the realty of he'll

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

a murder crime sends a legal precedent to prison but with the appearance of stranger demanding to have and take him to his own prison which is different from all the prisons that we know where the law of jungle is applied and some of the supernatural that happen there make their only wish is to survive for another day.


jimmy Jackson : 30 years old , a former prisoner , known as the sick doll, a man with few words, tall and stronger, he kill for fun, after the death of his son Christopher, he served 15 years in prison for it.

jenny Barry : a well-known model and ex-wife of jimmy after the death of Christopher she divorced him and remarried to her manger.

the chief police : police chief in the late fifties, a loyal in his work, he doesn't deal with bribes or any other act that violates the law, you can say he is a good policeman.

Irish Jackie : 27-years old man from Ireland, short tall and muscular, he has a dark and sinister personality, a cocky person who likes to provoke others and play with their nerves.

the spirit of Christopher : the spirit of Christopher, jimmy's son, who died at age of 10, his mission is to visit his father and be his guardian angel for protection from what awaits him in that prison.

the prison of devil's terrier: a strange and unusual prison, unknown location , it's violates all human and civilization laws , it's manged by Irish Jackie, contains guards from underworld led by two main guards pharos and normus.

pharos: they called him the punishes angel, tall, green-skinned, tattooed on the chest and arms, green eyes, wearing hamlet with , he carries a small shield and a sword made by Gog and Magog.

normus: they called him the angel of compassion, tall, green-skinned and likewise the eyes, three heads and six hands each one carrying a big sword that is not from this world, they fall from the sky in the beginning of creation when the war broke out between the angels and jinn.

saris Clemson : a man in his thirties, short in stature, skinny, characterized by cunning, a professional in using knives, Jackie took him to serve a 10-years sentence .

Nani bronchi : the youngest prisoner in the devil's burrow, he has 18-years old, completely psycho, and his the first one to have a pet out there called the hell dog.

malik bin marawan : man from Iraq, his record is clean, the only problem he has is seeing paranormal things and getting visit's from creatures we don't used to see them, he was invited by Jackie to adapt to the situation that he has especially that he has powers inside him without knowing it.

the hell dog: a monster born from lava underground, there are flame in his mouth when he open it and you can see it clearly in his eyes with big tail.

deadly reptile: a creature that lives on that island has the intelligence and power to face human or beast with the passage of centuries his genetics changed and he became like human in living but he still has his animal form, he used in killing his victims a medium serrated sword.

the sexy lady marista : a lady who works as a nurse in prison, she has a hot and attractive body, a scary face with big sharp teeth of the cannibal type.

pradhanesh the merchant of spirits: Mr. marista's husband, he was human before, he worked as miner but after he fell into a pit while working, it's led him to the underworld, many years spent it there till he lost his humanity as a result of living with them and became spirits merchant as a hobby because he works as secretary to Jackie.

the barren son of the earth: a rocky beast mixed with lava throwing it from his hand that look like a volcano's crater, his work as guard in emergency situation like riots and quarrels, he has two rocky horns reading the minds of prisoners and discovers the reason behind that accident than he turn him into a rock statue.

feeding time: this name was giving by prisoner to a strange creature, whose name and identity are unknown, they only see it in the middle of the night, when he goes out to kill and eat those who are late in escaping , medium in height, green skin, yellow eyes, long backward - sloping antlers, wielding two small bow-sharped swords.

macro:the pilot of a meg military aircraft, he fly over the forgotten island, he loses control of his aircraft due to paranormal activity, he find himself struggling to survive from anger of that island and the unpleasant surprise it contains.

the forgotten island: an unknown island, you cant find in it on map, appears and disappears automatically, it's impossible to reach it, suffering from an old curse that remains to this day.

the chapter : the nightmare begins


it's dark in the middle of night nothing to see clear except for street lamps, which give us a little light to see what's around with heavy rain a strong sound of thunder follows him frightens people when they heart it .

no one dared to go out in this weather that ruined having fun with friends in bar or enjoying the tranquility of the woods at night.

