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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The plan is clear. Go in, take everything you can, go out. This is the planned estate.



The Mansion


02:05 AM

A van slowly appeared from the corner and moved into the direction of the huge mansion. The lights of that van were off, so that no one could notice approach.

A street was empty. There were no alive souls walking that time that late. The street didn’t have street lights because it was old.

The car stopped. Two male voices were talking between each other.

“Are you sure that you want to do this, Harry?”

“Of course I do, Johnny. This estate was planned. Do you even imagine what is hidden there? Treasure. This is the old estate.”

“Is anybody living there?”, asked John.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“What, you don’t know?”

“Why are you surprised? I saw the light in the window. That’s all I saw.”

“Did anybody come out of there?”

“Nope. Didn’t see it.”

“So, if I understood correct, we’re going somewhere without a plan?”

“You need a plan?”

“Yeah”, answered John.

“OK, here’s the plan, we go there, take as much as we can carry and get out.”

John didn’t answer anything, was just looking at Harry silently.

“Are you in?” Harry asked with a serious glance right into his partner’s eyes.

no other choice but to obey.

“Look what we have”, two black crowbars were taken from the pouch. “One for you and one for me.” Harry passed a crowbar. His partner just took it and weighed.

“It’s heavy,” he admitted.

“Of course it is. Because it’s not a toy. And one more thing to add…” He put his hand to the glove compartment and got a gun. “This is in case if something goes wrong.”



In a few minutes they put the masks on and got out of the car.

“Let’s get through that gate,” Harry commanded.

Johnny went to the iron gate that was at least two meters high and turned around to find something that will help them to get over it.

“Here, it’s opened.” The man pushed the gate and it opened cracking. “There’s no need to climb over it, now.”

“Yeah, agreed.”

They went in a vast yard with fountain, without water though, but with a lot of sculptures.

“Be careful and watch your step, ok?” Harry asked.

“Ok, got it.”

“Let’s turn on a flashlight.” He took out of the pocket a small flashlight and turned it on. A beam of light appeared and pierced through the dark night.



The mansion seemed abandoned from the first sight. The walls were grey, shabby and damp. The ground was covered with small pebbles.

“Looks like a castle with ghosts,” John admitted.


“You watched the movies about werewolves, zombies?”

“Wait, do you believe in all that fairytales for kids?” Harry watched at him with a surprise. “You shouldn’t been talking about this.”


“Does it scare you? You will make me laughing more if you will say that you scared of Boogeyman.”

“No, I’m not.” John said in disappointment that someone was thinking that he’s a coward.

“This is good.” Harry came closer and patted him at the shoulder several times. “Then let’s go.”

In an instant they stopped at the front door.



“So here we are,” Harry said triumphantly and checked the lock. The door was closed which was obvious.

“How is it?”

“Locked. Could you check, maybe there’s another way in?”

John was standing staring at his partner.

“What are you waiting for? For Santa to come? Santa doesn’t come to the naughty kids! Someone need to go there, will you?”

“Ok, no problem.”

“And oh yeah, how could I forget, you will need a flashlight.” Harry passed the flashlight to John. “But do it fast, ok? Don’t make me wait.”


Johnny took the flashlight. Harry was spectating how the light beam slowly disappeared behind the corner.



The road was not wide, it was followed by the huge gate from the side and the wall of the mansion from another. Johnny checked the windows, there was no light in them, no movement.

He was moving fast cause the fear of being alone suddenly caught him up. Something was looking at him from the darkness or it just seemed so.

“Ok, ok, calm down, you just need to find the door.” John tried to calm himself down.

The night became cold. There was no stars at the sky. Just darkness.

The flashlight…

I got the flashlight with me…

He turned around the corner and Harry was right, there was a door.

Ok, let’s check it…

He ran towards the door and touched the handle. In that moment the wind started to howl. John tried to hide himself from cold and raised the jacket up a bit.

He tried to turn the handle. But the door didn’t open.

John looked around. Nothing but darkness.

The gate could be barely seen, but with the flashlight it could.

John made a few steps back of the door. He felt like something was spectating him all the time. But it just seemed so.

He came closer to the lock and aimed the flashlight on it.

“Hmmmmmm… It can be opened with a lock-pick.”

Again that feeling…

He looked around but nothing was there.

John put the hand in the pocket and took out the lock-pick.

In a moment it was in the lock.

“Come on.”

He tried to open the door.

floating very slow in that moment. It felt like it last an eternity. His hands were sweaty and he was nervous. A strange fear crossed his mind again.

He looked around - nothing. Made a step back, looked up and checked the windows again.

Though it was a fast glance but he saw something.

It was complete pale. Instead of eyes were only dark sockets.

“Dammit.” Dread filled him.

He aimed the flashlight, but nothing was there, only the curtain.

Johnny ran back full speed, not looking behind. Cause he didn’t want to know what the hell was that.



Harry was smoking, when he saw John running as crazy to him.

“What happened?” He asked and tossed the stump away.

John stopped, his breath was hard and he couldn’t calm down. “Let’s get out of here! Now!”

“Why? Did you find the door?”

“There was something. Pale. On the upper floor. Please, let’s get the hell out of here.”

“Wait. I planned this job and we’re not leaving. Calm down, ok. Don’t be a baby. Or you want to run to your mommy?”

“We need to go now.” John begged.

“Let’s go there and check it out. What scared you so hard.” Harry saw the terror in his eyes and on an instant he believed John. But pushed away that feeling. He started in that direction.

