The Treasure Hunt

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

an interesting story about three siblings who follow a map to an enchanted mountain which holds a treasure. in order to reach it they must cross a number of hurdles. read on to find out about their amazing adventure...


The Treasure Hunt


‘How much further do we have to go?’ Hira asked breathlessly as she slumped to the ground.

Both her brothers stopped beside her. ‘We’re not far,’ said the eldest one, Ali. He took out an old map from his travelling cloak and studied it carefully. ‘We’ll reach the mountain by the afternoon if we keep on moving.’

‘But if you want to rest for a moment, we can stop,’ said Umar, seeing how tired his little sister looked. Hira gave a grateful nod and Ali and Umar sat down as well.

While drinking water, Hira recalled the events of a past few days.  She had found the map—which they all were following right now— while rummaging around the junk room of their little house. They called it the junk room but it used to be their father’s study when he was alive. After his death it was filled with all sorts of unwanted furniture and stuff, and came to be known as the ‘junk room’.

She had showed the map to the rest of the family and Mother had told her that it was a treasure map made by their father. He believed that a great pile of gold was hidden in some sort of a mountain and guarded by several magical enchantments. However she believed it to be nothing more than nonsense.

But the three siblings loved the thought of crossing various obstacles in their path to reach a treasure. Also the family needed money very much. Ever since their father had passed away, things had gone really bad for everyone and now they worked on their little farm to earn a living in their village.

So, it was decided, they were going to find the treasure. Their mother agreed with reluctance but Hira had the hardest time in convincing her. She did not want her fourteen-year-old daughter to go on such a perilous task. The boys were going, that was enough.

They had a fierce argument on this and in the end Hira won. So, now she accompanied her brothers in the adventure.

When they had rested, the siblings continued to move through the dense forest. For hours, they walked on, ducking the overhanging branches and squeezing their way between the tightly packed trees. As they neared the edge of the forest the path became wider and trees started thinning. In a distance, mountains could be seen, towering over them.

The travelers quickened their pace and soon reached the foothills. There were three mountains standing there, side by side. Once again, Ali glanced at the map. ‘The mountain in the middle is supposed to have the treasure,’ he folded it and said, ‘Let’s see if we can find an opening somewhere.’

‘You mean like a cave or something?’ asked Umar.

‘I guess so, if it is inside the mountain, there has to be a way in.’

The three youngsters searched as much as they could but failed to find an opening. At the end, feeling furious, they sat down on the rough ground.

‘What now?’ Hira asked gloomily. ‘We didn’t come all this way for nothing.’

‘We didn’t,’ Ali agreed. ‘And we won’t go back unless we have found the treasure.’

He unfolded the map and laid it out in front of them, ‘Look,’ he pointed at the three mountains. They were drawn far apart and an arrow was carefully pointing at the peak of the middle one.

‘Well, there can be no mistake,’ Umar sighed. ‘We’re on the right mountain but still, the question remains:  how do we get in?

Hira, who was still gazing at the map, said, ‘Guys, have you noticed that the arrow is pointing at the peak of the hill?’

‘Yes. So what?’

‘I think it means that the entrance is at the top,’ she said slowly. ‘Maybe we have to climb up.’

‘But what if we don’t find anything up there either?’ Umar doubted.

‘We have to check it out,’ said Ali. ‘Something’s better than nothing.’

The siblings got up to their feet and prepared themselves for the climb. They were quite used to it as they had spent a lot of time, together climbing and playing around in the mountains near their village.

This one wasn’t very steep and quite easy to climb. They chose a point with plenty of firm rocks which could provide a strong foothold and a better grip. Slowly, they started their upward ascend with Ali in the lead, Hira in the middle and Umar bringing up the rear.

After travelling the whole day through the forest, this was a tiring work. The three of them struggled to hold on to the jagged rocks as they scraped their hands, and kept on hauling themselves up and up. Hira was now starting to doubt whether her idea had been that good, what if they really found nothing at the top? She shook her head of such thoughts and instead pulled the rock above her to test its firmness and heaved herself further upwards.

After they were done with about half of the mountain, thankfully they found a ledge wide enough for them all to sit on. Ali reached up and collapsed on it and the other two followed suit.

After a long drink from their water bottles, they started again, determined to reach the peak soon. Bit by bit the top became closer… and soon they were there.

The place was a bit flat and they all stood there, panting for some time. Then they searched around for any sort of entrance in the mountain, and sure enough, at one side a wide opening could be seen, like the mouth of a cave.

‘Wow,’ Ali peered inside and all he could see was darkness. ‘You were right Hira,’ his voice echoed in there.

‘Should we go in?’ asked Umar.

