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The most shared facts for small businesses' failure comprise lack of capital, retaining an inadequate management team, or a defective infrastructure or Bad business model, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives. Whatever is the involved factor, the outcome is one "company's failure" in both businesses to business and consumer markets. That in turn has an impact on Managers.

In such situations, they need questions and the ability to find correct answers.

How can organizations and their managers get the most out of failures? What they will learn from failures?  How they set out to survive on hard days? How can they strive and navigate to a bright future?

To start with and keep pace with, apart from real-time experiences, they need simulating problem-solving models, and finally different case studies for a broader perspective to shape the future.

As a consultant and mentor, I had endeavored in that feature. For the most part during the post-2000 years, I was in the habit of giving data-driven case-studies basing on requests of SME clients. Some case studies were practical, while a few were based on hypothetical questions as cited above. Such case studies are precious assets to managers and SMEs establishing proof and provide appreciated inputs.

If you are a manager (or entrepreneur) and work for a mediocre company, you certainly wish for a bright future whichever in the working company or you may job-surf for the betterment of your career. Either way, firstly you need to learn about the kind of failures at different stages of the company's metamorphic cycle because every SME is susceptible to predation in the competitive market. With all your experiences, you can write case studies basing on your proven involvements to talk to your subordinates and client companies.

So, in the process, you need to think about success and failure in a more fine-grained way. What you have to comprehend is how many kinds of failures and successes are there in systemic organizational transformation? Failures and successes in companies are generally categorized and demarcated into three kinds.

They are 1. Ineffective or effective trials basing on whatever are outcome; it may be failure or success, 2. Systemic process companies adapt.  3. Process eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. 

These three must be examined and improved upon for circumstantial or situational lessons. And case studies should go beyond in a way that they offer the richest potential for creative learning and must establish the intensely deep-seated standards. I for one strongly believe that every case study is the investigation to prove and establish calculable consequences. And then we apply its sequential result to real-time situations.

It is like; when a kid learns few new words, he tries to construct simple sentences and enjoys the joy of expression with the magic of how words work in a simple sentence to communicate the intended message effectively.

Then only, this leads to an open dichotomy and discussion for erudition. After all, all management theories prevail upon and advocate one simple lesson that is: creating a psychological safety environment to ensure managers' and individuals' care. Employees should not be humiliated even in case of failures. Moreover, encourage human resources to learn more from real-time situations.

This whole process encourages professionals to speak up their ideas, ask questions openly, or express concerns with an easy broad-brush approach and if necessary we can also deal with specific concentrated problems, which are hidden under multi-layered hierarchical organizational structures.

Mainly, coming from the corporate sector to start-up entrepreneurship, companies looking to grow must tap the shining energy of Human potential. Making case studies is one-way harnessing Human potential. It is essential to drive the business forward. Case studies harvest positive imagination and help to create problem-solving methods. Also, such chosen paths empower to generate innovation in a multitude of ways whether companies/managers are finding new approaches to problems inherent to the business, developing new products or services to fill a hole in the needs-satisfying market, or improving upon existing processes.

I shall conclude by saying this.

Contemplate for a while about at any time you visited a Gallery or the most beautiful Garden or attended a Music orchestral performance.

If you like such events really, you shall certainly marvel at the dexterity of individuals (Managers) firstly. And then the efforts of all individuals as a team to bring out uniformity are genius in totality. Do you imagine how wonderful it must be felt to orchestrate every participant's abilities to unify all into one "evenness"?

As an entrepreneur or CEO or Manager, it is you. You are a creative thinker; you are passionate, curious, optimistic, and imaginative. It is you, you see difficulties as interesting opportunities, and it is you, you challenge expectations and try to reach them. It is you, you don't give up easily. It is you, you work hard. And finally, it is you, you come out successfully.

Is this you? Even if you don't yet see yourself as a problem-solver to overcome failures, you can learn solid skills and techniques to help yourself at the time of necessity.

This is "your case study". Likewise, every case study has a beauty of story to tell managers to managers or from consultants to consultants or from SME's CEOs to other company's CEO. They are all rich experiences to prosper.

So, develop the habit of writing your successful experiences as case studies and share them with others. Reveal your "inner you" potential through your writings.

Submitted: December 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 thai prasad. All rights reserved.

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