Only Human

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Life is hard when your eighteen, your still trying to figure yourself out and find your place in everything. But its a lot harder when your the only human in a family of werewolves.

Caden Silverblood was adopted by werewolves when he was just a baby, they're the only family he's ever known. So when danger begins looming over his adopted family what is a human like him suppose to do?

Table of Contents


Run, run that's all I can think of as my feet carry me across the woods, the clear night sky brimming with stars lighting my way in the d... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Beep, Beep, Beep I reach for the alarm clock on the night stand to my right, when I finally feel it I slam my hand down on the snooze... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

After breakfast, while Lucas and Noel got ready, I made sure to have everything I needed for school in my bag, I give mom a peck on the c... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

When we get back to our territory I'm in a better mood, after saying hello to everyone at the house I quickly duck out and head towards t... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

The next morning, I decided to sleep in a bit, I was still a little sore from running around with the girls. When I finally did come down... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

The first thing I noticed when I regained consciousness was that I was lying on a bed, I can hear someone moving around next to me. I don... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

After safely making it back home my father took us to his study where he and mom wasted no time laying into me. My mother never curses so... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

"Then she got in her car and left." Noel finished telling my dad what had happened at the school parking lot with Keira. But only aft... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Its been two hours and still no word, Linda came by about a half hour ago to bring me some food, but I haven't touched it. Every so often... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

The next morning my father calls a pack meeting and has everyone gather in main house. Thankfully no one from our pack was killed last ni... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

 I find myself standing in the clearing from a few days ago complete with stars and a full moon overhead. Confused as to how I got h... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Waking up to an unfamiliar ceiling, it takes me a second to remember where I am. As I look down at my body, I see Keira's head on my ches... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

After eating I went and got the girls and had them drive me home. As we pulled up to the house I remembered about Pete. "Hey, do me a... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Walking in I see my father working at his desk, I can immediately tell he's upset by the fact that he doesn't look up to greet me. I calm... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

My mind was racing to make sense of things as I walked aimlessly down the school halls. I had been so absorbed in my thoughts I hadn't re... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

"Caden, Caden!" I'm pulled out of my thoughts by Keira's voice. "Are you okay?" Keira asks me, concern filling her voice. "I'... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

The sky was perfect tonight, dark and clear, allowing the stars to shine beautifully all across the night sky. I reach up and pretend to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Alone and defenseless I was surprisingly calm as I stared down the giant wolf in front of me. I guess all the years of training weren't a... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

The next morning, I wake up wrapped in Keira's arms, after carefully extracting myself from her hold I realize that Keira is quite the he... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

As I slowly started coming to, I didn't feel the pain I expected to feel after getting stabbed by Hannah. Opening my eyes, I once again f... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

"Did you have to park your truck so far from the house?" I called out to Aspen. "Look, had I known the place was going to be empty be... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One

"Are you sure it was her?" Lucas asked. "It was her." I responded. Not knowing what else to do after my strange encounter with Ke... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two

I was stunned, I struggled to comprehend what Hannah just said. "You're not even of age, how could you possibly know that Cole was yo... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three

No one said a word, the wolf named Zero just stood there waiting for someone to respond but no one did we all just stood there flummoxed ... Read Chapter


The following night somewhere outside Crestwood Keira was at the edge of a small cliff looking up at the night sky; the moon was full... Read Chapter

Thank You

Thank you for reading my story, if you enjoyed my work consider following me on Patreon, where I give weekly reports on current and futur... Read Chapter

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