‘First we need light,’ Ali opened his bag and took out a long stick of wood wrapped in a cloth. He lit a fire on it, making a torch. Then using the light, he gazed once more inside the opening.

‘What do you see?’ Hira asked eagerly.

‘There’s some sort of a slope here—like a slide, it’s curving downwards,’ he answered.

‘I want to see,’ said Hira and she pushed her way forward.

That was when Ali lost his balance and all of them slipped and fall into the darkness.



Hira woke up with a moan, unable to remember what had happened. When her surroundings gradually came into focus, she found herself in a corridor with stone walls. Her brothers looked at her.

‘Are you alright?’ asked Ali.

She nodded, ‘What happened?’

‘We fall down, sliding all the way up till here.’

‘Must have been fun,’ she grinned.

‘Not at all,’ said Umar. ‘We have lost all our stuff, even the torch.’ 

Sure enough, their bags were nowhere to be seen, they only thing they had with them was Ali’s hunting knife, which he always kept with him.

Hira scrambled up to her feet and looked ahead of her, ‘We have to keep on moving.’ The other two nodded and followed her.

At length, they came to a great big door carved in the wall.

Feeling excited, Hira pushed it open and they entered a room that was brightly lit, though no visible source of light could be seen. As soon as they stepped inside, the door behind them vanished into the stone wall and four identical doors appeared in front of them.

There was something written on each of them. The first one said:


I will lead you to a passage full of poisonous snakes.


The words on the second one were:


I will lead you to a passage full of darkness.


The third door said:


I will lead you to a passage full of fire.


Written on the fourth one was:


I will lead you to a passage blocked with pieces of wood.

All three of them stood silently in front of the doors.

‘Which way should we choose?’ Hira whispered, confused.

‘I don’t know,’ Ali muttered. ‘We cannot choose the path with snakes, and fire will burn us, one is completely clogged with wood and we can’t move through the darkness, our torch is lost. We don’t have a way.’

‘Don’t say such things,’ she stared at her brother fearfully. ‘There has to be a solution.’

But he shook his head, ‘I don’t know.’

Umar hadn’t spoken up till now. Finally he said, ‘I think it’s a puzzle.’

‘What do you mean?’

Umar thought for a moment and then slowly began, ‘There’s no way we can go through the first one, and so we just leave it. But if we take a stick from the last door and use the fire from the third passage, we’ll get a torch. Then we will be able to cross the dark corridor.’

Ali looked at his brother with a huge grin on his face, ‘Oh my goodness! I never believed you were so clever!’


They did as Umar had instructed and prepared two flaming torches. Then Umar pushed the second door and they all walked into the dark corridor, dimly lit by their torches. They couldn’t see anything much except the way ahead and very soon, they reached another doorway.

As soon as they opened it and walked in, it disappeared as well. Now the siblings stood facing a room full of lava. There was no way across except for the numerous flat and round steppingstones that were hovering in mid-air. Some of them were green, some red and some blue.

‘Well, I guess that’s the only way across,’ said Hira. ‘We have to jump on the stones and cross the room, to that door.’ She pointed at the far end of the chamber.

‘Wait!’ said Ali quickly. ‘We can’t do anything without thinking. The colors on these stones must mean something.’

‘Like what?’ asked Umar.

‘We’ll have to find out,’ he replied and threw his stick on a rock—a blue one. The piece of wood instantly turned to ice and slipped down into the lava. He did the same thing with the second stick. It landed on a red one and the stone itself sank into the magma. Now only the green steppingstones were left to test, but unfortunately they did not have anything else that they could use.

‘We have to use the green stones to get across,’ Ali declared.

‘But how do we know that it’s safe?’ Hira questioned.

‘It has to be, and anyway, green’s a neutral color. So, nothing very dangerous can happen,’ he assured.

‘Alright, then I’ll go first,’ and before her brothers could stop her, she took a running leap, and neatly landed on a green rock. They all held their breath for a moment.

And then, nothing happened.

‘Phew! Come on you two,’ she grinned. But just as she was about to jump again, all the stones in the room started rushing from side to side, including the one that she was standing on.

Afraid to lose her balance, the girl tightly gripped the edges of her tiny platform and sank to her knees.

Their problem had increased now. They had to target the constantly-moving green stones and jump on them at the right time, or else they may fall into the lava—or land on the wrong stone.

They had no choice. So, both the brothers selected a green rock and as it moved in front of them, they sprang up, landed on it and held it firmly so they wouldn’t topple over as it zoomed around.

In the same way the siblings, targeted the green ones in their path and jumped from one to another, making their slow progress across the room. They did fairly well except for once when Ali suddenly lost his footing, but he managed to regain his balance.

