Bailey and Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two Kids out for a day of fun. What could happen?
(Yes, I know it should be Bailey and I.)

Both Bailey and me got up early and snuck out of our houses before our Dads had a chance to think of some chores for us to do.

School's out for the summer, so Dads seem to think kids need chores to keep them busy.

My Dad should know better, he said he was a kid once and he lived in the same house we live in now. So he ought-a know that there are all sorts of places to get into (???), I mean, places to keep us busy.

There are swimming holes and a river. Fishing passes the time real good, and going swimming is even better on real hot days.

But those aren't on today's list of things to do, no, there is a traveling circus in town. Bailey and me have been save-in our nickles and dimes for just such an occasion.

But first, there was the matter of breakfast.

I cut across Nolan's field and through the Henderson's grazing yard.

Henderson's grazing yard is a good sized patch of earth, and it is planted with all sorts of things that are supposed to be good for thoroughbred horses to eat. But those horses like what I bring them even better, you know, whenever I pass their way.

As soon as I climbed up on the fence, the three of them came run-in. And don't you know they nearly nosed me right off the fence! They were try-in to get to the sugar cubes that I had in my britches.


I met Bailey downtown at the Sunny Spot Diner, and we ordered two glasses of milk and one of their cinnamon and glazed Monster Bear-claws. Boy are they big!

We hung around there until the waitress, Maggie, booted us out for making too much noise.

"People come in here for a nice quiet breakfast, and to read their papers over coffee, they don't need two rascals roughhousing and causing trouble, " Maggie said as she grabbed each of us by an ear and walked us out the door.

I know we were warned about the noise, twice, but needless to say, Maggie didn't get a tip for her service.


With a couple of hours to kill before the Circus opened, we decided to go over to Miss Gainer's pasture. Old Lady Gainer has a donkey named, Rigorous, and it's just the right size for both Bailey and me to get on, you know, both at the same time.

A sugar cube gets the donkey to stand still long enough for both of us to get on her. Then off she goes, kick-in and buck-in until both of us falls off. --- It's a blast!

All went well until we got on Rigorous, then we found she was not in the mood to buck. She just stood there like a lump, all the while munch-in on the sugar.

Murphy gave her a soft kick in the sides, but still nothin', so I slapped her on her behind and whistled.

Suddenly Rigorous got rigorous, and she started runnin'. There was no kick-in, no buck-in, she just ran, and ran! And wouldn't you know it, she ran right to Old Lady Gainer's front yard.

And when Rigorous stopped, she sat herself down on her rump, Plop!

Well, of course, both of us ended up on the ground, laughing like there was no tomorrow.

That's when Mrs. Gainer came out the front door with a stick in her right hand and fire in her eyes.

"Scallywags, --- Rascals!" she yelled,. Then she waved the stick and said, "A Pox on you both!"

Murphy and me ran from the yard as fast as our legs could carry us, and when we got out of yelling range I asked Murphy, "What the Heck is a Pox?"

"Darned if I know," Murphy replied, but see-in-as-how Gainer is said to have witching powers, we better un-hex ourselves at the pond, that should undo the deed."


By the time we got to the pond, the sun was high and luckily it had warmed up; warm enough to go swimming.

I said to Murphy, "I never un-hexed myself before, what do we do?"

Murphy laughed and stated, "We jump in the water and splash all around to wash the hex off our clothes. Then we take our cloths off and scrub our bodies with pond-mud to make sure it's gone; the mud's like nature's soap for Hex scrubbing!"

"Are you sure?" I asked, thinking that didn't sound right.

Murphy smiled and replied, "You got any other way to do it?"


So, into the pond we went. And out we came naked as newborn piglets.

Of course, I didn't look in Murphy's direction and I don't think she looked in mine. You see, we are not of the same gender; Murphy is a girl.

We wrapped ourselves in the towels we borrowed from the Donahue's cloths line, and hung our cloths in the sun to dry, then we played Tic-tac-toe in the dirt for awhile. After that, we stretched out on the towels, head to head so no accidental peeking could occur, and completed the drying process.


"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Murphy asked, as we lay there looking at the clouds passing by.

