Minky and the Dragon (continued

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the continuation (:

“Me-Key…” Astarot breathes huskily. His rough hand traces the girl’s jawline and stroke the side of her neck. Astarot’s focused touches cause goosebumps to prickle up and down Minky’s flesh. The smoldering look of need on the Dragon-Man’s face sends a wave of heat crashing over her. Her breath catches in her chest and suddenly her baggy sleeping shirt feels much more confining. She squirms uncomfortably, hot and achy.

No one had ever looked at her the way Astarot was, with such deep desire and longing… Not even Jinx…

Jinx’s parents had been strict Catholics and literally would have disowned their daughter if they knew she liked girls. Jinx was careful to keep their relationship a secret. As a result, the two girls rarely did the normal things couples did, like holding hands in the hallway or stealing a kiss before fourth period. Jinx’s was always cautious at school, paranoid someone would find out and tell her parents.

Everyone just assumed the two were best friends and that’s the way Jinx preferred it. However, Minky often lamented over the fact that she couldn’t dote on the girlfriend she adored so much. Jinx was the first person Minky had dated and her first love. Minky was only able to squeeze a few precious moments of closeness from her girlfriend on the weekends when she’d sleep over at her house. Minky’s single mother worked nights, allowing the teens their much needed privacy.

Even then, Jinx still wasn’t the most intimate. The pair got along splendidly during movie marathons and late night walks smoking pot out of a soda can but the romance component had never really taken off. Jinx was standoffish about a lot of things; she didn’t like to kiss and rarely ever wanted to fool around. The few passionate moments Minky and Jinx did share had been embarrassing and unfulfilling. Despite Jinx’s disinterest in love making, Minky remained enamored.

“Me-Key…” Astarot’s husky purr pulls Minky out of her own head. She focuses again on the naked hunk eyeing her as if she was the only girl in the world. She also notices his rock hard pole, equally swollen with longing and desire. Fingers glide over Minky’s nipples and she squeaks at the feeling of pleasure the glancing touch brings. Her knees begin to buckle as Astarot repeats the motion a few times, seemingly fascinated with her reaction. The Dragon-Man’s massive paws tenderly grope the teen’s supple breasts over the shirt, flicking his thumbs teasingly across her perked nipples.

“Astarot…” Minky gasps softly. She whimpers and wiggles as Astarot’s massive hands continue to tease her. Heat surges through the lightheaded teen. Every touch sends a bolt of pleasurable electricity traveling through her body, making it hard to sit still. Minky writhes helplessly as all the teasing touches become overwhelming. Astarot pinches her nipples between his thumb and pointer fingers, causing the girl to cry out in surprise. She can’t believe how good it feels to be fondled.

“Me-Key…” Astarot purrs amorously. The large Dragon-Man seems to enjoy what he’s doing, his manhood stands fully erect. Minky stares at him with apprehension, intimidated by his uncovered meat.

“Astarot…” Minky speaks, her voice coming out much softer than she intends. The Dragon-Man’s nostrils flare for a moment and he hesitates, golden orbs searching Minky’s green eyes for answer. He leaves his scorching hot hands on her chest but stops rubbing them. “Astarot… Can we stop for now?”

“Me-Key..?” Astarot responds, clearly not understanding.

“I’m sorry…” Minky mutters emotionally. She places her hands on top of Astarot’s and moves them off her breasts. “Don’t get me wrong… I liked the way it felt… A lot… I’m just nervous… I’ve only ever been with a girl and even then…”  She pauses as tears claw at the corners of her eyes. The girl rubs her eyes with her fists and chuckles halfheartedly. “Why am I explaining anything to you? You don’t understand a word I say… God I’m such an idiot sometimes…”

“Me-Key…” Astarot’s voice prods gently. His face is twisted with confusion and concern.

“It’s ok big guy.” Minky tells him in the soothing voice. “I’m not upset with you, I promise. I’m more upset with myself…” Minky rubs her damp eyes again and sniffles.

“Me-Key..?” Astarot repeats cautiously. The big dark-skinned Dragon-Man continuously searches for answer in the young girl’s face. Still holding onto Astarot’s hands, Minky gives them a soft reassuring squeeze.

