a city girl in a country horror town pt 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

cindy maxwell is in jail for killing her fiance. however she didn't even do it. does she find out who did it? is cindy even close to finding out the mysteries behind the horrors of the mysterious gutter town? or is there another chapter behind the horror of a city girl in a country horror town?


I have to find out who killed Dave. I’m obviously not going to find out behind bars. Cindy thought to herself.

“Alright, you have the right to one phone call,” The deputy said.

“Listen, Officer, I didn’t do it. He’s my fiancé. Why would I kill him?” Cindy asked the Officer.

“Listen, you have one phone call. I don’t want any trouble from you,” He said handing her the phone then put in a quarter for her.

Ashlee’s phone rang three times, thankfully, she had answered.

“Hello?” Ashlee said waking up.

“Ashlee, listen, I’m in jail,” Cindy said. “That’s nice,” Ashlee expressed yawning. “Ashlee?” Cindy yelled over the phone. “Wait, did you say jail? You know that will scar you for life,” Ashlee said sitting up in bed. “Ashlee, please, just get me out of jail,” Cindy expressed as she started to cry. “Don’t worry, no friend of mine deserves to be in jail,” Ashlee said hanging up.

Ashlee got out of bed then had put her clothes on. Then she had grabbed her car keys then ran out the door.

“What do you mean I’m being arrested? You better let my friend out of jail or I’ll,” Ashlee expressed loud enough for Cindy to hear.

“Oh great,” Cindy said thinking that she will never get out of jail now. The deputy had practically shoved Ashlee into the cell.

“Well, Cindy, now we’re roommates,” Ashlee said giving her best friend a great big hug. “Yeah more like cell mates, ugh!” Cindy expressed. “What? I got here didn’t I?” Ashlee said. “Yeah but you didn’t have to get arrested while trying to bail me out,” Cindy blew up on Ashlee. “Quiet in the cell,” The deputy expressed.

“Don’t I get a free card or was it a gas card,” Ashlee wondered. “Ashlee this isn’t monopoly,” Cindy said.

“Alright you get one phone call,” The deputy said. “Oh that’s right I get a phone call. I knew it was something I get free,” Ashlee said.

Ashlee is a lot like Candy. They aren’t the brightest girls that you’ll meet. “Ashlee just go call Candy,” Cindy said to her. “Will do,” Ashlee said. “We’re doomed,” Cindy said as she put her fate into Ashlee’s hands.

The deputy gave Ashlee the phone then had put a quarter in the slot. Ashlee had dialed Candy’s phone number.

“Hello?” Candy said over the receiver. “Hey girl umm… Cindy and I are…. In… jail,” Ashlee stuttered. “What? Are you serious?” Candy expressed shocked. “Yeah um, could you bail us out?” Ashlee asked her. “I’m on my way,” Candy said just now hanging up the phone. Ashlee had hung up the phone then walked back to the cell. “She’s coming,” Ashlee said as she walked inside the cell.

For ten minutes, Cindy and Ashlee didn’t speak to each other.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Candy said running into the jail building. Candy saw her sister and her best friend on opposite sides of one another.

“Are you here to bail out those two?” The deputy asked Candy. “Yes I have the bail money,” Candy said. “I’d figure that out because you look like that one,” The deputy said as Candy was filling out the check then gave it to the police Officer. The police Officer went over to the cell to let the two girls out.

“Girls, what the hell?” Candy wondered. “I don’t want to talk about it. It was bad enough being in a cell with Ashlee,” Cindy said. “Candy please take me home,” Ashlee demanded.

The three of them have left the police station.

I need to find out about the mayhem behind Dave’s death. At least I now know who’s all behind it. Cindy thought to herself.

“Will the two of you please say something nice to each other? I can’t stand to see my sister and my best friend mad at each other,” Candy said.

Five minutes later, the two girls were friends again.

“Great I’m glad we are all friends again,” Ashlee said. “Same here,” Cindy said.

Candy was driving down the neighborhood when all of a sudden her tire had hit something.

“Shit!” Candy expressed getting out of the car.

Once Candy got out of the car, her headlights went out.

“What was that?” Ashlee asked.

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

It was also dark outside so they couldn’t see too much of anything.

A silhouette of a man in a cowboy hat stood out in front of the car. Cindy had feared that it was Gary.

The silhouette figure had walked alongside the car. Cindy saw a familiar face. The silhouette like figure was a cowboy. Cindy realized it was Peter. “Oh thank God,” Cindy said adjusting her headband. Cindy had rolled down the backseat window.

“Hello ladies, problem?” Peter asked. “Yeah we think we blew a tire,” Ashlee said to him.

“Well, ladies, you’re in luck I just happen to have a spare tire in my garage,” Peter said.

“Hey wait, that voice sounds familiar, Peter?” Candy said walking up to him.

“Well, hello Candy,” Peter tipped his hat. “I knew this house had looked familiar,” Candy said.

Cindy looked out the other side of the car window.

A light went on from in the house. A silhouette of a woman was in the house. “What the?” Peter freaked. “Who is that?” Ashlee said.

“Peter that better not be a girlfriend of yours,” Candy asked getting jealous. “No Candy, I live alone, remember,” Peter said. Now Cindy was definitely scared.

“Listen I’m going to go check it out. You girls stay here,” Peter said as he ran inside.

Everything stood still for about ten minutes. The garage door had opened. There was an image of Ruth Begard with Cindy’s bloody head inside the garage. “Ahhh,” Cindy screamed in terror. “Cindy,” Ruth Begard expressed diabolically.