"Oh, maybe I'll go in the Service and be a Navy Seal, then maybe a fireman, or even a policeman," I answered as I counted clouds. Then I asked, "What about you, what are you gonna be?"

"I wanna be a pilot, maybe fighter-jets in the Air Force, or maybe just flying those big drones for some company.

One thing for sure, I don't want to be stuck behind a desk, or selling stuff in some retail shop somewhere, I gotta be outside, do-in stuff, go-in places. Yah know?"

I agreed, indoor work was not for us.


Murphy and me grew up in the same neck of the woods, and we first met in grade school. She wasn't like the other girls, all prissy and giggly, she had spunk. We started hang-in' around with each other, like friends, buddies, about the 3rd grade, and we have been friends ever since.

But I think things are getting awkward now that we are older. She keeps avoiding, up close and personal, wrestling around like we used to do. And she acts upset when I talk about other girls I like, so I avoid doing those things when she's around.


We had killed half the day with the hex, and hex removal stuff.

So when I got up to find our clothes were dry, I told Murphy that we could get dressed. Then I grabbed my clothes.

And when I turned around, there she was, standing right in front of me. She was naked, I was naked, and you know what Murphy said, nothin, absolutely nothin.

We just stood there, gazing at one another as if everything except for our eyes were frozen.

Suddenly I had words, so I stated, "I guess we should get dressed now (?). She smiled and replied, "Yah, I guess we should."


Arriving at the Circus, we bought our tickets and headed for the thrill rides. First the cyclone mini-racer, then the Bumper-cars, the Octopus, and the Mad-Hatter's House of Terror. We had just enough time for the Spinning G-Force Ride before entering the Big Tent, pop-corn in one hand and soda in the other.

As we sat in the seat I looked near one of the exits, there was Old Lady Gainer, she was standing just inside.

I nudged Murphy, and then I said, "Old Lady Gainer's over by the door.

Murphy looked around, then laughed, "No time for games."

I looked at Murphy and replied, "No, I'm serious, she's right over by the exit," then I motioned in that direction.

"There is no-one at the exit," Murphy mumbled, then she hit me in the shoulder.

"I looked back to find no-one standing there. Where did she go?" I wondered as I looked all around.

"She's over at the Entrance," Murphy whispered to me just as the elephants began to march around the room.

I looked, but no Miss Gainer could be seen.

This went on for the rest of the day, Gainer here, Gainer there, everywhere we went Miss Gainer was somewhere around, but then she wasn't.


It was near dark when Murphy and me parted ways, each heading for home after a real fun day with one another.

And you know what Murphy did just as we started to separate? She kissed me, that's what! She just grabbed me by my shirt collar and planted a great big wet one right on my lips! Then she walked away as if nothing had happened. --- Can you imagine? But I don't blame Murphy, I blame the momentary situation on the Pox.

By the time I got home I was burning up with a fever. Mom ordered me to bed, Dad just grunted something about serving me right for not mowing the lawn, and my older sister laughed because my shirt was inside out.


After three days of delusional episodes, the fever broke and Mom spoon fed me chicken soup. It tasted good but I soon fell asleep in the middle of a spoonful.

When I did regain my wits about me, Murphy called and said she had come down with a lesser version of what I had.

Murphy stated, "My Mother said it was "Pneumonia," maybe brought on by us swimming in that dirty old pond. But I know it wasn't that, it was the Pox that Old Lady Gainer cursed us with!"

I really wasn't listening to what Murphy was saying, I had other things on my mind.

Suddenly, I felt a grin take over my face. So I asked Murphy, "Was it the Pox that made you kiss me?"

Murphy shot back with, "No Stupid, I just felt like it!"



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: December 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

No telling how bad Old Lady Gainer's pox would have been without the pond mud. Good story.

Mon, December 14th, 2020 2:21pm


Thanks, --- and I agree. Pond mud works wonders on other things too, like Ho-do-idus, The Misery, and all sorts of skin ailments; like the Bug-ah-Boos and the Hebe-gee-bees. Just to name a couple. LOL

Mon, December 14th, 2020 2:47pm

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