“It’s ok.” Minky reiterates soothingly. “I hope you aren’t mad at me…”

“Me-Key…” Astarot frowns. He copies the motion of giving Minky’s little hands soft squeezes.

“Astarot…” Minky mutters back, staring up at the still concerned figure. The girl slips her hands out of his and caresses Astarot’s face. The look of worry gradually drains from his expression and is pleasantly replaced with a look of contentment. Minky lets a small smile twitch at the corners of her lips as she mentally compares the big monstrous man to a puppy. Astarot might not know what she’s saying but give him a few head pats and he’s happy again. The serene look on his face at her simple touches pulls at her heart.

Minky tenderly tugs Astarot’s face down so that the pair is eye to eye. They breathe each other in once more. Minky’s heart hammers in her chest as she moves her face in closer to his. The Dragon-Man observes motionlessly, letting the female do as she pleases with him. Their noses touch and Minky’s lips brush against his. The kiss is quick and stiff.  She pulls away, blushing bright pink. Astarot gazes at her with a mix of mild confusion and overall enjoyment.

Minky gives Astarot a sheepish grin and pats his shoulder, letting her hands drop to her sides. He straightens up, returning to his towering posture and gives Minky a quizzical look. She steps away from the Dragon-Man, glancing over her shoulder to see if he’ll follow her. He does. Minky takes him over to the dead goat and the pair stare at the mangled corpse for a moment in silence.

“I need your help.” Minky says finally, pronouncing each word slowly. Astarot blinks blankly, watching her lips as she speaks. “It needs to be skinned and cooked before I can eat it.”

“Me-Key…” Astarot murmurs, not understanding.

“I have to cook it.” Minky reiterates slowly. “I need fire.” The continued blank stare tells the girl Astarot still doesn’t understand. She purses her lips thoughtfully, trying to find a way to successfully communicate. Minky leans down and points at the goat. Astarot’s eyes follow. She points at the goat again and then at him. “Can you blast it with your dragon fire? That should make it safe to eat.”

“Dragon… fire..?” Astarot echoes.

“Yes!” Minky cheers excitedly. “Yes! Can you roast it with your dragon fire?”

“Dragon… Fire..?” Astarot repeats.

“Yes, dragon fire.” Minky nods emphatically. “You know dragon right?”

“Dragon.” Astarot nods once, placing a hand on his chest

“Right! Perfect Astarot!” She smiles widely. “Now, dragon fire. Fire! Like…” Minky opens her mouth and imitates blowing fire. She stomps around and roars, points herself at the dead beast on the ground and pretends to let another blast rip in its direction. “Fire, see? Like this! Haaahhh!” She breathes out loudly, her best attempt to emulate fire breathing. One quick glance at the Dragon-Man’s humorous expression tells the girl all her effort went unrewarded. He still doesn’t understand her message.

Defeated, the girl saunters back to the Station Wagon, Astarot on her heels. Minky lifts the hatchback and takes a seat in the trunk area, legs dangling off the ledge. She digs a blunt out of her stashbox and lights it, taking a long drag. Astarot stands nearby, observing the girl. She holds the blunt out to him.

“Want to try it?” Minky questions with a chuckle. Astarot steps closer and plucks the burning blunt up with his long fingernails, using the talon like chopsticks. He brings it to his face and studies it up close, turning it in all directions. “You’re wasting it.” Minky whines at him, gesturing that he should give it back. “Here, let me show you.” Astarot obliges and passes the smoking little stick back to her. “Ok, are you watching me? You do it like this.”

Minky brings the unlit side of the blunt up to her lips and gives it a quick inhale. She moves the blunt away from her lips to expel the smoke and repeats the action. “Easy as apple pie.” Minky giggles while coughing. She presents the blunt to Astarot again and he takes it. The Dragon-Man brings the blunt to his lips and breathes in a bit of smoke. He coughs and sputters, quickly thrusting the blunt back to Minky. The girl is laughing so hysterically at his reaction she can barely reach for the blunt.

“Me-Key…” Astarot huffs, his throat scratchy from coughing.

