Waiting Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It has started raining outside my home and may the living Earth will take a new birth from this blessing for the good for all. Amen.

Today if the necessity compels any submission in poetry so spotted challenging any law an artist can draw founded on the bedrock of our existence, we need to achieve without abrogation of these means, essential for the promotion and protection of our environment. Here I have dissented the negatives into the fresh and uninhibited look of a strange sensational script. May you understand a chaotic situation that has set an unhealthy precedent with the choices we must change for good.

We are granted a home for all never shortage on the living Earth,

Given the freedom to favour by totally changing its identity,

We owe allegiance how this innate goodness had been imposed,

Such law marked the saddest part of our entire history,

Who deny roles for giving unlimited interchangeability around concrete walls,

Mark its inconsistence for giving effect to our own sustenance,

Wounds mean rather strange if more threaten our own existence,

Unless we reserve consideration for a precious heritage cannot be extinct on any ground,

When it comes for revenue the cost unobjected dissent into unlimited talkativeness,

The failure shall close the door unacceptable and unquestionable into chaos,

When we burn fossil fuels the stand anyone expected made changes in our daily life,

A historic spelling mistake can repel ends badly into all institutions of natural life,

Where this demand more the hard work changes in a lighter impermissible vein,

Disturbing Mother Natures harmony would prove fatal in every matters of historic curiosity,

Where the lead pollutes our environment for considerations the violation names its necessity,

Parchment between harmony and balance is an essential feature of our survival,

What provoke on the living Earth witness no expression amid conveniences saving short paid wages,

Utmost crusade on this injustice wiped off the wetlands into wastelands still not denied.

In making the order that has refused to accept our deciding issues,

Time has come to set a healthy precedent into action we cannot injure in the interest of all,

If you cannot refuse the lack of consultations why we have acted so far,

I hope this unlimited necessity will accept our outdistanced power to be the change in this service of our living Earth.

Submitted: December 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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