Silent Sea

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two brothers from Algeria, formerly Ayala Algeria, the state that supported the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but with the appearance of an old curse in Ali's life who accepts it and is unaware of his danger, along with the jealousy of his brother who thinks he is the most worthy of carrying it, It creates a conflict between them, in which creatures enter each one of them who support a certain side for an ancient cause.

 chapter 01 ; two paths and one cursed

The Mediterranean is the paradise of pirates and a nightmare for European ships that suffered from the decadent and domination of the Ottoman Empire and the AyalaofAlgeria, forcing them to pay their wages for passage and protection.

The kingdomofAlgeria is a strong ally of theottomanempire. Piracy and sea domination is corporative work between them.

On sunny day of 1600 an Algerian pirate  ship roams the Mediterranean Sea heading in her course to London .

A light wind that gently moves the sails with a charming beauty of the sea, enthrels the hearts that used to see those enchanting views with a professional crew in every sense of the word doing their daily work, enjoying a painting of a tranquil nature.

Led by Salim Pasha, a man at the beginning of the 50s, moderate in height. A small well-shaped nose and also a mouth with dry lips. You can see his seriousness and his wripness in those small, constructive eyes as he stands in front of the steering wheel, holding it with his right hand that makes you respect him as a captain before fearing him as a pirate.

on  his right His 22-year-old son, Ali, is beautiful in appearance despite his shortness, his long yellow hair is smooth as gold. A smile that has not been removed from that face, decorated with a wide-spaced eyebrows and blue middle eyes with wide skullings if you look toward that face you will see a small nose with a beautiful shape like the beauty of the mouth and those small lips without forgetting ears with a long grease that makes it an independant human being and a strong minded. Stubborn like his father difficult to convince also full canes show his good and love of others, as well as a prominent chin that makes him the most fiercest and dangerous in the future.

He's starring at his father with a look of gratitude of being for him, Ali is good hearted man, full of love for his father. Contrary to him, Morad is a bitter person, he hated Ali and despite that he is less loved by his father,

Morad, 27 young man brought to life by the dark embedded in his heart a frightening thing that makes the person make decisions that will either regret it or destroy others, Morad stands on the right hand of his father's standing showing the arrogance, arrogance and bad faith that turned his brilliant spirit into a grave in which all the good morals and qualities that you can sacrifice your life for the sake of a person, are buried. Morad is like his brother physically, the only difference between him is a scare upon his face and bit taller but that doesn't make him any better. And about that scare on his face is due to a A naval battle against the Russiantsarists.

all this does not concern him but he seeks to  control and rebellion  against theottomanstate which blames her for the death of his mother and because of his lack of patriotism , he was appointed by Britain as a spy at young age '' 18', they gave him everything he wanted in exchange for causing strife within thekingdomofAlgeria.

Salim turned toward his eldest son To check on him , he was looking at him also.

Intense silence roams the air, Salim looks at his boys, especially starring at Morad, sending warnings. Those warnings are obvious to Morad, he should keep his mouth shut or else face the wrath of his father.

Seconds later, he turned towards Ali while he kissed his head with great love. And tenderness As if he loves him more than his brother and saying With confidence and pride: Ali  Youaremyonlyhope.

Hate and envy entered Morad's heart,
a flame of hatred ignited within him that would not It is extinguished until it burns what is around it and turns it into ashes , The way he stared, full of evil towards them, explains to you the reality of the decline of that family who  is slowly marching towards the abyss If fate does not destroy her, he will take care of it, muttering in a low voice Inaudible: I'llshowyouwho'syouronlyhope, I'llmakeyoupay  formymother'sdeath.

He tries to control his feelings and does not appear to be influenced by the actions of his father , It was moving his head in such a way that it turned out that he really did not care, with that sly smile adorning his face.

Suddenly he burst out laughing loudly without good reason or fun, made everyone turn to him after they stopped working Surprised by his unusual behavior, they are not accustomed to seeing him He laughs that way because he rarely smiles or laughs or even He talks to them,Salim Pasha, watching him in awe and astonishment, his heart says he has begun
, the effect of that magic potion begins to take effect, and his mind responds On him what wrong with him  for heaven's sake, throw him from this ship, and let Tifo take care of him
Leave him in his imagination, because tifo is just a tool that implements his master's orders, he kept ignoring him, what is he hiding, what he is know  about his son to
Treat him like this, it worse than espionage or betrayal of the homeland, it might have a relationship with Tifo but who is that.

Of the reason and behavior of Morad, when Ali uttered a strange name, a name that can't be called upon any human and Resonant in every man's heart , his reputation presides him, his bloody history of murdering and pillaging , and he is not interested in materials thing's ,his obsession is doing sadistic ritual with his victims, goro, goro.

He kept repeating it many times without stopping, and he has no information about who he is, you cannot judge him, because he is just an innocent and kind-hearted young man.

