The Dark Dragon's Divining

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A strange, almost mystical creature performs a ritual to divine the fate of a lord's unborn child.

A gentle breeze blew through the rubbery black grass of the steppe. A tent made from fish leather stood by a river of flowing quicksilver. A human-like creature stood in the metal waters; a goliath standing at least ten feet tall. His skin glistened a soft violet shade under the blue sun, drawn tight against his thin skeletal frame. His eyes glowed radium green, and his pupils were six-point stars. They scoured the thick metal surface of the river before closing. His ears, curved upwards into s point, twitched at even the softest sound from the silver flow. His hands, which were long, three knuckled claws joined at the wrist and bound by thick webbing, flexed in broad arches. The creature hunched over the bank, waiting.

He plunged his hands deep into the quicksilver, drawing out a broad fish that was as long as a human was tall. It wreathed, belching flames from its maw and gills alike. The creature, undaunted by the flames, dipped his hand back into the river. As he raised his hand back out a glob of quicksilver followed, floating up into the air. The creature swirled his hand, slowly at first. The suspended sphere spun, and began to flatten out as his hand picked up its pace. He broadened his gnarled fingers, and the quicksilver shaped into a platter and solidified. The creature laid the fire spewing fish on it. He began gutting the fish with his pinky as the knife, cutting it into segments and stripping the bone bare. He then removed a greenish gland that had been hidden behind the gills. Once he was finished with the fish he went to the tent, and donned a long royal azure robe adorned with silvery white metal bands and plates. He placed a double-banded silver circlet, crowned with radiant sapphires, upon his curly lavender mane, then examined himself in the river’s reflection. Satisfied with his appearance he took the platter in his hand and waved his other. A gateway saturated with warm colors opened, and he passed through. 

On the other side was a looming hall, hewn from rose sandstone. Its high arched ceiling was held aloft by broad red stone columns. The tall windows to either side shone with their own radiant glow, as though each held its own little sun trapped inside the glass. A long purple heart wood table surrounded by elm chairs occupied most of the room. At the end of the table was a man, head and shoulders taller than any human. His skin and hair were such a pure, glowing white they outshone his bright blue vest, and his neat white shirt seemed to have a dull yellow tinge in comparison to his tone. Only his pale azure eyes had any color, hidden behind his round rimmed wire glasses. The creature stepped into the room, his body darkening into an all-encompassing black under the more natural light.

The man rose to his feet, dwarfed by the newly arrived creature, and bowed to him, “My lord.”

The creature set the still twitching fish upon the table, and looked at him, “Are you prepared, Zekiel? To pierce Vorithian’s Veil is no small feat, and the revelations gained through doing so should not be treated lightly. Nor should they be taken as absolutes. Do you understand?”

The pale man looked at the fish with unease, worsened by the creature’s verdant eyes weighing down on him. He took a moment to steady his quivering breath before turning back to the creature, “Yes, my lord. I am ready.”

The creature nodded. He took the gland he had taken from the fish, and crushed it between his hands. A sweet smelling aroma pervaded the room as a translucent yellow fluid spilled out. It dribbled from his hands, setting the table ablaze upon contact. He threw the gland into the flame, causing a small burst, before adding the bones. He raised his arms out before slowly closing his hands in above the fire. The smoke caught in his hands, and he began to shape it into a smooth ash grey sphere.

The creature’s voice rumbled like a mountain’s root as he spoke in a guttural tongue that unnerved the pale man. The smoke within swirled into a whirling storm. It began changing colors in bright, rapid succession, forcing the pale man to turn away and shield his eyes. An eye formed in the vibrant storm, and the creature’s glowing gaze peered deep into the colors.

After a moment the creature dropped the orb, letting the cool smoke drift down and smother the flames. He slowly took a seat across the table from the pale man.

“Zekiel, you wished me to gaze upon the fate of your child, and gaze upon them I have.” The creature eyed him, “Be warned, Zekiel. The future is no ironclad beast. Though much can be predicted, the flow of time is an ever changing weave.”

“My lord, don’t tell me riddles,” the pale man had grown bold in his mounting impatience, “Just tell me what you saw.”

“Silence!” the creature spoke with a forceful calm which caused the pale man to recoil almost like a frightened beast.

“My so named riddles are a warning, Zekiel, that the very act of piercing the Veil can alter one’s fate!” He paused to give the pale man a moment to collect himself before continuing, “In your child’s future I saw damnation. An agent of destruction, doomed to sow chaos and despair in their wake. A dark lord reborn, his eyes shining with golden flame, as he has been so many times before. He shall try once more his fell crusade, the one warring against the many. Beware, Zekiel, for this doom can be  realized or evaded only by the actions you doom yourself to make. Now leave me. You have what you had desired.”

The pale man stood. He hesitated only for a moment at the door. His azure eyes looked down at his marble white hand warping the door handle beneath its grip, “You have given me a lot to think about, my lord.” With that the pale man left, and the creature was left alone again.

“Indeed I have,” he began to eat the raw remains of the fish, chewing thoughtfully as he too pondered the divination which just took place

Submitted: December 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jarius Reece. All rights reserved.

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