Star Quest

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sebastian always felt different, like he did not belong. The kids would make fun of him. Sebastian has telepathy abilities.

When Sebastian's parents are killed in an accident, the doctor that delivers him tells him that the people that took care of him were not his parents.

Sebastian go on a quest to find his parents, but the doctor warns him that he might not like what he learns.

Table of Contents

The Successor

Loki is angry that Thor is the next line for their father's crown.
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The Plot

Jane offers to help Emily
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The Escape

Emily goes into hiding with her kids.
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The Hidden Twins

Emily has twins and she gives them up for adoption
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Ozma helps Dorothy escape the hospital.
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Dorothy goes to the Underland where she meets the Red Queen
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The Quest

Dorothy meets the Red Queen
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The Search

Sebastian, Dorothy, and Christopher meet Gwidor
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He-Man and his friends rescue Dorothy's friends in Oz
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The Question

Loki learns that Dorothy is his daughter
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Gwidor tells Alice that the White Queen is evil.
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A Feeling

Sebastian save his classmate's life
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The Plan

Sebastian and his sister Sarah ran away
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The Truth

Dr. Franks told Sebastian that the people that raise him were not his parents. I finish with this story.
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