Vince couldn't wait to leave that section. He turned left at the light and then made another left at a different light to head to the main parts of Austin. Vince was on his way. Even though he hasn't been in the city for long, he could feel an energy that was hard to miss. He went driving towards main Austin and this time, he would get off at a closer exit that would lead to what he wanted to see.

Vince was driving looking on both sides to see when he should get off the highway. ''Not yet, maybe the next exit''. He thought. Vince was hypnotized by the tall buildings on the right side. ''Okay, that's it, I'm turning right on the next road''. He thought. Just like he said he would do, he made a right on the next road.

Vince looked in amazement as he felt he was close to making a stop somewhere. He continued to look at the tall buildings that were on the left side now of the road. At the next light, he saw protesters. It was A LOT of them! Vince has never seen protesters in person so close before. He went for his phone to capture as many of them as possible.

Some of them had hats on. Vince could see some words on the hats, but he couldn't tell what the words were. He presses the camera on his phone and then pressed the white circle button. His phone was recording the last group of protesters walking across the street. The light turned green. Vince stop recording and drove through the light.

He kept driving through Austin. He still couldn't believe what he just saw. He also was getting hungry. Vince thought about finding a place to eat before he looked around in Austin. He finally came close to a history museum. He looked for a place to park, the only places he saw he could park at were near these tall grey parking meters.

Vince gave in and parked near one. He had never used a parking meter before. He got out of his vehicle and couldn't believe he was in Austin, Texas on foot. He looked around to see where he was. He saw a large government looking building that was a mile away from his car. In front of his car, he had seen some signs that said Texas History Museum.

Vince's stomach started aching. He needed to! So he begins walking to see if he could find a place to get some food. He walked towards the end of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. street near the museum. When he got there, he had seen some buildings that could be food places. Vince headed that way. As he was walking, he saw two people on scooters making their way towards him.

Vince moved towards the right side of the walkway. He could tell they weren't going to slow down on their riding. They're closing in on him, Vince decided to wait for them to pass. ''Thank you''. The first rider said. Before he could respond, both riders were already long gone. Vince kept walking looking for a place to grab some food.

He saw some interesting buildings in the next street. He decided to make a right on that street. Vince didn't expect to see what he saw next. An army of protesters on both sides of that road. He still couldn't see what they were protesting about. He was hesitant about proceeding walking down that street.

But then he saw police on the left side of the street, he also saw what looked like several young women in wedding outfits with a tall suit dressing guy who had this long white limo. On the right side of the street, he saw another museum. It had a lot of army men spread out guarding the museum. Vince decided to take the chance to see what this protest was about.

He started walking closer. He begins to hear someone say ''no more masks, no more masks''. Then he saw a bus near the museum that had titled on the back women for no masks. Vince was confused. He couldn't believe people were advocating not to wear masks during a pandemic. Then he heard them chanting again. ''No more masks! No more masks! No more masks!

Other people who were on that road were surprised also and taking pictures of the protesters. Vince took a few pics himself. ''Okay, I really need to eat now''. He saw a Raising Canes further down from the museum and started walking faster to it. 

Submitted: December 09, 2020

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