all of them hiding in their homes and they taste the blessing of warmth only a short man has good look in unbelievable way he had a rectangular face radiating hatred with a defined, slightly pointed chin and a sturdy jaw line and angular cheekbones , if you look deeply towards those small green eyes and spaced evenly apart you will see a black past full of endless crimes, his thinly plucked eyebrows were shaped into a deceivingly perfect arch that followed the slight curve of his beautiful eyes thus broad ,rounded nose made him more charming Especially that white skin that shines like pure gold.

he began to walk rapidly in silent street making distinctive sound While looking at the bedroom, it made him smile because he waited for this opportunity for 15 years to take revenge and bring out those hidden feelings that turned his life into a nightmare through which he tasted the bitterness of his conscience over the death of his son.

who was accused by his ex-wife ( jenny berry ) of being the main cause of his death, but the reality that lives In it he says otherwise, as he made an irreversible decision that the death of his ex-wife ( jenny berry) is a matter of time as he advances towards it , hatred crept into his heart and a fire of anger flared in his eyes There are several steps between him and the main entrance to the house to determine his inevitable fate.

Forgiveness is an unrecognized quality, unlike murder and revenge that dominated his mind and thought.

He opened the door while he was still determined to his plan, then he took out a Magnum pistol the way he was carrying it showed the black side that he owned , going up those stairs and hearing in a voice coming from that room, it seems that they are enjoying their intimate time and They don't know that death sent them an emissary, what a strange and special thing to happen on their wedding anniversary.

Upon his arrival, he kicked the door forcefully until it was fully opened, forcing them to stop what they were doing, and they turned to him, amazed and shocked, while they concealed themselves, they could not speak, and especially jenny , staring at him with features bearing several inquiries, tried to speak, so she began to stutter as a result of his unexpected visit .

Jimmy is approaching them slowly, as if in no hurry, while the weapon is pointed at her, which yellowed from seeing him in front of her while the husband is shivering with fear, he knows very well who he is, Jimmy the Sick Doll, known by everyone, but he has never met him, There was silence for a few seconds till Jimmy broke that terrible silence, saying in a tense tone of anger : My dear, I am back after rotting in prison for 15 years for a crime I did not commit.,

he fired warning shots near her head In a sick way, she made her cry out in terror while her husband went into a frenzy, Jimmy took a step forward with a smile as he talking : And the funny thing is that I found the real killer. , Then he killed her directly with a bullet to the head with a cold heart and a dead conscience And that husband was in a state of shock, he couldn't find anything to say or do except waving his hand in a pitiful way and begging for his life.

Jimmy replied to him with a malicious smile and a gun pointed at him, indifferent to his pleading, and the method followed by the sick doll, which forces the gangs to avoid him and to enter into a losing struggle with him, and the authorities fear him for the problems that he will cause her, and on top of all this, it is not usual to leave witnesses behind.

he talk with strong tone As approached him a little and the reaper followed in it, to receive another victim and then spoke the last words that that husband heard :I'm sorry, you pay the price of your marriage , as the vows say, to be her husband through thick and thin, and now you die with her.

Without delay, he too was killed by a bullet in the head until the pillow was stained with blood And he set off as if nothing had happened.

That dead and empty street suddenly changed You can hear the police cars coming quickly as a result of the neighbors' complaints over the sound of gunfire, Who took them out to the street, waiting for the police to arrive, and they are wondering what happened. They have no information to help them know the truth. They whisper between them, what happened to Miss jenny .

The mystery and suspicions that had gripped their thinking disappeared, after they saw the sick doll emerging from the house smiling, All of the mouths were closed and those whispers stopped after they saw him walking in the front yard of the house

That personality he has, everything in him is different and unique, whatever they like it or Not , he forced them to respect him and put fear into their hearts, their eyes staring at him while he was sitting on the floor watching them from afar , The police arrived and got out of their car quickly, with their guns pointed at him, and they were all shouting, Jimmy, Don't move.


Submitted: December 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Isaac Johnson. All rights reserved.

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