“I’m sorry Astarot!” Minky titters, trying to collect herself. “It’s not funny but it’s sooo funny! The Dragon-Man can turn into a fire breathing beast but he chokes up on his first toke of chronic?” The girl bursts into another fit of giggles, letting the blunt extinguish on its own. Astarot can’t help but smile at the female, intrigued with her enjoyment. Minky forces herself to take long deep breaths, calming herself.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you.” Minky says once she’s able to speak without giggling. “You’re a noob, I should be more understanding. I used to cough like crazy when I first started smoking. Jinx used to…” Minky stops herself at the mention of her ex’s name. “Well, anyway… Come on, let’s try it again ok? Come here.” She pats the spot next to her in the back of the Station Wagon. The bulky Dragon-Man hesitantly takes a seat next to her, old car creaking under his weight. He has to stoop over to fit inside.

“Ok, take two.” Minky smiles up at him. She picks up the see-through lighter and flicks a thumb over the wheel. A small flame whooshes to life and Minky holds the blunt over it for a second before exclaiming. She turns to Astarot with the lit lighter. “Fire! This is fire! Do you understand?”

“Fire..?” Astarot mutters, eyeing the lighter.

“Yes! Fire!” Minky nods, hopping up from the trunk and standing in front of him. She points to the small flame quivering weakly on the top of the lighter. “Fire! Fire! I need dragon fire!” She excitedly rushes over to the goat and holds the flame close to it. “Understand? Use dragon fire on the goat!”

“Me-Key…” Astarot murmurs, his golden eyes glinting. “Dragon fire..?” He steps up close and points to the dead beast with a quizzical look. “Dragon fire..?”

“Yes!!” Minky howls joyously. “Astarot! Dragon fire!”

Before Minky even realizes it, the beefy Dragon-Man transforms into his great hulking serpentine form. Minky cheers more for him to cook the goat as she moves away from the blast zone. Astarot points his gaping maw at the goat and hesitates. A faint hiss gurgles somewhere within the beast’s chest. Moments later, a spiral of white hot flame erupts from the dragon’s mouth. The heat from the flames causes Minky to back away with her hands held protectively over her face. The intense heat and bright light ebb away gradually.

Minky cautiously peeks out from her hiding spot behind the Station Wagon. The girl takes a moment to laugh as she touches her forehead, wondering if she still had her eyebrows or if Astarot had inadvertently singed them off.  They’re untouched. Minky gingerly approaches the smoking pile that used to be an animal. The smell of burnt fur and charred meat causes her to cover her nose with both hands as she quickly backs away.

“You over cooked it Astarot!” The girl shouts up to the big lizard with a chuckle.




Astarot looks down at the amorphous lump of blackened meat and ponders why in the world Me-Key would want to eat this. Females of this land sure are unusual…

Me-Key babbles at him and though he doesn’t understand her words he can smell the intent behind them. Me-Key is unappeased with the concoction of bubbling burnt flesh. Maybe his mate isn’t as strange as he had thought. The massive beast lowers his head and with one swipe of his long forked tongue the reeking remnants slithers down his gullet. The top of his nest is blackened from his blast and the pleasant smell of smoke tickles his nostrils. 

Astarot turns to his mate, boastfully puffing out his chest. He was proud of himself for figuring out what his mate wanted from him. The fire breather’s unwavering desire to please Me-Key however he can burns deep within his core. He will do anything for her.

However, Astarot has discovered a new problem… What will his mate eat..? He’s already in his four-leg form, maybe he should hunt again?

Me-Key’s excited babble grabs his attention. The dragon finds his mate pointing emphatically at the hole in the roof. She calls his name and points at the hole and at herself. Astarot promptly joins his mate, golden orbs sweeping the situation.

Me-Key continues to talk to him and Astarot wishes he could understand all of her words. Be patient. The massive beast tells himself. Me-Key’s fear scent dwindles and their communications are basic but effective. He can go slow for his mate, he can accommodate her. Me-Key is all he desires and nothing will deter him.

“Astarot…” Me-Key speaks his name with a hint of annoyance. He blinks hard, refocusing his attention on Me-Key. The dragon rumbles softly, letting his mate know he’s attentive to her once more. Me-Key smiles up at him and begins pointing at the hole and babbling again.

