The Majestic Potato

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A description of the majestic potato in all its forms.

Potatoes are versatile and filling. They are a comfort food in all of their many forms. Whether mashed and swimming in gravy, french fried, baked, sliced and fried alone or with eggs, scalloped, prepared as pancakes, mixed as potato salad, or simply boiled, potatoes fill the mouth with a slightly earthy taste while filling the stomach and bringing solace to the soul. Let your mouth water as your eyes feast on the visions of potatoes in all their glory.

A well-mashed and seasoned potato is gooood eating. Swimming in gravy, it is ambrosia to the tongue. Each gravy lends its own magic to the mound of white on your plate. Beef gravy is dark and slightly heavy. Chicken or turkey gravy is lighter in both color and taste but no less savory.

The contrast of crispness on the outside and softness on the inside clashes against your tongue when you eat fries. Sprinkle them just right with herbs and spices before they are fried and no one will desecrate them with ketchup or added salt.

The steam rises as you slice into a baked potato inviting you to partake of its lush warmth. Add butter to the cavity created with the knife. Watch the butter melt into the exposed flesh turning it to a golden hue contrasted with the stark white of sour cream as it is liberally spooned in over top of the butter. Now the green of chives joins the melody and blends its tang into the symphony of taste.

Again the crispy outside reveals a soft inside when potatoes are sliced and fried. I love the golden brown color that opens to a white pulpy flesh as you bite into each slice. With or without the tomato-y flavor of ketchup, fried potatoes answer the need for taste and comfort. Adding eggs to them as they fry just increases the feast for mouth, stomach and eyes. The yellow and white of the egg embraces the potato slices as they sizzle in the skillet creating harmony for the body.

Mmmm. Is that heavenly smell coming from the oven scalloped potatoes? Layers of sliced potatoes, onions and cheese saturated with milk bubble and seethe as the pan is pulled from the heat that merge all those separate tastes into one crescendo of flavor.

Preparing them as pancakes gives a whole new texture to mashed potatoes. You experience a crusty outside that releases a soft flow over the tongue when you bite into it. This one definitely calls for ketchup or syrup to add a tang or aweetness to enhance the music of taste.

Potato salad is nothing more than boiled potatoes mixed with varying ingredients and served cold – or warm, as in German style. I prefer the cold ones myself. Mustard added in gives a warmth that envisions hot summer picnics at the beach or lake side. Southern style is smooth and presents images of Spanish moss dripping from the trees which shelter a blanket spread over the soft grass while two lovers watch the clouds float overhead. No matter what style, potato salad is one that sings of fun and frolic.

Finally, boiled potatoes give so much variety - plain, in the skin, in roasts or in stews, dripping in butter, swimming in gravy or sauce, or served alone. Enjoy taste and nourishment from this tuber that we call a potato and feel the comfort that its texture and taste bring to the soul. 

Submitted: December 13, 2020

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88 fingers

Potatoes are a versatile vegetable. Wonder if anyone tried making potato flavored ice cream. In stead of chocolate sauce, you can use gravy flavored sauce.

Sun, December 13th, 2020 4:05pm


Sounds interesting but I’ll stick with vanilla plain. I would rather eat orchids than potatoes. Yes, vanilla is made from an orchid plant.

Sun, December 20th, 2020 12:28pm

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