Meet Me at Midnight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

After being sent to a mental hospital unable to remember what happened, Bailey meets a boy her age and is warned about the truth of the hospital. As they plan to escape the real truth shows itself.


Meet Me at Midnight


 The feeling of being in a car going over a bump shook me awake. My eyes opened but could not focus on my surroundings. I seemed to be laying down. I tried to lift my arms, but they were strapped down to whatever thing I was laying on. I could hear music playing which seemed to be in French, but it sounded as if it were playing underwater. 

 I closed my eyes still unable to focus them and drifted off again into a hard sleep for what seemed for hours. It was a dreamless sleep. An empty blackness around me with the echo of the French song that was playing seemed to bounce off the nonexistent walls. 

 I felt soft gentle hands on my face and on my arms. I felt someone force open my eyelids and shine a light in them. I jolted up only to have my arms still restrained. I blinked fast forcing my eyes to focus. I saw a woman who was in light blue shrubs. She snapped her fingers next to my ears.

“Can you hear me Bailey?” she asked. I nodded confused. “Good. you're not going to freak out on me, now are you?” she asked with a smile. I shook my head no. She released my hands and feet from the leather restraints. “Hold onto me while you stand up.” 

 I gripped onto her shoulders as I stood onto my tingling legs. The sharp feeling that you have when a limb falls asleep shoots up my legs. I took a quick look around me and I was in fact in some type of ambulance. I turned back to look at the lady.

 She had brown hair with gold highlights that was pulled back into a loose low pony. She was a few inches taller than me and looked to be in her mid to late 30s. Her light blue shrubs had some stains on them, and she wore tennis shoes that have seen better days. 

 I looked down at myself. I was still wearing my blue skinny jeans and grey hoodie that had a vomit stain on. My hair had been messily pulled back into a loose bun. I was a bit shaky as the lady helped me stand up straight. 

“Are you a doctor?” I asked and my throat burned. 

“Sort of, I am a nurse. And I will be here helping you ok sweetie?” she said pulling an IV out of my right arm. I nodded as I watched her pull the needle out. “Do you feel ok? Nauseous? Dizzy?”

“I feel a little dizzy and my throat hurts.” I said still looking at the place that the IV once was. 

“Ok that's ok. After we get you signed in, I will get you some water.'' I nodded.

 She held my hand and helped me down from the ambulance. She walked me through a glass door. I turned and looked behind me at the ambulance that drove off and left through a giant gate. I looked at the huge walls surrounding whatever building I was at.

 We walked into the building and the smell of rubbing alcohol, and soap tickled my nose. We walked on the white marble floor to a desk. The inside of the room looked like the front of the doctor’s office. A few phones rang and some people were in groups talking near the walls.

 The nurse lady walked up the desk with me and let go of my hand as she started talking to the front desk lady. The desk lady looked at me and smiled. I smiled back slightly, and the nurse started talking to her. I looked around. There were two hallways at the end of each side of the room. I watched as a group of boys dressed in the same clothes were walking down the long hallway to my right and disappeared around the corner. 

 I turned back to face the desk and looked around in the front room again. I could hear the nurse and front desk lady talking but I was not listening, it sounded like a distant conversation that I couldn't hear, but I could hear the voices just not the words. On the other side of the glass I saw a boy wearing the same sweatpants and crewneck sweatshirt as the boys I saw before. He was handing papers to one of the other register ladies. 

 He turned and looked at me. His beautiful green eyes looked me up and down and stopped on my face. He was extremely attractive. He was tall, skinny, and looked sort of muscular under his clothes. He had wavy blonde hair that was messy and pushed to one side. He had a skinny heart shaped face with a cute button nose. He had slightly dark circles under his eyes. 

 I felt the nurse gently shake my arm pulling me out of the trance that the boy put me in. I looked at her and she handed me a stack of clothes, a towel, and shoes. 

“We are going to go to your room to meet your roommate, okay?” she said smiling.

 I nodded and she started walking to the far-left side of the room holding my right elbow. I looked over my shoulder and looked at the boy as we walked away. He was still watching me, and I turned back around facing forward. We turned down a long hallway. 

On each side of the hallway were doors. Some were open, some were cracked open, and others were closed. As we walked down the hallway, the nurse was explaining things to me. 

