You Are The Sun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

You are the sun,

How could I compare you to anything else?

Like when you’re around all the World comes to life,

My heart of ice can’t do nothing but melt.


No matter what mood I’m in,

When you’re here my low mood is raised,

Like when I first leave the house in the morning,

And my face is hit by the suns’ rays.


And when you’re away I’m depressed,

There is no life without you, only cold,

There’s only grey clouds and rain like tears,

And I can’t bring my self to leave my home.


My World revolves around you,

Like the Earth orbits around the Sun’s gravity,

Slowly drawing me towards you with a pull,

That slowly drives me into an insanity.


For there may be plenty of stars in the sky,

But you’re the only one who can light my planet,

And when you left my World it knew only darkness,

I try to stay strong but am unable to stand it.


So so far away, miles beyond my count,

Far out of reach but still I am unconcerned,

I will build a rocket to fly towards you,

Even if I know that to reach you, I’ll only be burnt.


I wish you were here all the time,

As if the sun could stay and never set again,

So, I wouldn’t be trapped here in night-time,

Waiting for you to rise whilst not knowing when.


I’m drawn to you like a moth,

Like Attars butterfly I’m completely consumed,

Just like all life can’t survive without the sun,

Without your shine my World is doomed.


How I wish I could make you understand,

That just like when the sun shines down its rays,

To make day you do the same thing completely,

For it is only you who can make my day.


Your fire burns inside my heart,

And it sets my entire body and spirit ablaze,

With you around my sky is blue and clear,

Whilst without you my sky is cloudy and grey.


Just like the sun I took you for granted,

But even the sun will burn out one day,

And the energy that it put into me,

Has now so suddenly left and gone away.


I sit in my darkness trying to find the moon,

Cos just as the moon only reflects the sun’s light,

I look for anything that can remind me of you,

Even though a reflection will never be as bright.


You are the sun and I’m simply a tree,

Even if I’m surrounded by Carbon Dioxide,

I can’t eat or sleep or even get up,

Without my sun I can’t photosynthesize,


Please come back I’m like an Ancient Egyptian,

Calling out to Ra to return to him his glory,

Even if I know that such idolatry is nonsense,

I can’t help but call for you whilst you ignore me.


Please come back I’m like the North Pole in Winter,

Where and when the night-time is endless,

And nothing exists but a pain that stings like frost,

I’m blinded by love in this painful darkness,


So, I shall wait patiently that’s my promise,

Until the day in which I see the two suns of your eyes,

Because as surely as the river must flow to the sea,

I have to believe that once again my sun shall rise!

Submitted: December 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Hüseyin Abudharr Ali-Diakides. All rights reserved.

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