The Second Coming

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Story of a man who walked on the path of enlightenment unknowingly.

Table of Contents


Foreword. This book is like my memoirs. I have decided to write it in simple story telling way, so that everyone can understand my id... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Just after finishing the article, “What if Titanboa existed today” and after mailing it to my second employer, I had ju... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 I made the video private. While listening the tanpura under the effect of bhang, I had another idea of declaring myself... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 July 2016. I was having breakfast and was ready for my office, when one of my girlfriends blocked me. Pathetic! Another... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 My night was restless. I slept soundly, but my dreams were restless. Now as I have just woke up and watching the news, I ju... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Last night, I was so bored and under influence of bhang, I mailed the solution of covid to help the humans to the publishin... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Those attacks kept my life disturbed for many coming years and only recently, I am relieved from them after the awakening o... Read Chapter

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