The last Judjment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

We believe that there are heaven and hell after the death. But what if there are only one place, where we will be judged for every deed we've done. It is obvious that nowadays there are no people, who have not committed any sins. So who deserved to be in the Heaven?

In rush through the torment and suffering

Chapter one. Dead man does not have to breath.

To my own mind, when you notice that you don't have to breath, you will find out your own death. Of course, that will bring you so desired pacification, but at the same time how to understand that you are ready for that? We all wish to leave some legacy before we gone, something that will remind about our existence…

An Honorable gentleman from Ashford used to think that his legacy is his children, whom surely would keep on their family business, would spread his values and ideas, thus the family will live on for centuries. Given them appropriate education, forming ideal background, with such blessing you evidently should adore such father, who provide you such huge opportunities.

H.G from Ashford never knows his own father, actually he was a drinker, and after few months from his birth, he just disappeared in foggy streets of London. Since that had happened, he never tried to discover his destiny. H.G was grown by his mother. She loved him a lot, been a pretty perceptive woman, who has decided to make from her lovely boy an ideal human being in order to reach high social position so one day he could climb at the top of the food chain. So, he keeps following that plan, even despite of the fact that mother had died, before he graduated from the school. From unknown common middle-class boy he became an Honorable Gentleman. Step by step he deserved local’s loyalty. Due to his merits in reconstructing local church, he became well-known Ashford's philanthropist. That played pivotal role for him to be chosen as town's mayor for 3 times. Money or power, he did not have to choose one of these sins, he had them both. However, he has never wasted it recklessly. Through all his life, pursuing of one definite target…  H.G used to think in such manner.

While laying on his deathbed, he finally understood how wrong he was.  His children grew up selfish and vicious. They never really love him, they just wanted to get something valuable from him, new toy or phone while been youngsters. No wonder that after became grown up they requirements have changed, so now elder son wants to have his own flat. And who should pay for that? Lovely rich dad of course. Now he was standing in front of his bed, trying to pretend that he is suffering too. "What a foolish legacy I got! Maybe this virus was sent in order to alleviate my torment? At least I don't have to watch how these fools will destroy and squander everything which were so hardly collected by me… " H.G from Ashford opened his eyes for a while - he was surrounded by his family, but at the same time he was so alone! Maybe next moment he will die, and no one will sincerely pray for him, their tears would be just an tribute to tradition, nothing more. At his funeral they will proclamate soulful speeches about their father's braveness and intelligence. All such pathos just to demonstrate how deeply they loved him, in order to be admitted as worthy inheritors.  He chuckled softly - they will be unpleasantly surprised while listening his last will. "At least I have tried my best, I deserved to have a rest" thought Honorable man. He made a deep breath and closed his eyes. Next moment he understood that he do not have to breath any more, now he was free and dead.

Next moment, when he opened his eyes, he realized himself standing in front of old wooden door. "How did I get here? At least I do not have to breath, so that virus can't make me suffer any more. I am free of it now" with such thoughts Honorable Gentleman from Ashford bravely opened the door and came in. His journey to the kingdom of darkness and terror has begun…

Chapter two. Appointment with death.

Honorable gentleman was standing in the spacious hall, full of dusty mirrors. It was dark there, but he saw everything. And then he heard the Death speak with him.  It was not a typical reaper with scythe, the death looked at him from the mirrors, it was just his reflection.  "I am not a judge of yours"- penetrated voice called out. "But your deeds and attitude to them will decide your fate. You should dig yourself deeper, and tell what you have done wrong in your life, and what have you done right. If you answer wrong, your torments will never stop, the virus will haunt you forever, like a curse for own blind to life, which you lived for, for the time, which you have wasted. Answering right will get you so desirable tranquility. What would you answer to yourself?".

He was dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. He supposed that the Death has already known the right answer, and after last judgment he certainly will be sent to the Hell. “I should tell this angel of Doom about my selfish children, that’s the mistake of all my life, after all they betrayed me, they never loved me, just pretending in order to inherit all my money.” Suddenly he noticed that one mirror in front of him shined brightly, like a diamond on the sun. Honorable gentleman was staring into the mirror and seeing other face instead of his own.  Looked closely- that’s was his face! But much younger, much happier then now. One of cold December Ashford’s evenings. Barking neighborhood dog, trying to bit his elder son. and himself, standing against that vicious mutt, covering his son by his own body. After dog was kicked out, son couldn’t stop crying, all his left leg was in blood. That damn mutt bitted him twice. Gentleman picked boy up and hugged him - “It is over my boy, calm down, everything is over.” Boy hugged him too – “Dad, dog ripped my new pants apart, those pants which you bought me yesterday.  Honorable father smiled and said “The only thing I care God, you are safe now. Pants are just piece of cloth, there are milliards of them on the earth, we could buy new one whenever you want. But could you put a price on your life? Of course, no, it's invaluable.” "O Daddy, thank you, thank you" - son cried through his tears, “you are the best father, thank you."

That mirror didn't show him his past, but showed his present, something he forgot in rush for a perfect legacy. And then honorable gentleman recalled everything, which were forgotten during last years of his life.  He thrust out his chest and looked bravely and directly in the eyes of the Death. Then he started to talk. “I cannot turn my children away. Even despite of their selfishness. Even knowing about their bad attitude to me, I will never blame them. That’s why my answer is: During my life I have done a lot of wrong things, even unable to count them. But my family and my children are one of those things, which were right, I will never regret about them.  My mother taught me never betray the family, so I will remain true to myself even lying in the grave. I know that I will doom myself to eternal torment, but I can’t do otherwise.  Now I'm ready to accept my destiny.” He paused as if waiting for someone will immediately grab him and drag him into the darkness. But there was not any answer. Suddenly, the mirrors around him began to shatter one by one. Shards of glass swirled around him rapidly. Honorable gentleman shut his eyes, preparing for the end. Next time he opened them, he realized that he is no longer in the dark hall, now he was standing in the little garden in front of the brick house. His mother was planting a bed of begonias round by the south side of the garden. She noticed him, and smiled - “O, you finally have returned, how was your day at school, dear?”.  “They let me return back to my memories and live all happy moments again, that’s what we called The Heaven? So, I did the right thing, hope when time came, my children will join me and my mum there. But not today, not today.” With such feelings he also smiled and said:” Mum, I finally returned to you.” He was fifteen years old again, and finally he was happy.

Submitted: December 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Marvelous Max. All rights reserved.

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