Astarot gazes into the dark opening quizzically. Why would Me-Key want to go down there? The dragon had already explored the inside of the nest. There was nothing of interest inside but if his mate truly wants to go down there…

Astarot reaches out suddenly with one of his large clawed front arms, startling Me-Key. The unpalatable odor of fear burns his nose momentarily. With the precision of a surgeon, the massive dragon carefully wraps his four scaled fingers around the tiny female. She squirms and babbles frantically at first but settles down once she realizes everything is fine. Astarot holds Me-Key firm but gentle in his palm as he gazes down at her. Her large green eyes glimmer up at him, filling the dragon with adoration.

The bulky dragon drops down into the hole face first, landing with a rough thump inside. A cloud of dust floats in the air around them. Astarot lowers his fist to the dingy black and white tile floor and uncoils his clawed fingers. Me-Key holds onto one of his talons as she clumsily climbs off his hand. She babbles at him in a pleasant tone, patting his leg. Astarot’s heart swells at how small and cute his mate is.

Me-Key holds something small and rectangular in her hand. Astarot observes as she shakes the rectangular object and suddenly a miniscule beam of light appears. Perplexed, the great beast shifts back into his two-leg form to interact with the environment easier.

“Me-Key…” Astarot speaks, voice naturally booming. It echoes down the dark empty halls. She looks back to him questioningly until she realizes what he’s staring at, the object in her hand.

“…Phone…” His female says slowly. She flips the small object around in her hand, showing it to the dragon while prattling on. “…Phone…” Astarot plucks the object from his mate’s hand, holding it up to his face for a closer look. Me-Key squeals at him but the Dragon-Man tunes her out. He turns the object in his hand until the light shines directly into his eyes. He squints and growls, trying to find the secret of the light.

Me-Key manages to swipe the ‘phone’ back while the dragon is blinding himself. She eagerly examines the side with no light then looks at the Dragon-Man. He blinks lethargically, blinding white circles obscuring his vision.

“Astarot!” Me-Key scolds. She says a few more things before pausing. “Astarot..? Astarot..?”




“Astarot!” Minky huffs. She carefully scrutinizes the screen of her old cell phone for cracks from the Dragon-Man’s long black nails. “This phone is all I have Astarot! You need to be gentler! I don’t know what I’d do without my music…” She hesitates, noticing the vacant expression on the Dragon-Man’s face. “A-Astarot? Hey, are you ok? Astarot?” His eyes loll back and forth listlessly in the darkness. Minky begins to worry the Dragon-Man is losing it again, like earlier on the roof.

“Me-Key…” Astarot murmurs after a few tense moments. He rubs his eyes and grumbles. “Phone…”

“Yes!” Minky gasps, surprised he’d heard her. “Good Astarot, good! This is called a cell phone.” She stares up at him for a good moment then at the phone in her hand, flashlight app still shining. It clicks suddenly and Minky burst out laughing. “You big dummy! You can’t stare into a light like that! Look at you! I thought you were going nuts again! Oh Astarot!” The Dragon-Man with the gradually clearing vision casts a curious look at Minky. She gives his wrist a squeeze and giggles. “Don’t worry, you should be fine in a few minutes ok? There’s a lot I need to teach you.”

Minky sweeps the light from her flashlight app around them, illuminating the bleak halls. She picks a direction and starts walking, bare feet leaving a trail of footprints in the dust. She often looks back over her shoulder to make sure Astarot is right behind her. She didn’t like to admit it but being down here in the dark made her nervous. She starts to walk a little faster.

“Me-Key.” Astarot’s voice questions hesitantly.

“There might be some vending machines downstairs.” Minky tells him. “Might be able to find something to eat or drink. This place looks like it’s been abandoned for a really long time.” Minky keeps her eyes down as she speed walks through the dusty corridors. Some of the classrooms have closed doors while others hang open. Minky keeps her eyes pointed at the black and white tile, imagining ghosts lurking behind every dark corner. Faded pictures and art projects of the elementary schools previous occupants still cling to walls and bulletin boards, dark reminders of what used to be.

