Can dreams say thank you?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you can recall every moment so blessed, have the loved life to be part of this dream. Amen.

When you recall the finest moment of your life ever lived,

Back into a dream that says thank you for this moment,

Too late when this help washes a shore wept for the deepest desire,

Did you know that the one who has made this dream so lost in a thought?

That took your night so long is a game the most hope win,

Covering the infinite emotional wealth said the other healthy way,

Something you have done because the dream wants to do it,

Is that all you want to know what this life is meant to be?

If remembering what you want find your way to make something within,

A dream born in these footsteps is more you can make happen to be born with anything special,

Some spelling mistakes can’t ruin this life,

Behind wherever you wanted any goal how people get it so disciplined,

Like a hammer kneel down the worries and put the dream sell the real truth that surprise you with their results,

Say thank you and tune in before you turn on how dreams are deeply listening to be moved by you,

Where this coaching is coming from caring every meeting how you would go over their shortcomings,

When you distance the life tempting every moment and believe in cause and effect by doing the right things,

Do this one thing better more relaxed and keep listening feedback feeding the score back to what dreams sense,

If you can borrow this call within every question for the ways we can inspire to be like friends dropping by to check some windfall all the day long,

Are you surprised these are the thoughts that made those ideas abandoned everything it does to survive in the future for a dream?

You don’t have to get it right,

Nor you have to abandon this spirit,

What makes the best human in us keeps dreaming about the most important dream that fires all around them?

If you play-out in the face of change and the will to prepare to win that welcome the game,

The more secure place to work out those arguments are the ones dream want to sell and give voice to what a hassle the change is,

For every prayer that rains in this field don’t dream about the change from the outside,

Just be the traveller wherever life change with this delight so committed,

God has made his human inspiration to dream reinventing the greatness that will become still greater when you treat them differently,

Every answer you wanted own their responsibility that it gets better results,

Thoughts rule the world and dreams are those who see that the thought is stronger to see the change what you wish for,

How many legs does a dream ever walked so alone if you call those steps to smile back when there is a lot you can do?

Action that you welcome is the eloquence of the greatest teacher ever lived,

When there’s so much good a dream can do, why just wait?

Don’t confuse stressing out this care and be empowered for any constructive criticism,

It is going to live and work with the change if we develop trust in keeping dreaming and staying hungry till it become a reality,

A dream can’t hope to eliminate problems but rather wouldn’t want to put your hose away,

It is firefighter if well managed and be born as leaders who must be lead like a hero,

So be your artist who refuse to be ordinary and,

Let make you celebrate what you can’t define.

Submitted: December 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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