Morad liked it He is very happy because he is the problem behind his brother he taught him things destinate to mature minds.

What morad said was not noticed of light heart by the Crew and Salim was petrified when hearing the name goro than Salim came back to his mind and ordered to stop staring and go back to work.

Salim pushed back Ali from his way and went straight to his son Morad giving him slap of great disgrace made Morad step back few feet and thoughts were running in his head this is my father, not only, he is the dangerous pirate's of the seven seas. His deeds as pirate presides him, he used to tie people to barrels and throw them in the Sea and that what Morad was thinking the whole time after the incident.

Suddenly Crew member yelled with warning tone: captain the sky is turning red.


 chapter 02:  time of payment

all the heads are up  towards the sky in a way that shows the true meaning of panic and  fear, it appears on their faces as  a result of an unexpected visit or you can say its still a little bit early, what happening?  this is  what Ali was telling himself after he noticed a severe tension on his father and the crew.

morad is aware of because he met them before, he knows they didn't came for him so no need for fear, his psyche is reassuring, he only thinking is how i get to London after they take what is belong to them.

Salim is taking his sons towards the lifeboat very quickly, he does not  want them to see  the ugliness of the death that awaits him and his crew while he walking  and with a strong tone indicating pure courage  known to the Arabs and especially the Berbers as they were called before the Islamic conquest  : lethertakeusdirectlytothem.

the sea has changed  it became unusually turbulent, strong winds are blowing the ship strongly towards a vortex that appeared in front of it suddenly , from where it came, what her story, this is not just a regular vortex that occurs due to the weather, you may say signs talking about an ancient curse show up with the beginning of creation , when a star appeared on the horizon support mankind they called him yazur  yaturk , after the war was declared between  the human and the jinn, the hostility between them intensified .

He is a tall, large-bodied creature, with long smooth black hair, eyes like a green crocodile, an elongated face with thick-haired eyebrows. Close, long nose, he has a big mouth and so are the lips if he opens his mouth You find those frightening teeth that resemble a wild eater Meat that is merciless, no one saw it on his natural reality and survived, no one  describes his true form, known to humans as the human form To distinguish him from many supernatural abilities and to transform any being that lives on these Earth and on top of all this can last for a long time, there is no answer Specific to how long he can survive, because he is a bewildering mystery that they did not find it  an explanation, if you study ancient history, you will find only rumors about it And myths.

There are those who say that he came from an unknown world, and there are those who says that he is one of the elders of the jinn, but he rebelled against them, why, what is the reason, no one  really know , all that matters to them is that he is standing by their side against all those who are confronting them, especially Goro, because he is considered the archenemy of yazur  and mankind because they are the reason for his expulsion fromthis landtowards The seas are irreversible, as long as Yazuris present, It is impossible for Goro to return despite his efforts to undermine the trust that exists between Yazur and humanity, his goal is to separate them and eliminate them in order to return to where he belongs and his gender, according to his belief.

Goro is worse than the latter creature and there are a rumor that's he is yazur   brother, he is a living nightmare, hell on earth, He doesn't care who you are,
If you stand beside him and follow his rules, your place will be ablackhole,  it's hellish place in depth of seas whoever enters it never sees the sunlight again , Full of soul-taken guards who once were normal human but chose to make deal.

They turned into creatures who lost everything in them, they became a slave under the control of a great temptation, for he knows our fear and our desire Our dreams, and everything about us we are ignorant of, his heart is full of hatred and evil towards Everything that is human , he's taking a different approach in his plan to eradicate this  race , not the one that their father followed after he rebelled against the Creator and refused to accept the honor of the  Lord for the first human creation and prefer him over the rest Creatures, he  transfer to them the evident genetic traits that  which were a spark for  starting an endless war.

there are several kingdom surrounding the black hole everywhere but the most famous one is kingdom marona is known for nautical palaces and fabulous ornate golden houses without forgetting the beauty of her women, one single kiss from them prevents you from drowning , a rare species resembling a mermaid but she is more beautiful than her and charming enough to make you fall in love with her in short time .

if you ride the huge seahorse that is abundant in that area which called Marin-marona , the queen who united those kingdoms after they had been in wars for years to become the master, who control the region under the command of goro they all know no one has the right to make decision without his permission, you may say he is the king of that place .

the black hole, goro considers it as paradise for his followers but if you fight and challenge him you will end up at in dragon teeth , dark and cold place at  the end of the world, an islander far from humans and even curious pirates where every piece of that land is a hell for every sinner who disobeyed his orders or fought him, he made it his throne, relishing the screaming and wailing of his victims .