“My name is Rachel and I am you and your roommates nurse. If there is ever anything you need you buzz for me okay?” she said, and I nodded. “Now you may choose if you want to shower in the morning or at night. At each mealtime there is a bell, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a bell for bedtime and wake up time. If you ever feel hungry during the day there are snacks in the cafeteria. There is also an outside courtyard where you can spend your free time or in the inside loft/wreck room, which is located next to the cafeteria. Tomorrow you start your classes and special times where you meet with someone to talk about how you feel. If you have any questions, please ask.”

About 10 doors in we walked into a room that had its door open. Inside was a girl laying on a twin bed to the right of the room. On her nightstand was a little radio playing a song, but I did not pay too much attention to it. 

“You get settled in Bailey and you two get to know each other. Dinner is in two hours at 6.” she said smiling and leaving. 

 I turned and looked at my roommate who was sitting up and she smiled. She had very short thin brown hair and was tall and skinny. 

“I’m Violet.” she said holding out a skinny hand. I shook it and turned to put my stuff on the other twin bed. 

“I’m bailey.” I said turning back to her. 

She nodded. As I put my extra clothes and towels in the trunk at the end of my bed, I listened more carefully to what she was listening to. I jerked my head up. It was the same French song as I heard in the ambulance.

“What song is this?” I asked.

“I think it's called Dominique by Soeur Sourire. It's French I believe.” Violet said. “Do you like it?”

“I do.” I said. “I heard it on my way here.” I stood and closed my trunk and sat on the bed. 

“You should probably change into some of the clothes they gave you.” She said. “They come by and take the clothes and shoes you wore here.”

“Oh.” I said standing and opening the trunk.

 I pulled out a pair of the sweatpants and the crewneck sweater. On the back of the crew neck were the numbers “36829”. I threw it onto the bed and grabbed a pair of socks. The clothes were a light beige color and smelled like laundry soap. I yanked off my hoodie and tank top that I was wearing and pushed my head through the head hole in the crewneck.

“Underwear and bra too.” she said. “I didn't want to either, but they said we must. There should be two sports bras and some underwear in your trunk.”

“Oh, thank you.” I said.    

I took the crewneck off and searched through the trunk and grabbed a pair of underwear and a sports bra. I set them on the bed and looked at Violet who was watching me.

“I can turn around.” she said turning and sitting facing the wall on her bed. 

 I yanked off my bra and put the new one on and the same with my underwear. Surprisingly, the underwear and sports bra were extremely comfortable. I yanked up the sweatpants and looked at Violet who was still facing the wall.

“You're good now.” I said. She turned back around as I tugged my crewneck on. I folded my old clothes and placed them on my bed. 

“Can I braid your hair?” Violet asked. 

“Would you?” I asked. She nodded quickly.

“I love to braid, and I don't really have any hair to braid, I ripped it out from stress.” She said laughing slightly. 

I smiled and went and sat on the floor in front of her bed. She scooted forward and began to brush my hair with a brush that was on her nightstand. She was gentle as she brushed and began braiding my thick dark brown hair.

“You have such beautiful hair.” she said. “It's so thick and long, I'm jealous. If I could cut off your hair and wear it, I would. But I will not.” she said, braiding.

“Oh, thank you.” I said. 

“You are incredibly beautiful in general. You have a perfect body. And beautiful kissable lips.” she said.

“Oh.” I said.

“I'm sorry. I should have asked if you were gay before just going ahead and saying things like that. I get out of control sometimes. And the sexual me is like ‘nah nah nah’.” she said smiling. I laughed at the sound she made. 

“It's ok.” I said closing my eyes. 

 After she finished, I stood and looked at myself in the full body mirror in the middle of the back wall in between our nightstands. My long dark brown hair was pulled back nice and tight but not too tight French braid. I guess I did have a good body. I had an hourglass shape with thick thighs but a skinny waist. My skin was very white or pale. I had a ton of freckles on my face and some down my hidden arms. I didn't have appealing eyes like the boy I saw earlier. Mine were just brown. 

 There was a ring of a bell through the whole building and Violet stood and slipped on her shoes. I watched her still standing in front of the mirror. 