Minky finally finds a set of stairs that descends to the lower level of the school. She and Astarot quickly bounce down them and continue to comb the downstairs. The tiny light from her old phone barely cuts through the oppressive darkness. Astarot moves in even closer and Minky appreciates being able to feel the Dragon-Man bumping into her every time she hesitates.

Eventually the pair finds themselves in a dust covered cafeteria. Minky sweeps the beam of her flashlight app along every wall of the abandoned meeting place. Minky yells with joy when the dull light illuminates several boxy vending machines along the back wall. The girl breaks into a run, hopeful the machines will have anything left inside.

“I’d be happy for a single pack of crappy M&M’s!” Minky tells herself out loud. “Peanut butter crackers or jerky, maybe even a leftover bag of potato chips! I’d love a bag of potato chips so much! Please please please!!!”

The first vending machine is dishearteningly empty so Minky eagerly moves to the next in line. Empty as well. The final machine contains a few packages of peanuts. The remaining two machines are drink machines she can’t see into. She’d have to figure out a way to bust it open to look for the sugary prizes that may or may not be inside. Minky glances around the endless rows of kid-sized cafeteria tables, seeing nothing of use.

“Me-Key?” Astarot’s voice offers. The big Dragon-Man hovers nearby, observant.

“I found some peanuts.” Minky tells him excitedly, pointing at the vending machine. “Now I just need to find something to smash the glass. I’m going to look in the kitchen for something, an old food tray or a butter knife or something!” The girl begins to trot off when the sound of smashing glass causes her to spin around on the spot. Astarot’s fist is still inside the vending machine, his extra tough skin unaffected by the sharp glass shards.

“Me-Key.” Astarot purrs happily. He turns around and shows the girl the packages of peanuts in his massive clutched fist.

“Astarot…” Minky mutters, a sheepish grin twitching over her lips. She jogs over to him, careful to avoid the glass sprinkled around the dirty tile. “You’re so helpful Astarot. Thank you.”

“Astarot, Me-Key…” The Dragon-Man says in a sweetly deep voice. Just two words are enough to convey his true message. Astarot would do anything for Me-Key. A warm blush floods Minky’s cheeks as she stares at the naked Dragon-Man.

“Astarot… You’re the best…” Minky tells him genuinely.

“Me-Key…” Astarot replies dreamily. The pair lock eyes and for a moment Minky forgets where she is. She gets lost in his golden pools of admiration and adoration. Minky pulls away from the hypnotic stare, her heart hammering her chest. She coughs and brushes her hair out of her face.

“So, do you think you could check the other two?” Minky says suddenly, breaking the heavy silence that seems to weigh extra heavy inside the dark building. She points at the two drink machine on the end and Astarot follows her finger. “You’ll have to ‘Hulk smash!’ them open. You know, use some dragon power.”

“Dragon?” Astarot questions, head swiveling back to her.

“No no no!” Minky quickly tuts. “Not dragon… Just… you know…” Minky lifts her arms and claws at the air then points to the machines. The puzzled look on his face tells the girl he doesn’t understand so she strides over to one of the machines. “Just go crazy on it. I don’t know how these things work so we just have to wail on it.” The girl punches the flimsy plastic part of the drink machine. She punches it a few more times until Astarot steps up next to her.

The Dragon-Man lashes out furiously at the drink machine with balled fists. Minky steps to the side as bits of machinery go flying. Minky cheers and shouts as Astarot makes quick work of the plastic and metal. The girl helps guide him and soon they’re able to pry back the door to the drink machine. Inside is a precious sight of bottled water, Gatorade and Sprite. Minky eagerly reaches for a bottle of Sprite and twists the cap off. It clatters to the floor and rolls off under a table.

“Oh my god…” Minky sighs blissfully as the room temperature soda fills her mouth. She holds it there for a few seconds, cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk, feeling the bubbles fizzing and popping on her tongue. “I never even liked Sprite but this is the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time! Want to try it Astarot?” She offers the open bottle to Astarot who takes it automatically. Minky giggles as the Dragon-Man sniff the opening of the bottle and make a face. He takes a tentative sip and his face twists even more with displeasure.

