Enter the Mystical Tome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

In 2018, I started collecting paranormal terms when I realized there weren't any paranormal glossaries of sufficient length or scope. In 2020, I brought my work to Booksie because I think this is the best format. It's the largest online paranormal dictionary and contains almost anything of paranormal significance. I now call myself a paranormal lexicographer.

I am also an experiencer. My mom and I witnessed a giant pearl-like UFO one day while bringing home groceries. Ever since, I have kept my mind open. If you wish to read my official NUFORC report, it's here > http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/101/S101461.html

My book cover was commissioned and drawn by Enrique Pablo of Mexico. Here's his Fiverr link > https://www.fiverr.com/silvereeps

For more paranormal fun, search YouTube for "Halloween Jamboree", SAVE the playlist and use it for any creepy get-together.


RECENT ADDITIONS - Jan. 3rd, 2021 - Added appendices with information that was too cool not to share.

Table of Contents


AAV pl. AAVs – anomalous aerial vehicle; another term for a UFO SYN UAP, mystery ship Abba – one... Read Chapter


Baal \BAH-uhl ; BAY-uhl\ alt. Ba'al – the Canaanite god of thunder and fertility; the generic name of a god whose worship infiltrated ... Read Chapter


calabash rattle – a rattle made from a dried-out gourd of a calabash vine and used in voodoo rituals SYN asson ... Read Chapter


Dagon \DAY-gun\ alt. Dagan – an Ancient Mesopotamian god associated with fertility and agriculture; the national god of the Phil... Read Chapter


eagle – a symbol of power in European cultures; in Sumerian mythology, the mythical king Etana was carried into heaven by an eagle; the... Read Chapter


Faces of Bélmez – faces of varying sex, size and expression which appeared on the concrete floor of the Pereira family home (in Bélme... Read Chapter


Gabriel – an archangel; one who appeared to Daniel to explain his visions (Daniel 8:15-26, 9:21-27) and to Zechariah and the Virgin Mar... Read Chapter


habitable zone – a given length away from any star in which life is possible because it's neither too hot nor too cold; applicable to t... Read Chapter


ibbur \IH-buhr\ – a benevolent spirit that temporarily possesses a body; a positive possession; the opposite of a dybbuk possessio... Read Chapter


jackalope – a fierce mythological antlered rabbit created by taxidermist Douglas Herrick of WY in the 1930's [“jackrabbit” + “a... Read Chapter


Kabbalism – Jewish mysticism, based on an esoteric interpretation of Hebrew scriptures, including a mystical third torah called The Zoh... Read Chapter


La Chapa – of Mexican legend, a ghost/demon who poses as a child, crying and appearing to be abandoned, but when one approaches him, he... Read Chapter


Mabon \MAY-bahn\ – a Wiccan holiday celebrated on Sept. 22nd in the N. hemisphere [a character of Welsh mythology] SYN Harvest Hom... Read Chapter


nagual \NAH'wahl\ alt. nahual – in Mesoamerican folk religion, a person who can transform into a jaguar [Aztec na'hualli “magi... Read Chapter


Obariyon sing. and pl. – in Japanese mythology, a spirit that is carried around until unbearably heavy Occam's razor – a princip... Read Chapter


pagan \PAY-guhn\ – a generic term for one who worships a god/s outside of the mainstream; from one's perspective, somebody who is not o... Read Chapter


qalupalik \kuh-LOOP-puh-lik\ alt. qallupilluk pl. qalupaliks – a mermaid of Inuit mythology with green skin, long hair and overg... Read Chapter


rabbi pl. rabbis, rabanim – a scholar of the Jewish faith; a Levite [Hebrew “my master”] radiesthesia \RAY-dees-THEEZ-zee-uh ;... Read Chapter


sabbat \SEH-bet\ – a midnight gathering of witches to practice their sorcery or participate in a demonic orgy; based on the sun, one of... Read Chapter


table-tilting – lifting of the table where a séance is taking place as a sign that a spirit is present talisman – an object, so... Read Chapter


UAP pl. UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomenon; a mystery light in the sky, possibly a UFO SYN mystery airship ubume sing. and... Read Chapter


Frederick Valentich \FREHD-duhr-rik VAHL-lin-tij\ – a 20-year-old Australian pilot who went missing on Oct. 21st, 1978 when on a traini... Read Chapter


Walking Sam – among the Lakota of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, there is a legend about the Stick People, these skinny, s... Read Chapter


X – shorthand for “Christ” exp. Xian, Xmas xana \shah-nah\ pl. xanas, anjana – in Asturian mythology, a beautiful nymph... Read Chapter


yacuruna \yah-kah-ROO-nah\ sing. and pl. – in the mythology of the Amazon, a hairy anthropomorphic creature with green skin, a hea... Read Chapter


John Zaffis (1955-p) – a demonologist and the star of Haunted Collector; the nephew of Ed and Lorraine Warren Zak Bagans' The Haun... Read Chapter

Appendix I: Paranormal Pulse of the Nation

% of Americans that believe in 34% GHOSTS 37% HAUNTED HOUSES 54% ALIENS 41% ESP 13% ASTROLOGY 21% BIGFOOT 20% REINCARNAT... Read Chapter

Appendix I: Profile of an Experiencer

The average experiencer has one or more of these characteristics: female AB- or O- blood type some Jewish or Native American anc... Read Chapter

Appendix I: Ghostly Figures

1 in 4 Americans claim to currently live in a haunted house. 29% claim to have had an experience, either as a crisis apparition or a... Read Chapter

Appendix I: Far-Out Facts

More women than men believe in ghosts and astrology but men tend to believe in aliens; about 30% of American men believe that aliens have... Read Chapter

Appendix I: On the Trail of Bigfoot

Americans are about as likely to believe in bigfoot as the Big Bang theory, so says the 2018 Chapman University Survey of American Fears.... Read Chapter

Appendix II: Community Resources

IF YOU NEED HELP WITH GHOSTS OR DEMONS Spiritual Cleanse: 5 Ways to Remove a Ghost from Your Home https://www.thelisttv.com/the-li... Read Chapter

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