Grandma's teachings

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The continuation to my grandma's memory on her birthday

Today is my grandma’s birthday and as I sit here and think of her and the life she led while alive, I miss her more and more.

When I was young, nowhere on my list was getting married. I saw what marriage had done to my parents and their child(me) and I wanted nothing to do with it. The things on my list was to be a writer, teacher, and nurse. Not married or have children. Yet the powers that be had other plans for me, and my life was altered. Yet I didn’t know it until it was to late. And I was already married for the first time.

 And for the record, I was still able to be a nurse and teacher but not in the manner I had thought I would be.

The story yesterday – over the fence – was based on a true story because when my grandma passed away I was the one in the kitchen after the funeral cooking for the wake and making sure everyone was cared for, as I had seem my grandma had done many times while she was here. It was at that moment I realized my grandma would never leave me.

As I write this, so many memories of our lives as I grew up come flooding back.

I had watched my grandma entertain her guests whether they were invited to those who just dropped by to say hi. She would always smile and offer them a seat and beverage as she opened the door and greeted them.

Not that I ever saw her do it, but she had a big giving heart and spirit and saw good in every single person she met. And taught me that.

After she passed, things and events came up that made me stop and think about her and what she had done that altered my decisions in my life. The first was inheriting a pimple on the end of my nose as she had. Which I will never get rid of. My generosity when a stranger needs a bed and meal during the holidays.

Or just remembering the conversations or the way she lived and things she did. She lived by the Bible and it wasn’t until I was an adult.

Years after I got married, I found myself getting up early making breakfast for my husband and pack his lunch and wave him goodbye. Then clean the house while he’s gone.

The reason I say all of this is because todays is her birthday and I want her to know I am thankful for all she taught me and I will forever remember her on Dec 15.




Submitted: December 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Lea Rachel. All rights reserved.

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