“No.” Astarot grumbles, handing the bottle of soda back.

“More for me.” Minky chuckles. She tilts her head back and drains the twenty ounce bottle without taking a breath. She hadn’t realized just how thirsty she’d actually been. A loud belch erupts out of the girl and she blushes with embarrassment. Minky sets the empty green bottle on a table and begins scooping bottles of water and soda into her shirt, holding it like a makeshift sack. “Grab some and let’s get out of here. This place gives me the fucking creeps.”

The pair carry as many bottles as they can and begin making their way back upstairs. Minky struggles to balance the shirt full of bulky bottles while also keeping the flashlight app pointed in the right direction. The girl has to stop every few steps to readjust her load.

“Me-Key…” Astarot murmurs. He stares down at her with an unreadable expression on his face.

“I’m fine.” Minky huffs, readjusting for the eighth time.

Thick arms wrap around the girl and lift her off the dusty black and white tile. Minky squeals and protests but lets herself be swept up. Astarot cradles her against his chest the way a groom carries his wife home after the wedding. Minky holds the flashlight app steady for him as they retrace their way back to the roof.

Minky excitedly dumps the bottles into the back seat of the Station Wagon and stares at them as if they were full of diamonds. She grabs a bottled water and tosses it at Astarot. The Dragon-Man steps out of the way, golden orbs following the bottle until it bounces to the concrete roof. Minky bites back a giggle and retrieves the bottle, properly handing it to him this time.

“You’ll like this one.” She promises him. “It’s just water.” 

Astarot gives the bottle a chary glare, squeezing it a few times. The plastic crinkles between his thick fingers. Minky watches the Dragon-Man with curiosity as he turns the bottle so that it's laying on its side in his hand. He brings the bottle to his face and sniffs it before throwing his mouth open and biting into it. Even in his humaniod form, the Dragon-Man's teeth are sharp, easily piercing the soft plastic. Water sloshes down his chin and hands, pooling at his feet on the concrete. Astarot slurps audibly, drinking what he has left.

Minky regards the act with amusement and giggles profusely. As Astarot continues to drink his bottle of water with the grace of a newborn baby vampire, Minky digs a towel out of the mess of blankets in the rear. Still chortling to herself, she approaches him with the towel. 

"That's one way to do it." Minky says, smiling at Astarot. She sets the phone on the roof of the car, flashlight shining up at the sky. Minky spreads the towel open and covers both her hands with it. She motions with her towel draped hands for him to come closer. "I'll help you dry off... I-if you want..."

“Me-Key?” Astarot questions. Minky does her best to be nonchalant as she ogles the naked wet herculean Dragon-Man in the diminutive flashlight app light. Water droplets leave glimmering trails as they drip down his chocolatey barrel chest. His golden pupils almost seem to glow in the dark, burning into the flustered girl. Minky is surprised at her own sudden interest in his sculpted muscles and chiseled body.

“Astarot, you’re really beautiful.” Minky regards softly. The drained water bottle bounces on the concrete as the Dragon-Man discards it. He saunters over to her with an unreadable expression on his stoic face. Minky feels her face grow warm with blush as Astarot towers over her, gazing down at her with those unpredictable eyes. “I’m going to dry you off now, ok?”

 He nods once and Minky bites her bottom lip. Sheepishly, she presses both of her towel covered hands to his stomach. She gently moves her hands along his abs, furtively feeling him up. Astarot breathes out audibly, utter enjoyment posted on his face as he watches the girl provide ministrations. Minky moves her hands up to his chest, toweling off his left pec and then his right.

“Me-Key…” Astarot murmurs breathlessly.

“Almost done.” Minky whispers. Wobbling on her tiptoes, she gently dries Astarot’s neck and chin. She flattens her feet to the concrete again, smiling up at his enamored face.  