there is a torture room called the crypt of souls , before you enter it , you will notice ugly and scary  dogs with three heads, her barking takes away your humanity but you will not feel it at the first time till you find yourself eating human flesh and any a person who sees and stares at that doesn't differentiate between a person and a ferocious dog than that the ugly truth we tried to hide it in our world will show up and that animal who live inside us come out, especially at mealtime, when they throws for them a bone or the remnants of goroguards, all bodies heap on it for whom today's feast.

the  situation has become frightening and alarming as the sea has become more turbulent than before with strong winds are blowing the ship is heading towards vortex strongly and the death is watching from afar , it's time to take new victims, if you look deeply at salim and his crew you will clearly see that they are ready for him as they carrying swords  in way shows who really they are while waiting  for salim .

he puts his sons on small lifeboat maximum capacity only two people with two oars , he didn't hesitate to take out a circular necklace carved in the shape of a screaming skull wear it to Ali saying and sadness on his face : as long you wear it nothing will touch you.

Morad watching , Surprised by his father's behavior , Several questions arise His mind, the most important of which is what about me? Am I your son or just a bastard?

Hold himself off The response, except that the features of his face showed that he was affected by the words of his father, turning towards The edge of the boat, shed some tears, but his heart filled with hatred when he heard it.

  Salim getting the boat down while he cries On the separation of his two sons, he knew that it was the end of the road for him, the train of his life He reached the last station and was most sad for his son Morad, not Because of what he is doing or because of his rational behavior, but that he followed the path of his father, a path fraught with dangers, his punishment will be the black hole, because He didn't know  that he made a deal with  Goro.

The boat drove over the water than Ali burst into tears, saying:  father, where are you going ? please don't leave me like my mother did.

His brother hit him On his head gently, saying: Ourmotherdidnotleaveus theykilledherbecauseofhim hewantedToreachgreatness and fame, so someone must to pay, nothingisfree That is why he sacrificed our mother and now it is his turn to meet her fate.

Salim answered him, and tears were flowing: My son, I may have made a mistake in that, but be sure you are on the same path,  If I sacrifice your mother, you will do it With your brother, But I'm not going to make the same mistake twice so if you abandoned him, The curse of verom  will befall you , You will never be satisfied and will keep looking for more, A malicious disease will appear on your skin and eat your human flesh Until you turn like them, goodbye and remember my words well.

Morad entered into a state of shock and astonishment, he did not respond and he couldn't , Horror spread in his psyche from his words, Those plans, with the vision of the eyalet of Algeria shattered messed up  , that dream began to evaporate as a new problem appeared

The case of verom curse, which is an old curse from the work of
Goro and Yazur when they declared the armistice in 1460 B.C. it was completed With A session between Goro and his leaders, and Yazur brought with him kings and presidents
Tribes and a person called Manu.

 chapter 03 : return of the cursed captain

Manu is considered the last mortal who wore The necklace that is used to summon Yazur and give him his body in order to dwell in it, Sometimes he transforms into another form, using Yazur's abilities

in that meeting , Agreements have been signed that contain several laws, Any human who violates these laws will be affected by One of the curses.

There are about fifty curse in the treaty, The worst of it,  The curse of Marathat banishes you  to another world, Where those who are there are fighting for you to take your body and return to the world of the living, which is a large and wide area ? it contains a large yellow palace, its guards are giants wearing shields from their heads to their feet, you cannot see their features, except for those red eyes are visible from afar.

They use a type of animal that resembles a hyena but has horns and dense Hair, brown in body color, does not eat meat because there are no bodies there, but Spirits, they use it for other purposes such as torture that we do not know,Spiritual torment that makes you taste pain and suffering, this world is full of lost souls, who died but are looking for a way to finish their tasks that they did not accomplish when they were alive.

as for that curse that Salim warned his son about it is called verom , dedicated only for pirates that curse befalls their souls , nothing can satisfy their desire and always looking for more with a rash appeared on their skin it will transform them to a type of creatures called ark , this kind of demons were another race before changing and they lost their form and soul, you may say a malicious and lethal type of creatures.

extreme silence and apparent fear on the crew while they watching in that whirlpool until something strange came,  what they was expecting happened, the ghost ship shows up .

led by the cursed captain known as tifo, he was born in Lisbon and grew up in the church after his first experience in seas at age 26 years old,  five years later he become the captain of the Portuguese fleet till it crashed in naval battle near the Mediterranean  against the fleet of ottoman empire and eyelet of Algeria then he made a deal with goro while the ship is sinking.

he become his servant , responsible on the day of payment for whoever accepts making deals with goro just like what happening with Salim and his crew  at this moment.

tifo is distinguished by huge body and twisted muscles, medium tall, poetry short black with flat forehead,  lets you see that this person thinks individually and  doesn't care to the opinions of those who around him, eyebrows low light, if you look closely at that square face you will get a slight hint that he is hostile and loves control on the others, he suffer from irritation but what made him more handsome was that rectum nose and two large ears, with arched lips without forgetting those full cheeks and a prominent chin, assures you that he is an independent person, his  hasty  decisions  caused him many problems with goro.

tifo  approaches to them with fabulous speed with his crew's incessant screams in order to broadcast fear in the hearts of Salim  and his crew while  they stand as one man, they are one big family, they spent years doing impossible and now its time to pay  and they know it well.