So, at last they finally reached the door at the end and quickly opened it and walked into the next room.

This one was filled with almost six meters high water and looking at the huge wooden chest placed at the end on a tiny island, the children figured out that this was the last hurdle.

‘How do we reach the chest? None of us know how to swim,’ Ali frowned.

‘But we do know how to paddle,’ Umar pointed out and motioned towards a small boat that the other two hadn’t noticed before.

‘Awesome! Just what we need,’ Ali exclaimed. They all hopped inside and the boys grabbed the oars, starting the vessel. They felt really enthusiastic now, the treasure was so close!

Still, Hira had an unpleasant feeling that their obstacles weren’t finished yet but she did not say anything.

As they rowed on, Umar noticed a movement in the water below, it rippled, and then all of a sudden, a massive shark leaped out! It was big enough to eat them and as it jumped right over their heads, the youngsters saw its razor-sharp teeth.

‘O my God! We’re really dead now,’ Umar cried out.

At that time, those words felt quite true. They could solve puzzles, no doubt, but there was no way such a monster could be defeated.

Ali, Umar and Hira sad huddled together in fear as the blood-thirsty creature swam underneath them. There was only one thing they could think of: reach the exit as soon as possible.

The boys paddled frantically to the other side but the shark jumped again, hitting the side of the boat with its tail. It wobbled dangerously but did not tip over. Just then the shark sprang out of the water once more and this time it aimed to kill them.

It was still high in the air and to Hira it felt as if time was slowing down.

She got an idea.

And without another thought, she seized Ali’s hunting knife from his belt and threw it with all her might, praying that it would strike the target. The blade sliced through the air and hit the shark on the stomach. Blood gushed out of the wound but the knife remained in its body. The great fish collapsed in mid-jump with a great splash and sprayed water all over the siblings. Swirls of its deep red blood were spreading through the water.

They were all shivering, with cold and fear, but they knew that the shark wasn’t dead yet, only injured. So, they rowed swiftly to the island with the chest. It was really heavy and the three lifted it with difficulty and placed it in the boat. The exit was right behind the island.

They opened the door and found a tunnel full of running water; it was wide enough for their boat to pass through. They paddled inside and the fast flow steered them away.

Soon the tunnel opened out of the mountain and they found themselves in a river. They knew that it flowed into their village, so they quietly waited until they arrived there.

Night had already fallen as they entered the village. Lights could be seen in the windows of several cottages. They stopped the boat and picked up the treasure chest together, and walked towards their little cottage.

A lamb was burning inside the window. The children lowered the heavy chest to the ground and knocked on the door. After a moment their mother opened it and as soon as she saw her children, she threw her arms around them. They showed her the chest and they all opened it.

Inside were glittering gold coins, jewels, diamonds and so much more. The family gasped in wonder at these things and took the treasure chest inside.

After that, as far as I know, they lived happily ever after.






Submitted: December 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Silver Willow. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

I really like this because it has a bedtime story feel to it. There's wit, adventure and even danger, as well as a sense of family. With a bit of proofreading, this could be a perfect read for children! Great job!

Tue, December 15th, 2020 1:59pm


Thanks a bunch Ann Sepino!
I really appreciate your comment, it means a lot to me.

Tue, December 15th, 2020 7:58am

Joe Stuart

Thanks for inviting me to read your story, Silver. You certainly took me on an adventure this time--one full of mystery and excitement. It made me want to keep on reading to the finish. It's just as well that Hira won the argument about going on the trip. She saved the others' lives with her quick thinking. I enjoyed reading how they found their way through some imaginative obstacles.
I like the way you started the story with action to attract the reader's attention, and then dropped back in time to fill in the background before proceeding.
I saw a few typos, but I know how easy it is to miss those. I'll mention just one because it came out funny when it wasn't meant to be. Near the end of the story, you said, 'A lamb was burning inside the window'. I think it was actually a 'lamp' that was burning. (Sorry I laughed when I saw that. Poor lamb.)
I suppose this story is really for children. Well, I am an old man and I enjoyed it. When a story is entertaining and well written, I believe that people of any age can enjoy it. Keep up the good work.
One more thing, Silver, Booksie adds a line space after each paragraph when you paste text into it. That leaves big gaps in the finished work. You can avoid this by deleting any empty lines before pasting the work, and it will come out right.

Wed, December 16th, 2020 1:59am


I'm so happy that you enjoyed this story Joe!
Thank you for taking out some time to write such a wonderful review and pointing out my mistakes.
I was in such a hurry while writing this one that I did not not even realize that I had written 'lamb' instead of 'lamp'. I laughed a lot myself when I saw it.

Wed, December 16th, 2020 12:49am

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