Custom Made For You

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tolmer Senikos is just your average guy. He's a designer living a normal life. Until, one day, he unexpectedly managed to catch his boss's eye. And, also, somehow managed to steal his heart. Yet, Tolmer was hesitant to accept him when the thing he had feared all his life came back to haunt him.

Table of Contents

The Ground, The Car, The Man

I woke up to the smell of dirt and grass. For some unknown reasons, I woke up on the ground, not my soft comfortable bed. My he... Read Chapter

Um, Isn't This Kidnapping?

In case you were wondering, yes, yes, the car ride was filled with silent tension. Music was playing, the air-condition was set to the co... Read Chapter

Curse You, Fancy Bottles!

  “Ouch! What the heck?” I winced as he let go of me, my wrist burning. I frowned, thinking that I probably misjudged him. Alrig... Read Chapter

I'm Sorry, Who?

  Holy crap, I remembered everything. The amount of drinking, the crowd's loud cheering, the pole dancing, the…the humping… My b... Read Chapter

How Do I Exit Life?

She looked at me like a child in confusion. “Why?” I knew I had no choice but to tell her the truth. I mean, she was my closest f... Read Chapter

Oh, Fancy Restaurants!

  That morning when I got off his car I was happy that he wasn’t a kidnapper. I was alive and kicking. But, nope, the universe dec... Read Chapter

The Whole World Is Getting Interrupted

  It turns out that I had forgotten about my cracked glasses and had been walking around with it all day. I guess Airi did not notic... Read Chapter

Annoying People And Steaks

 I just wanted to say adios to the place. You know those awkward moments that you don’t want to be in? Yeah, it’s basically that... Read Chapter

No Vodka, Wine, Or Whiskey For Me

“Holy crap, are you okay?” He immediately handed me a glass. I chugged it down without looking at what it was. Let me tell you, there... Read Chapter

My Job Is On The Line, Again

  Warm… That was my first instinct. There was something warm, beside me. I reached out to grab it, trying to get more of the warmt... Read Chapter

So, I Might Have A Brother

“I’m sorry I troubled you yesterday,” I mumbled, grabbing a chair, settling myself down at the table, knowing well that Vino probab... Read Chapter

Dayum, Those Sweat Pants Though

I wanted to cry. Cebario… Hah, I remember now, I had a brother. I loved him, I really did. He was indeed my everything, my friend, my t... Read Chapter

Hang In There, Samson

As I walked into the familiarly messy place I called my home, I could feel him tailing me. I was in no mood to deal with another hum... Read Chapter

Don't Get Me Started On How Messy I Am

I know what you’ve been thinking, ‘But, Tolmer, what about your brother?’ We’ll get there when we get there, okay? Chill out, bud... Read Chapter

Send Help? Please?

Never had I intended to let Fancy-Ass interfere with my private life, never. I did not want him to be tainted, I did not want him to look... Read Chapter

Did You See Peace In My Day?

I sighed, rubbing my forehead, things were getting complicated. I was getting kind of frustrated too. “What did he say?” “... Read Chapter

Tolmer.exe Has Stopped Working

  I wanted to cry with actual tears, just so you know. I want to just rush back home and lock my ass in my toilet, cutting away the ... Read Chapter


We walked in to Kaiser together, side by side. It was not my idea and I did tell him it was the worst idea ever. He just answered me with... Read Chapter

This Might Be The Best Or Worst Idea

  “I- I’ll tell you when the time is right, let’s get back to work, okay? You’ll respect that, right?” I hugged her back. ... Read Chapter

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