Minky pauses for a moment, her eyes skating all over the muscular being before her. His wild eyes are full of lust for her and it makes her pulse begin to race. How could a simple stare make her feel so flustered? Why was she suddenly so taken with him? He wasn't even human! But here she was, drooling over him like a silly school with a crush. She found herself captivated with the Dragon-Man’s otherworldly gaze and enjoys the way his messy locks tumble down his brawny shoulders. His smooth dark skin flecked with scarring, vast amounts of sculpted muscle and his various sharp protruding thorns give the Dragon-Man a feral, powerful aura. Minky finds herself silently musing over how gorgeous and exotic Astarot is. Beautiful and dangerous

Minky wags her finger, beckoning the tall Dragon-Man to lean in close. He obliges. The timid girl softly kisses several water droplets around his lips, her fingers twirling in the coarse patch of hair on his chin. She presses a kiss to Astarot’s mouth, holding his bottom lip between her own. The Dragon-Man’s large arms encompass Minky, pulling her against his scorching chest. Minky gasps and drops the towel in response to Astarot’s embrace. She can practically feel his swollen cock throbbing up against her tummy.

“Me-Key…” Astarot echoes huskily. He gazes down at Minky, golden orbs burning with desire. His mouth is slightly parted and his breath sounds labored. Between the steamy look on the Dragon-Man’s face and the bulge steadily pulsing against her stomach, heat begins to build between Minky’s thighs. She stares up at the peculiar looking man, his deep chocolaty skin barely discernable by the phone’s flashlight. His golden pupils are an incandescent glow of need, almost hypnotizing.

Minky squirms as the heat between her legs intensifies. Actually, she feels hot everywhere and isn’t sure if it’s because of the Dragon-Man’s supernaturally high temperature or something else… Astarot’s arms hold Minky firmly against him, one hand tangled up in the teenager’s messy hair, the other resting on her lower back. Minky squirms as Astarot leans into her, pressing his face into her neck, deeply inhaling her scent. He growls softly, a low guttural rumble that vibrates against Minky’s body as his fingers flex and relax against her back. Every muscle in the Dragon-Man’s body is taut, his impossibly stiff cock throbbing more noticeably.

“Astarot…” Minky pants. She feels feverishly hot enveloped in the Dragon-Man’s embrace, her mind fuzzy with new sensations. She digs her fingers into Astarot’s thick shoulders, clinging to him as her mind and body starts to feel shaky. She tilts her face toward his and hesitates before pressing her lips to his again. His thick lips barely move as Minky explores them with her mouth, until she drags the tip of her tongue across his bottom lip. Astarot’s body tenses at the touch, his hand in her hair balling into a fist. Minky notices and immediately repeats the action.

“Me-Key…” Astarot huffs, voice sounding strained. When he opens his mouth to say her name, Minky kisses him again and boldly slips her tongue into his mouth. The tip of her soft pink tongue grazes Astarot’s tongue and the Dragon-Man tenses, his fistful of her hair tightening again as he groans. Taking his reaction as a sign of displeasure, Minky attempts pulls back but Astarot recaptures her mouth with his own. He kisses her fiercely, tongue probing the inside of her soft mouth with curious fervor. He explores her mouth with his tongue, licking her lips, grazing against her teeth and mingling with her tongue. Soon the kiss begins to feel less clumsy and inquisitive, more heated and passionate.

 His tongue has a peculiar texture, rougher than her own but not quite as abrasive as a cat’s. Minky briefly pictures his unique dragon tongue dragging across her perked nipples. Their tongues swirl and mingle and Minky can not believe how good it feels. Does kissing always feel this amazing? She couldn’t believe the way her body was responding to something as simple as kiss.  

 Their kiss continues for what feels like forever, hot and wet and passionate. Eventually though, they pull apart, gasping for air. Minky lets her eyes drift shut for a moment as she catches her breath. When her eyelids flutter half open, she finds him regarding her with a concupiscent stare. The pair lock eyes, momentarily getting lost in each other.

And then Astarot blinks…


Well, technically he only blinks once… But with two separate eyelids over each of his eyes! A semi translucent membrane slowly slides out from the left corner of each eye to the right followed with a blink of his human-like eyelids.

Minky pulls away from Astarot, taken aback by the inhuman bodily function. What the hell were those?! Had he always had those weird things and somehow she hadn’t noticed them until now? Minky can’t help but compare the strange membranes to unsightly images of aliens and insects.

