Keepers 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: dumb60053

This is the third book of the "Keepers" series.

Cover art created by rsl0519
You can contact them at

Table of Contents

A Quick Conversation

"What do you meana different world?" asked A.J.  "Well, everything is so different here," one of the girls said. "And we've neve... Read Chapter

Siren Bay

Carol rode on Sabia's bike with her, while her clone rode on May's bike. The girls seemed wary and scared of Shane for some reason. Perha... Read Chapter

From Spelf To Mermaid

As the water surrounded her, Renna created an air bubble around her head. She swam towards an underwater cave and rested. What would happ... Read Chapter


As Renna and Crystal continued to swim, they began to see a city made of shells, sand, and mud. Despite being made of these things, the c... Read Chapter


Ray ran. All the breath he had quickly disappeared, and taking a deep breath of air would be too hard. He heard shouting behind him. His ... Read Chapter

Meat, Herbs, and Mints

Everyone made confused faces. "I thought your parents died!" Shane exclaimed. A.J. stared at Shane with a skeptical look. "My mot... Read Chapter

Jasmine and Madeline

Jay walked outside once Ray and his father finished eating and began talking. After a while, May began to get worried. She exited the cab... Read Chapter


Jay was walking in a dark place. She didn't know where she was. Wherever she was, it was cold.  She turned around and saw a mirr... Read Chapter


Ray and Renna's father had left hours ago, and nobody wanted to ask where they were going. They no longer had their bikes. Everyone's leg... Read Chapter

2000 at the Selline Royal Palace

May lunged towards her brother, her claws cutting him all over. Shane dodged most of them - since he seemed more experienced - but s... Read Chapter


Please drink responsibly
Read Chapter

Man In The Mirror

Jay was walking towards the dining table when May joined her. She grabbed a fruit smoothie and Jay grabbed a small bowl of strawberry ice... Read Chapter


A.J. held his breath and disappeared into the shadows once again. But this time, he didn't leave. He stayed and listened. "I can't st... Read Chapter


Everybody was out of breath. They had been running for what seemed like hours, but was only half of an hour. The people must've learned f... Read Chapter


After Ray and Renna had created the defense, everyone began their job. Ray, Renna, and Sabia teleported in and out of the rooms containin... Read Chapter

Romantic Reveal

Once everybody was in the mansion, they began to question Ray and Renna's wit. "Yes, we are serious," Renna said. "Shane wi... Read Chapter

Breakfast & Fevers

The next morning everyone got up and went downstairs for breakfast. They all sat down at a long dining table. There were china cabinets f... Read Chapter

Christina and Donald

"Why are we really here?" A.J. asked as he sipped his tea. "This place doesn't exist just so we can relax and drink tea, right?" Ever... Read Chapter


"What?" A.J. shouted. "What do you mean 'family?'" Jay tensed at A.J.'s voice. "Calm down, A.J.," Renna said. "She has to accept ... Read Chapter

Shards of Glass

May opened her eyes. She couldn't see anything. She could only smell smoke. She clumsily stood up, her legs feeling numb. As the smell of... Read Chapter


Shane was walking through a forest when he heard a twig snap behind him.  "I know you're there, Sangre," he said. "You can come ... Read Chapter

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