Cindy had snapped back into reality once she realized that Ashlee was the one that called her name.

“What?” Cindy said.

“You okay? You haven’t said anything in the past hour,” Ashlee said worried about her friend.

Has it been a whole hour? Cindy thought to herself. Cindy saw that the light in the house was off. Cindy had felt pressure on the car.

“Ahh,” Cindy screamed a short scream.

“What was that?” She wondered. “It was Peter. He’s fixing my tire,” Candy said. “Alright ladies, you’re all set to go,” Peter said walking up to the driver’s side window. “Thanks, babe see you later,” Candy said driving off.

Once they left, Cindy looked out the back window, she could’ve sworn she saw Gary tip his hat.

Candy headed towards her house not even thinking about Cindy or Ashlee. “Candy you know you’re at your house right?” Cindy said. “Yeah I know I thought we all could sleep at my house tonight,” Candy said.

The next day, Candy drove Ashlee and Cindy back to their houses.

Why did this happen to Dave? Cindy thought to herself as she was pacing back and forth in her bedroom. Cindy had to clear her head so she went to the café.

“Thank you,” Peter said grabbing his coffee.

Cindy was just now walking into the café.

“Hey Landry, black coffee please,” Cindy said sitting down at her regular table. “Regular or decaf?” Landry asked her. “Decaf please,” Cindy said. Ugh! Cindy expressed in her head.

“You know I never really caught your name,” Peter said sitting down across from Cindy. “It’s Cindy I’m Candy’s twin sister,” Cindy said.

“Well it’s good to finally know your name. Please let me buy your coffee,” Peter said pulling out his wallet.

“Thanks, that actually makes me feel better,” Cindy said. “Well I’m glad I could brighten your day a little,” Peter said giving Landry $5.

“You already gave me $5 for your coffee,” Landry said confused. “This is for her coffee,” Peter said getting up from the table.

“Thank you again Peter,” Cindy said. “No problem,” Peter said. Peter finally left the café.

“Cindy I need to let you know something,” Landry said to her as he sat down. “This must be serious you’re sitting down,” Cindy said taking a sip of her coffee. “You know how you told me about Gutter town?” Landry asked her. “Yes,” Cindy said.

Landry was about to speak however Sabrina interrupted by running into the café yelling.

“Good news, I’ve got good news,” Sabrina said. “What? What is it?” Cindy wanted to know. “I found out who killed…” Sabrina almost said but then Ashlee came into the café yelling.

“Good news, good news,” Ashlee expressed but then Candy came into the café.

“I’ve got good news,” Candy said.

“What is it just tell us already,” Landry said getting mad as he went back to work.

“What’s with him?” Ashlee asked. “I’m not sure he was about to say something but then,” Cindy was trying to say but got cut off.

“Hey Cindy guess what, I got great news,” Candy said.

“Really? I got great news to,” Ashlee said.

“So do I,” Sabrina said.

“Will someone tell me the great news already,” Cindy asked the three of them.

“I’m getting married,” Cindy said.

“I’m going to be her maid of honor,” Ashlee said.

“I found out who killed Dave,” Sabrina said breaking the bad news.

A spoon literally fell onto the floor, everyone was shocked including Candy and Ashlee. “Really who?” Candy and Ashlee asked in unison. “Some lady named Ruth Begard,” Sabrina said. Cindy felt her face go numb.

Even though she wanted to cry Cindy was mad more than anything.

“But he did nothing to her. Why Dave?” Cindy said loud enough for the whole café to hear.

“Cindy are you going to be okay?” Candy asked her sister. “I need to leave,” Cindy said getting up from the table then, walked out of the café’s front doors. She felt the world spinning in her head. She couldn’t control her stability on her two feet.

“Cindy,” Peter expressed getting out of his truck. She ran towards Cindy and caught her before she hit the ground.

“Help! Somebody help?” Peter expressed as Cindy was in his arms.

Before she knew it Cindy was in the hospital. She was up with a doctor on one side of her and her sister, Candy on the other side of her. “Is she going to be okay?” Candy asked the doctor. “She will be just fine she just needs to rest,” The doctor said.

Dr. Hubert, wait I know him. Cindy thought.

“Candy,” Cindy said. “It’s okay Cindy I’m here,” Candy said.

“I’m here to pumpkin,” Mr. Maxwell said. “Daddy what are you doing here?” Cindy wondered. “Well apparently taking care of some papers,” Mr. Maxwell said as Candy was giving him a hug.

“Do you guys mind giving me a moment with Dr. Hubert?” Cindy asked her dad and her sister. “Well of course sweetheart,” Mr. Maxwell said as the two of them walked out the door Mr. Maxwell had shut the door behind him.

“Listen Dr. Hubert. Dr. Hubert? Where are you going?” Cindy asked him. Dr. Hubert went to go lock the door. He walked back to Cindy’s hospital bed then he did the unthinkable.

He ripped off the skin of his face. He then took off his coat. Cindy had saw him pull off his hair.

He turned around, as Sylvia took his place.

“Sylvia?” Cindy expressed in total fear.

“Listen, Cindy, I don’t have a lot of time but you need to save your family before it’s too late,” Sylvia said. “What do you mean?” Cindy asked her. “Ahhh,” Sylvia screamed as she turned into water then drowned in a puddle of water.

Cindy couldn’t believe her eyes as she was wide awake.




Submitted: December 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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