John caught him by the jacket. “Don’t even dare to go there.”

Harry looked at his partner suspiciously.

“Ok, as you wish.”

John eased the grip.

“If you insist.” Harry was looking at him.

John slowly but let him go.



“If you insist we will go through the front door.” On these words he ran into the front door and smashed the door with all his strength.

The door was opened.

But there was nothing but web inside.

“See? There’s nothing inside.” Harry assured him. “Let’s go. Stop crying, little girl. Be a man already.”

He moved inside.

The hall was huge, authentic. The old wood was damp a bit. On the top was a chandelier made of glass, all the construction looked like made of icicles.

“Let’s check the first floor.” Harry commanded.

John didn’t want to go alone this time, so he stayed with his partner.

dinner services.

Harry came to a wardrobe and opened the drawer.

“Come to daddy. Look what I found.” He took a necklace out of the drawer and showed it to John.

“Cool.” John’s voice was not so excited about the treasure. He was looking around thinking to get out of there as fast as possible.

The necklace disappeared in the bag’s pocket.

In another drawer there were spoons. Harry took one out and checked. They were silver.

Need to take them…

Spoons disappeared in bag’s pocket.

Then he went to the door. It was some kind of a closet. There were a lot of silky dresses.

“These cost a lot nowadays.” He whistled while examining the materials.

John only looked shortly on that.

“But we can’t take them. We can’t carry that much.” Harry looked at his partner with disappointment. “Let’s go to the next floor.”



The stairs were old and laid with carpet. They moved searching for something that could be taken away.

On the second floor there were a couple of rooms.

“Let’s check some of them.” Commanded Harry.

They moved to the first one and opened it. The flashlight beam enlightened the room a bit. The was nothing special but a table with a couple of chairs.

“Look there’s a lamp. It’s old. And cost a lot. Never seen something like this in my life.” Harry took it to look closer. “It’s beautiful. But again, I got no space for it.” He giggled.

John was looking in the direction of the opened door.

“But ok, let’s go to the next one.”


The next room was the kid’s room. At least it seemed so from the first glance.

There was a toy horse for swinging in the corner.

A couple of photos was standing on the commode. This is a room of the boy.

In the centre of the room was standing a crib. The carpet was in the middle.

John took one of the pictures and looked at it.

On the photo was pictured a little smiling boy, he was very young. Riding on his horse. Maybe it was his birthday photo.

“Hey, Harry, there’s a small dark ribbon on the picture. The boy died. He was so young.”

Harry came to John and investigated the photo.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go to another room.”

John put the photograph back and came out of the room following Harry and closed the door to that room.

They moved forward along the corridor.



In the next room there was a table in the middle and obviously it was the guest room.

There were a couple of pictures hanging on the walls. The old wardrobe was standing close to the wall.

Harry came closer to it. There was a little lock hanging on it, but with a key inside.


He turned the key and the door was opened.


There were a couple of plates, a couple of glasses and some other stuff.

Harry looked around and found a sculpture bust standing right on the small table with a necklace on it.

“Yeah, I already like this game. Some kind of hide-and-seek. Right, Johnny?”

John didn’t answer.

Necklace disappeared in the bag’s pocket.

“Let’s move to another room.”



Next was a bedroom.

It was vast with a window in the corner. The bed was standing close to the right wall while they were looking at it.

In front of the bed was a big mirror.

John felt nervous when Harry wanted to come in.

“Hey,” he stopped his partner by the hand. “We need to go now.”


“Don’t know I got a bad feeling.”

“Bad feeling of what?”

“Don’t go there, seems this is that room that I saw someone in.”

“Ok, I’ll be careful.”

“No, please, let’s leave now.”

Harry looked at his partner.

“This room is empty. There’s no one in here.”

He took the flashlight and aimed  it into the room.

“Nothing. It’s empty.”

Harry looked at his partner.

“Just stop watching your horror movies.” He walked in with a smile on his face.

The bedroom was huge and it seemed that everything could be found here from some rings to the lost treasures.

Harry came to the table and opened the drawer. There were a couple of rings. He took some of them and put them on.

“Look, I’m like a king.” He said and laughed.

“Like a king.” John pointed out.

“Yeah.” Harry returned to the ‘put into the bag’ stuff.

John was staring at the room. It was exactly that room that he saw from outside. He was absolutely one hundred percents sure of it. But it was empty.


Half of the room was done. Harry came to another part.

“What a great day, huh?” He looked at his partner. “What a day.” His voice was full of excitement.

LOOK AT THAT!” Harry took a couple of golden earrings. “THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Harry walked to the mirror to see how they are looking on him.

“This was worth it I have to admit. You were crying, don’t go there, don’t go.” He was packing his bag.

“What can happen?”

John was considering what Harry was talking about. But when he raise the glance on his partner, he saw something else. Something raised from behind. It was pale with empty eyes sockets. In a matter of a second it caught Harry and pierced him with its teeth.

John was astonished with what he had seen. He wanted to find a gun, but he had none. Harry had.

Harry was trying to fight, but couldn’t, so he tried to reach the gun from the pocket. Finally he got it. But couldn’t make a shot. He fell dead.

While it was killing Harry, John was standing still and couldn’t even help. When he saw the gun fell off his partner’s hands. He picked it up and aimed.

All he had is a second.

It looked at him…

No, no, no…

It moved at him fast as the lightning…


Johnny fell on the ground looking at his partner’s dead body.

Vision darkened









Submitted: December 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 J.R. Patrick. All rights reserved.

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