Chapter 5: Preparing to Meet the Alpha

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

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The drive out the Scituate was quick, but Rin felt like it took forever. She sat in the back seat of the car sulking, unable to get Cassie’s face out of her mind. And little Jared? She hadn’t seen him in years and now he was a tiny human being instead of a bundle of blankets that moved. He had his own personality, his own life; another person on the list she had endangered. How could she do that? If she had known getting in with the Fenway pack would have endangered Jared and Cassie too… Well she would have done it anyway, but she would have kept her secret better. She never would have told Aaron what she was.

Eventually the car turned onto a dirt road that went through the trees to a very nice, homey looking house with a large front porch complete with a set of rocking chairs. Rin admired how white the paint shone around the green shutters and the dark roof. Someone had done a great job re-painting or with upkeep, she was unsure which. The place was beautiful with window boxes full of colorful flowers and flower beds in front of the porch.

The row of motorcycles in front of all that took away from the country look though. They were all different styles and had a bunch of leather clad bikers among them.

“Wonder what Bear’s MC is doing here.” Kyle muttered, looking at the gathering with curiosity. Digs pulled the car up beside the bikes, the bikers looking at him with worried faces. Digs and Kyle got out of the car without hesitation and headed into the house leaving Rin to get out of the back seat cautiously, throwing her bag over her shoulder. They had said this was the pack Den which made Rin nervous. Looking at the bikers, she could smell that they were human, but she didn’t want to get in their way. They were worried and nervous, murmuring to each other in quiet voices, looking over their shoulders at her with only slight curiosity. She was not the big news on their minds.

Slowly she made her way to the front porch. She could hear people talking inside, though even if she didn’t have animal senses she could have heard the shouting. There was a woman yelling with a growl on the edge of her voice that was very noticeably werewolf and the energy inside made Rin’s hair stand on end. There was a very upset, very powerful wolf yelling.

“Why the HELL did you let your phone die!!! I was trying to get ahold of you. If you want to grow higher in the pack you need to be able to be reached in case of emergencies. Like this!”

Thinking better of introducing herself during such stress, Rin sat in one of the rocking chairs and enjoyed the view. The trees they had driven through parted off to the right and revealed a large field that was fenced off. Horsed grazed and ran around enjoying the space, making Rin want to go for a run with them. She had forgotten how much she craved this kind of space. Living in the city had been slowly killing her.

“Do not tell me to calm down Kyle! Nyla was MURDERED. On MY LANDS! In our territory and the fucking POLICE found her! We don’t even get her body back so we can bury her so DO NOT tell me to CALM DOWN!!!”

“Yep, absolutely not going in there.” Rin murmured to herself. The bikers leaned against their bikes and stood around talking, Making Rin feel weird. She had never been very good around humans and she wondered what they were doing at a Wolf Den. Never had she heard of a pack letting outsiders in. They watched her as she rocked back and forth to the point where she could feel them. Their eyes were like little fingers prickling along the hairs on her arms. Not being able to take it anymore she stood up, leaving her bag on the seat so that if Kyle or Digs did come out they wouldn’t think she left, and walked off the porch to go and see the horse’s a bit closer.

The fresh air wrapped itself around her and she breathed it in, loving the freedom and hope it brought with it. She could see around the house as she got closer to the fence and could see how the porch wrapped around the house all the way and lead to the vast back yard. There were fields of corn back there and an old barn that Rin would love to see up close. The trees came back around behind it, blocking everything else from view, but this was a place to run, to thrive.

“No wonder they have their Den here.” She said out loud and put her arms out all the way to embrace the warm breeze, her head thrown back with her eyes closed so she could truly enjoy it. Somewhere to her left a horse snorted and Rin smiled bigger than she had since everything happened. She opened her eyes to see a very large draft horse plodding his way over to greet her. She smiled and got closer to the fence, reaching her hand out to let him sniff her, which he did then nuzzled her hand so that she would pet him. She touched the soft skin between his nostrils right over his lips and cooed to him. “Well aren’t you such a handsome boy. I bet you love running around here with the rest of your friends huh?”

The horse snorted and nodded, trying to push her hand up to his face. She knew exactly what he needed. She ran her hands up his fur to his ear and she scratched, ruffling his mane. He snorted again and lowered his head even more so she could work her way down his neck.

“He really likes you.” A gruff voice said beside her and Rin jumped. While she had been drawn into the peacefulness of the horse and the wise open spaces, a man had shown up beside her.