Astarot is a dragon, Minky mentally scolds herself. Even though he may look like a human he isn’t. His kind are the reason the world is in the sorry state it is now! He took her from her home on the farm! He was the enemy and she needed to remember that.

“Me-Key..?” Astarot questions as her reaches for her again.

“I-I’m sorry…” Minky mutters, quickly sidestepping him. She moves to grab a bottle of water and a couple packages of peanuts from the backseat of the Station Wagon, gently closing the door. She swipes her cell phone from the top of the car and moves to the open hatch. “It’s getting pretty late.” Minky states flatly, observing that the sky is dark and peppered with millions of sparkling stars. “I’m going to have a snack and lay down now. Thanks again for all your… Help. Goodnight Astarot.” Even though she refuses to look at him, Minky can almost feel the Dragon-Man’s eyes drilling into her back.

Minky busies herself with straitening the blankets and pillows, turning the trunk into a plush nest. A powerful gust of wind and the tremble of giant footsteps inform the girl Astarot has returned to his hulking beast form. Fear briefly washes over Minky as she feels the dragon move closer. She glances over her shoulder to find Astarot lying down near the Station Wagon, black pupils shifting sporadically. Part of her is relieved to see the formidable scaled giant, finding it much easier to tell herself he’s the enemy when he actually looks villainous.

“Good night.” Minky says one more time before ducking into the Station Wagon and shutting the hatch. Astarot doesn’t respond, just watches with wild eyes. Minky settles into the blankets and turns the flashlight app off. She eats her salty dinner in the dark and washes it down with a bottle of water. She pulls out the half a blunt she and Astarot had been puffing on earlier and lights it. She takes a deep drag, leaning back into a mound of pillows.

What had happened earlier? She muses over how she’d offered to dry Astarot off just so that she’d have an excuse to touch him… She had kissed him too, even slipped her tongue into his mouth… And she had enjoyed every minute of it. What was wrong with her? Minky had never been the type to behave so shamelessly… She didn’t even know she could behave that way… It must have been the way Astarot looked at her, she tells herself. The overwhelming lust and desire focused directly on her… No one had ever looked at her like that but she loved the way it made her feel. Astarot’s golden gaze made her hot and achy between her thighs and took her breath away a dreamy sort of way…  

Just thinking about it causes Minky’s nipples to perk and ache, goosebumps prickling up her arms and legs. She takes another long drag off the blunt, casting a glance at the shadowy dragon looming nearby. As much as it bothers her to admit, she feels guilty for the way she had just shut him out so suddenly. Yes, Astarot was a dragon and dragons are technically the enemy… but really, had Astarot done anything bad to her? Yeah he’d taken her from her farm but he’s also been taking care of her. If she was being honest with herself, her dragon suitor had behaved very gentlemanly towards her.

Minky flicks the remaining nub of the blunt into a mostly empty water bottle. She stares up at the roof of the Station Wagon, her mind buzzing with conflicting thoughts. She worries about the chickens back home who haven’t eaten for a whole day now… She’s also getting low on smoke. Minky needs to convince Astarot to take her home, there’s too much that needs attending.

Maybe she could convince Astarot to stay on the farm with her? It would be nice having someone around. How many lonely nights had she wished for a companion? She pictures the burly Dragon-Man strutting naked through the apple orchard, swimming with her in the pond, teaching him how to roll blunts… Being stranded on the roof of a derelict school building isn’t an ideal environment for two species to interact and learn about each other. They need to go back to the farm, she decides. Her feelings about Astarot are still raw and there’s still so much she doesn’t know or understand about him but she knows without a doubt that she doesn’t want to be without him… She’s fascinated by the Dragon-Man and the way her body responds to him… If nothing else, having a dragon around would be an excellent form of protection.

Her eyes grow heavy and sleepiness settles over the girl. She makes up her mind in her last few moments of consciousness. Once she wakes up, she’s going to find a way to communicate her intentions to Astarot. She’ll do whatever she has to do to convince the Dragon-Man that to join her in her own little slice of paradise.

“With him by her side, it really would be paradise…” Minky mumbles to herself before drifting out.


Submitted: December 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Minxi-Wolfdog. All rights reserved.

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