 Salim arrive as he wiped in his tears  and screaming  in courage tone: Salim and his men will not fall  without fight.,  they answered with enthusiastically and shrieking,  all gentlemen  who has principle guide them bow to respect for their sincerity and loyalty : pirates in good and bad days, we live together and die together, the black hole calls out and we will accept her call., shouting loudly, this is the life of the pirates.

the cursed captain arrived jumping towards Salim ship using the ropes tied to the sails and the mast , after they get in the ship, they didn't move muscle only starring in strange and sick way as they moving their bodies and heads with annoying gouging of teeth.

there are an x-sign on the heart side, he was stripped of then that strange, if you made deal with goro you will pay and if you work alongside with him will you also pay.

Salim has heart of lion watching from his place while tifo took step than he used powerful and unique abilities, strange magic given to him by his master, its make him move and wander around with ease and unbelievable speed,  with one move he faces Salim face to face then he started to smell it from his head to his stomach  like animal .as he moving his body and head with that sick way .

he looked at him with sadistic looks showing you that he left his humanity , there was silence around the ship, you could only hear cracking their teeth.

tifo still smelling Salim then he walk away suddenly he came back to him very quickly and start smelling him again as holding his hand strong, you can see the pain appears on  Salim face, smoke rising from the palm of Salim  hands as its burning then four letters appear all over his body, represented ( M-D-W-G) .

tifo smelling  those hidden letters, which are symbols that expose who made a deal with goro , he smiled while leaving Salim's hand.

Salim was standing with courage and resilience, finally tifo spoke.



 chapter 04 : hell let loose


Tifo the cursed captain finely spoke not any trifles or for the sake of chatting, he is nightmare with few words you cant call him human being, a demon in the form of man , his words are poison play with your mind without feel i, contain evil and sadistic meanings .

stare with smug look towards the golden jewel as it is called Salim in Algeria , he replied to him with silent smile and jugurtha courage which was evident in that standing while holding his sword resembling mesinisa in that beautiful period that created for us country of diverse race.

tifo : it's been long time since the last visit, Salim pasha, i had the honor of seeing and speaking with your eldest son, our conversation was interesting and useful for us.

he burst out laughing with a loud voice indicating the mockery of Salim then he stopped his laughter quickly and changed his facial feature to seriousness.

i need the little one, my master thinks he's going to cause us problems, especially since you have that damn necklace and that moron who got crammed his nose in something doesn't concern him

 you never have it, and you will die on his hand

sure why not , however i will pay him visit someday

he drew his golden curved sword and placed it onSalim's neck as good tidings of death befitting him or offending his heroic history.

so, the easyway or as you Arabslike it the hardway.

Salim stares into those sinister eyes
For a little while, then he looked at him with a smile: I think you know the answer.

He pulled his sword gently and return backward in a magical way, his legs did not touch the floor of ship , you can compare it to a bird flying in the sky until it arrived To his cursed crew, when he came down and begin to move left and right non-stop with his eyes watching Salim, who is powerless, because  the cursed captain is in front of him and the Reaper is behind watching everything with The black robe that increased his attractiveness and the scythe in the form of a frightening bow , he had great prestige, keeping for himself Magic and mystery, which makes you try to get to know and meet him, but unfortunately You only meet him on the day of separation.

Salim pulled out his sword quickly and in a way that indicated his courage and his love of confrontations Even if he lost his life.

Walking two steps forward as real man nothing scared him while starring at that nightmare of humanity Tifo the cursed captain

Look closely and you will see encrypted messages, not any one has the ability to understand the meaning of it , carrying an heroic title ( death with honors)

Everyone is waiting for this battle especially Salim , he was waiting for it a long time ago, he knew that this day would come and the story of Salim pasha reach to the end chapter

A great Legend he wrote his name in book of history full with significant achievements We mention from them his fight alongside the two brothers Aruj and Barbarossa, Defended his homeland when the king of Britain besieged it And his allies in the siege of Algeria, one of the participants in rescue operations For Andalusian Muslims, from the inspection courts that were applied against them and others Of the tournaments.

He refused to be the conclusion of this extensive record With accomplishments, a death not worthy of his stature, he chose to fight and die with honor.

Killer moments were set in motion, when Tifo and Salim  began to fight, in order to determine who would be more appropriate to see a new day, and to confirm who was entitled to own the Mediterranean, the eyelet of Algeria or the favorite Goro doll



Submitted: December 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Isaac Johnson. All rights reserved.

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