He was tall, about 6’5” if she had to guess, but he was also built like a lumberjack. His arms alone were bigger than Rin’s torso. He had a large beard and long brown hair that was pulled into a bun. He was wearing a leather vest over a red plaid shirt and jeans that looked too tight to move in though Rin didn’t think it was intentional, his thighs were just that big. His torn brown leather boots were warn and old looking, but from hard work, not from pure age. The rips in his jeans were also clearly work related and not for fashion. The patches on his leather vest depicted tiny tomahawks and the words “Wampanoag Natives” written a crossed the chest.

The mountain of a man stared down at her and she could feel herself shrink. She was not normally so timid or shy, but the power coming off him and his size made her seem very insignificant.

“Horses are a real good judge of character.” He continued, reaching a hand out to pet the horse’s hand. The horse nudged his head against the big man’s hand, which took up the horse’s entire nose, and he scratched gently. “Glad to see that he likes you because it’s either a very brave individual or a dumb one that comes on to pack lands without and invite from the Alpha. If he didn’t like you, I would have assumed you were both.”

“I’m sorry sir, Kyle and Digs brought me here. I was going to go inside, but it seemed like pack business.” Rin explained. She resisted the urge to bow in front of him. Her knees itched and the back of her neck ached to lean forward, but she stood her ground and was very proud of the fact that she actually looked him in the eye. He had very kind looking brown eyes with deep creases in the corners that made it seem as if he smiled a lot. He wasn’t smiling at the moment, but Rin took it as a good thing that she was still in one piece. He could have come up behind her and snapped her neck with his bare hands before she even knew he was there. “I didn’t want to intrude.”

“That’s a very smart move, Anna is not happy at the moment. She might have bitten your face off without even an explanation.” He made a rumbling sound when he was done speaking and it took Rin a moment to realize the giant was chuckling. “But on a serious note, one of our pack was murdered, so everyone is on high alert at the moment. Yes, a very good choice to stay outside.”

“I try to make smart choices. Doesn’t always work so it’s good to see I can at least avoid making this situation worse.” Rin sighed and went back to looking at the horse. Cassie’s angry face floated across her mind and Rin’s fists clenched.

“Is that why you are here? Avoiding a bad situation?” The man asked in his rumbly voice.

“Sort of. I’m not even sure why I’m here. I met Kyle on the train. He insisted on him and Digs giving me a ride to my cousin’s, but she…. I can’t stay there. So the guys brought me here.”

“A wolf without a home huh?”

“Yea something like that.” She hesitated and looked at the big guy. He looked down at her with kind eyes. She only came up to a little above his elbow.  “More like might as well see what I can see before moving on. I don’t have a plan anymore so no rush.”

“I get that.” He pointed to the patch on his vest. “I joined the Wampanoag Natives because I didn’t have anywhere else to go. No home, no family. Then they became my home, a make-shift Pack if you will. Then I met Anna and she was the most amazing creature I had ever met. When she asked me to join the pack I couldn’t say no, but I couldn’t leave my MC either.”

“And that’s why the line of human bikers outside?” Rin asked to clarify. At least that little detail was starting to make sense.

“Yep. They follow me everywhere and they work with the pack because I now have two homes, something a lone wolf like me could never have dreamed of having.” He reached out and ruffled the top of her head. Her bangs shook into her face, which she didn’t like, but she didn’t mind the little bit of affection from this guy. He seemed genuine enough and he was surprisingly comfortable and nice to talk to. Not like Kyle who kept her on edge or Digs that did the power roll thing to calm her down. No this guy was just so care free almost. “It gets better kid, I promise.”

“If you say so big guy.”

“I do say so.” He laughed and the air around them practically vibrated with the sound. “They call me Bear by the way. What can I call you?”


“Well Rin, I can’t hear any more yelling and the air is no longer prickling with angry Alpha fumes, so I guess it’s safe to go in. Would you like to meet the pack or would you rather I bring them out here?”

Rin was a little taken back by how generous he was being. There was no reason why he should be that kind, though from those she had met, kindness was a theme with this pack. She shook her head and looked down at her shoes, steadying her thought and taking a deep breath. When she looked back up at Bear, he was still smiling at her as if he knew what her answer was going to be.

“I’m ready to go in. Let’s go meet the Alpha.”

Submitted: December 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jennie Jeanne. All rights reserved.


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