Lone Lily: An Alien Journey

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Lily, an alien from the Planet Helena, journeys on behalf of her race to a human outpost planet in an attempt to win a segment of humanity over as protectors against an incoming threat. she struggles against others that try to influence her world and immediate life as her understanding of humanity is changed for the better. originally from a hive mind style society with limited emotional capacity, how will she be able to gain the trust of those she needs?

Table of Contents

My Home, Helena

Experience Helena and the pending threats to their way of life through the eyes of Lily, an ordinary citizen of Helena.
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One Way Trip to the Human Outpost Planet

I woke suddenly and alone. I hurried to the stairs sloshing about as I went. I glanced back once at the fountain, the water rippling. Soâ... Read Chapter

Rapid Environmental Adaptation and First Encounters

I woke at first believing I was dreaming that I was on the human planet… I watched as curtains blew as a breeze came through the ro... Read Chapter

The Gravity of Earth

The three days went by fast and soon I was plodding in the early morning on a horse holding tight around Ryan’s waist as he steered. I ... Read Chapter

Tumbling into Further Trouble

I woke alone in the guest room. I walked out into the hallway and couldn’t hear a page flip from the study below, so I walked to the fr... Read Chapter

Hopeful Reset…?

I woke early and my appearance shocked Ally and Mill, and though it did surprise Walt, his was short lived. He smiled a little at me, a v... Read Chapter

Continued Troubles and a Welcome Stroll around the Neighborhood

I had refused to answer questions the moment I woke, hurting Ryan once again, but I couldn’t grasp the truth in that dream… if it had... Read Chapter

In a Previous Life…

I woke up after Ryan did. He was sipping his coffee in the early morning and as I stood at the base of the stairs, I started noticing thi... Read Chapter

A Stroll through Humanity

When I woke, I was alone. Ryan had woken and gone downstairs after fixing the covers about me. I could smell his coffee from below. I dro... Read Chapter

A Free Day as a Human

When I woke during the night my body had acclimated to the new movement… almost. If I wasn’t occupied, then I could feel my skin move... Read Chapter

Return to Walt’s

We woke before dawn to ride on the horse once again out of the city. I thought back to the rush the morning had brought with it compared ... Read Chapter

The Human Condition vs the Lily Condition

Ryan woke early in the morning before the sun rose, but he was still disoriented… he thought I was his Amelia… I woke to Ryan’s... Read Chapter


When I woke back up, it was to a light tap on the door. I answered it to find Walt once again at the door. “Well Ryan’s a little ... Read Chapter

Up Against a Queen

I woke the next day without dreaming, but I was full of thoughts of Ryan kissing my hand. I couldn’t make it stop either. The memory ha... Read Chapter

Intro to the SWS

I woke to the morning before the dawn had broken. Rolling my head to the right I saw Ryan hunched over on a chair. He was fast asleep, an... Read Chapter

Closing the Door on the Past

We returned around lunch time, and shocked everyone as I joined in the dining. The food was amazingly wonderful… although I couldn’t ... Read Chapter

A Dance with Humanity

I woke easy… my mind clicked on before my eyes fluttered open to the light. I had fallen asleep lightly after seeing Ryan last night…... Read Chapter

Guessing at My Humanity or Lack There of

I woke when the morning light brushed my eyelids open… the events from last night painted in my memory were still fresh. Ryan had g... Read Chapter

The Grand Inn Ball

We arrived soon after, and almost immediately Ryan disappeared into the heart of the town. I sat down alone in the empty inn… I smiled ... Read Chapter

Gathering Support

I woke late for once. The sun had been up for a while from the looks of it. I partially stumbled down the stairs. I hugged the wall as I ... Read Chapter

Last Mission File, A Promise of Precarious Happiness

I woke up later than Ryan that day, and after getting dressed I stopped at the base of the stairs. I blushed as I remembered peeking over... Read Chapter

All Systems Go, Take Off!

The smell of coffee drifted up to me as I woke, but I felt empty and tired. I meant what I had said, but receiving the response I had exp... Read Chapter

Of Separation and Fear

I woke alone in the little room, the covers balled up around me as I had curled up into them during the night. I sighed gently; my mind ... Read Chapter

Road Trip Boredom

I found myself wading in the sand of a beach… there was no one else there. The water stopped in its tracks, and the slopes of the water... Read Chapter

Final Mission Phase, Fight

We were both startled awake by a large beep coming from the intercom speaker in the room. “This is Walt speaking. Prepare for fligh... Read Chapter

A Deal is Struck

I woke in the dark, and almost instantly knew I wasn’t really awake. I was on a beach, it felt familiar but something inside me knew I ... Read Chapter

Reborn and Home

I woke dazed to a steady beeping. My eyesight adjusted, and soon I could see Walt and Ally standing over me. Walt’s hands were out in f... Read Chapter

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