Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

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A few things to consider before deciding to quit your job.

When the thought crosses our minds to quit our current jobs, it’s actually a very big decision; a decision sometimes we don’t give too much thought about.

Often this decision can not only affect us, but possibly others around us. I don’t mean your co-workers (which it will) but your family; especially if you have people that depend on you.

There are different reasons why we may choose to quit the jobs we have. Some may be down to circumstances, issues within the workplace, a change of career choice or you just can’t stand it any longer. We’ve all had those thoughts at some point and if you choose to leave your job, there are things you need to consider before making a decision.

Have a Plan

This is very important. If you decide to leave your job, you should have a plan. Whether this be another opportunity lined up, travel ventures or further study, make sure you have a plan as to what you’d like to do after leaving your role. We often leave jobs and then decide what to do afterwards, which then leads to rush and bad decision-making. Make your life easier by having a plan.

Try not to burn bridges

This can be difficult if you’re already on bad terms. If you’re going to hand in your resignation, do it the right way. You may be leaving a company or position behind, but they still have to move on without you and plan accordingly. When I was managing, I always told my interns that the working world was small; and it’s exactly that. Avoid things like going on strike or bad-mouthing your employer; it doesn’t look great on you.

If you’re looking for a reference or a recommendation, you can’t expect one if you don’t leave a good impression, plus, you’re bound to have similar connections and the last thing you want is your reputation being damaged. Leave in a respectful way.

Financial Stability

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to prepare for the unexpected. So many people have lost their jobs and could not possibly have seen this at the start of the year, and as a result, they have faced financial difficulties. I would definitely stress the need to save when possible, especially if you plan on not being employed for some time. How will you survive? Do you have savings? Are you on the job-retention scheme? These are questions you must ask yourself.

If you decide to quit and have no money to support yourself, this just brings added pressure. As mentioned before, if you have a family you need to provide for, please consider their needs also. As the UK economy faces increasing uncertainty, make sure you’re certain about and financial issues.

Talk to people

By gaining the opinions of those you trust, this may help you to make a decision and weigh up the pros and cons of making a potential change. Those you may have been in your position before and they can give you their honest advice. If they’ve had good experiences then this may influence you in a positive way; and if they’ve had bad experiences, this may cause you to think twice about your decision. Either way, it’s YOUR decision and only you should make it.

Know The Job Market

The job market currently is not at its best, as you’d expect. But it’s important to know the job market in your particular field. It’s a good idea to make ‘connections’ and talk to people who know what it takes to find the role you are looking for. Some people may consider looking for jobs abroad or in locations where it may be easier to find opportunities.

Leaving your job isn’t easy, there are so many things to consider which actually may make you end up not making a change. Some us just get to the point where we can’t stand the job any longer and have to make a change. I’ve been in a situation where I have considered a change, but the thought if change itself was a worrying one; especially if you are used to a certain routine.

The thoughts of what could happen may be worrying, but if you’re set on making a change, then it should be worth it.

Good luck!



Submitted: December 12, 2020

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