The Heart of Many Wishes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Princess Jenny's father is forcing her to marry Loki. Princess Jenny run away. Loki found her and he turn Jenny into a genie to force her to marry him. Jenny's maid hidden the lamp.

Eric is a poor man. Eric falls in love with Princess Helen, but her father only wants her to marry a prince.

Eric found Jenny's lamp. Jenny turns Eric into a prince. Jenny let her guard down when she falls in love with Eric.

Table of Contents

The Curse

Loki put a curse Princess Jenny
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A Hard Challage

Sabrina found the man can break the curse
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The Unhappy Princess

Princess Helen's father is forcing her to marry a man she does not love
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The New Identity

Eric falls in love with Princess Helen, but he does not know she a princess.
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A Wish For a New Life

King Charles allow Princess Helen to marry Eric
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The Wedding Plan

Eric and Princess Helen get ready for their wedding.
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The Murder Plot

King Charles falsely accused Eric of attempted murder
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A New Life

Eric does not want anything to do with Princess Helen.
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The Marriage Agreement

Princess Helen get a surprise on her wedding day
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Falling in Love

Eric fall in love with Jenny
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The Party

King Edward throws a party for his son Eric.
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Loki became jealous when he saw Jenny with Eric
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The Rescue Plan

Prince Nicholas asks Eric to help him rescue Queen Helen
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Eric and Jenny get married. I finish this story. I am writing a sequel next.
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