I Am So In Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am so in love!


Like a tidal wave you swept over me,

Leaving no chance of escaping you

And I fell for you so unexpectedly,

Before I even knew what to make of you.

My whole life mapped out disintegrated,

Until I couldn’t even have a dream without you,

Like all my senses are burning in an inferno

And I fell so deep in love before I even knew.


I am so in love!


Like now how can anything else matter?

How can anything else be of relevance?

I feel like my heart has burst forth and declared war

Upon all my reason and intelligence

And upon all logic which says to forget you,

As if that was something I could do.

Is it the heart or the brain that’s in denial?

When they both know how I love you.


And that I’m so in love!


I didn’t know such things were possible,

Until I felt it myself and fell for you

And then loves fire became eternal,

As I felt it cause my heart to melt for you.

I can no longer tell if I feel you are perfect,

Because I love you so much that I’m blind,

Or if I love you so much because you’re perfect,

Either way I don’t even mind.


All I know is that I am so in love!


So in love that I no longer care

Whether this love strips me of all my pride,

Or rips my dignity to shreds,

For my heart just can no longer hide.

I’ve forgotten how to play it cool,

Even how to play the game I’ve forgotten,

Forgot that there’s plenty more fish in the sea,

Now to me they all seem rotten.


And I am so in love!


So in love with everything about you,

The way you think, the way you speak,

The way you look, the way you smile,

The way in which you are so unique.

My stomach is swarming with butterflies

And I forget that even existence exists.

The universe is only real in your eyes

And I fall ever deeper into their abyss.


I am so in love!


I try to justify it through science.

It must be because of isolation or stress,

But I think of who you are and I know for certain,

I couldn’t have ever loved you any less,

I am so in love and I no longer care

Whether I end up destroying all who I am,

I will gladly give up my entire self for you

And become just a shadow of a man.


Because I am so in love!


I lie in bed at night unable to sleep,

Now I just picture scenes of us together,

Sitting in the park or strolling by the river

And I always used to believe I was clever,

But now I’m becoming a fool for you,

Ignoring that voice that says: “Forget her”.

My heart tells me that my dreams will come true,

Even though my brain keeps on saying “Never”.


I cant help it I am so in love!


I am so in love, I am so in love with you.

I wish I could face you and take you by the hand

And whilst looking into your eyes I’d tell you

How I’m so in love and make you understand

That no one could possibly love anyone as much

As how much I love you, I am so deep in love,

Even if I was taken from this World today

My soul would just simply refuse to give up.


For I am so in love!


I am so in love that I think of you all the time

And I am so in love with you that it hurts,

I’m lost in confusion not knowing what to do,

As I am so in love that I love you beyond words.

Even if I could stop thinking of you I wouldn’t,

As I love dreaming of you even if a dreams just a dream,

Why would I want to give up such an illusion,

When it makes me happier than I’ve ever been?


Wallahi I am so in love!


I would do everything in my power to make you happy,

Anything that I have I would give to you.

It wouldn’t be any sacrifice at all for me,

For I would simply just live for you.

I would make it work anyway that I could,

If you would just let me into your heart,

For that I am willing to do whatever it takes

Even though I have no idea where to even start.


All I know is that I am so in love!


Maybe I have to be satisfied with just

Having you in my life even if you’re not mine,

Or maybe I just need to be positive

And wait patiently for the right time.

Even if the it’s forever waiting for never

And I perish without completing half my deen,

I will not die alone for my love for you

Will allow me to be with you in my final dream.


I don’t care I am so in love!


But I do try to concentrate on something else,

Try to pretend to myself I’m getting you off my brain.

I pretend to plan for a future without you but then

I lose concentration and start to daydream of you again.

See I can keep prophesizing the day I’m over you,

But towards my own prophecy I’d not be a believer,

Because I know that I am so so deep in love

And my love for you just keeps on growing deeper.


I am so in love!


I am so in love I no longer remember

What it felt like to not love you.

When you’re happy Im also happy

And when you’re sad I so long to hug you.

So in love that I want to listen to you

From morning until the sun disappears,

From when I wake up as the day starts,

To when I fall asleep and dream that you’re here.

Because I am so in love!


Utterly and completely in love,

Devoid of any doubt that you are the one.

A thousand problems may stand in my way,

But one thought of you and all indecision is gone

And a thousand thoughts of you run through my mind,

So it can’t focus and no longer cares what’s true,

It just keeps repeating the only truth that I know

That I am so in love, so in love, so in love with you.


I am so in love!

Submitted: December 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Hüseyin Abudharr Ali-Diakides. All rights reserved.

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