Longing for a home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

many of us suffer from this toxic tension in our own homes whether it was because of our parent's relationship , family issues , misunderstangs and other issues that makes our stay at our own homes just unbearable...

In a home, where love should grow

Instead , it is filled with sorrow

Taking a breath has never been this hard

I should not let down my guard

For even if I am home

It doesn't feel like one

This toxicity is killing me

And I can't seem to break free

I can call this an emotional drought

And I further have no doubts

That I am not the only one who feels this way

We all do each in our own way

We try to fake a smile

Let it last for a while

Don't break down or cry

Don't even speak or ask why

You will be judged & criticized

You will be hated & despised

You can feel it too

The toxicity you've been living through

Home is not home anymore

LIfe will never be sweet as before

Those days that are long gone

Will never ever see the light of dawn

I have been stuck here for far too long

Pretending I am the strongest of them all

While I am just about to fall

I have reached my breaking point, you see

For this life wasn't really made for me

I am tired of wishing for a happy home

As it turns from colourful to monochrome

It gets darker and darker , you see..

As I count ...one , two and three

I close my eyes and let it be

Maybe then I will feel free

Free to express, free to live

Free from the stress , free to give

I want to be loved once again

Just like my young self when I was ten

Didn't think life would be so bad

How ironic and how sad

Wished for my ending to be a bit better

But perhaps , it turned a bit too bitter

So I am searching for a place where I belong

The home I have wished for all along

But now I am all alone

Longing for a home ...




Submitted: December 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Norealle Ehab. All rights reserved.

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