“It's dinner.” she said standing. I nodded and slipped on my shoes. 

 We walked out into the hallway and turned left and started walking in the opposite direction of the front desk and where I came in. other girls were walking to the same place. There was a lot of chatter. And some men in uniforms walked with us which I was guessing was security.

Once we made it to the large cafeteria Violet rushed off to find what I was guessing her friends. I stood in line and grabbed a salad. I headed over to the back of the cafeteria in the far-right corner near the door. I looked up as I put some Caesar dressing on my salad and saw a familiar face. He turned and looked at me and his green eyes met mine once again. I smiled and nodded towards me. He nodded gently and disappeared into the line to get food.  

I mixed up my salad and took a few bites when I saw him walking to where I was sitting alone. He set down his tray across from me. I wiped my mouth and looked up at him as he sat down. 

“You're the girl from the front desk?” he said.

“Yeah. I am. I’m bailey.” I said. 

“Bailey…” he repeated to himself. “I’m Conan.” he said, taking a bite of his soup. I smiled and took another bite of my salad. 

“How long have you been here?” I asked, taking another bite.

“Two months.” he said, continuing to eat.

“Oh.” I said, taking a bite of salad. I looked up as he leaned over the table and whispered in my ear.

“I’m normal too. I have no idea why I'm here. Me and you might be the only sane people here.” he whispered. My throat tightened up and I swallowed my bite of food. 

“What?” I said my voice cracked and I cleared my throat.

“Out of all these ill people. Me and you are the only sane people. I don't know why. I knew when I saw you, that you were like me.” he said. 

I looked at him thinking. He was right. I had no mental illness like everyone else. I was normal. Of course, I had normal things like anxiety and stress, but everyone has that. 

“Let's talk more outside when we are done eating.” he said, sitting back down and taking a bite of his soup. 

I nodded and took a bite of salad. I kept repeating what he said. He was right. Me and him were the only sane ones. My eyes scanned the room as I chewed. Other people had real illnesses and problems that needed to be solved. Then why were we here? We are fine and don’t need help. The only problem is I don't remember what happened to get me onto the ambulance and how I would have been sent here in the first place. The drugs I was on, did they clear my mind? Was I kidnapped? Am I an experiment? 

“You done?” Conan asked, standing up with his tray. I looked down and at mine and nodded. I picked it up and stood. We walked and cleared our trays before leaving the cafeteria. “Have you been to the courtyard yet?” I shook my head no. 

I followed him through the doors of the cafeteria and across the hallway to the exit doors. The outside courtyard had benches, trees, and all sorts of plants and flowers with one large oak tree in the middle surrounded by a planter. There were already some people out there walking or sitting and chatting. As I followed Conan to where he wanted to sit and hang out, I looked at the numbers on his back, “41602”. It was my birthday. April 16th, 2002. Conan led me to a bench in the far corner not near any other patients, nurses, or security. He sat and sighed looking up at me with his beautiful green eyes. I sat next to him looking down at my small hands. 

“Get to know each other?” he asked. 

“Sure.” I said looking up at him. “You first.”

“Well, err, my name is Conan Xane. I’m 17. And honestly, I don't remember anything before the ambulance. I have been here for 2 months trying to figure out why I’m here.” he said scanning his eyes over my sitting body. 

“My full name is Bailey Obote and I’m 16. And same, I don't remember anything before the ambulance. I just woke up high on some kind of drug then I fell asleep and woke up again here.” I said and he nodded, still looking me over. 

“There must be a reason. I have been thinking since I got here. There are two possible reasons that I have narrowed it down to.” he said pulling his eyes from me.

“Enlighten me.” I said still looking at him.

“Either all these people here were also sane like us and slowly over time became insane and developed a mental illness, through some kind of test or experiment. Or something did happen and the drugs we were given erased what happened and they are manipulating us that we have an illness. Either way, they are hiding something.” he said resting his elbows on his knees and hunching forward. 

“Who are they? Who do you keep mentioning as they?” I asked hunching over as well to look at his face. He turned his head towards me. 

“Mrs. Speener. She and her husband run this place, although no one has seen her husband. You will more than likely meet her tomorrow. I think there is something outside this facility that they are hiding from us.” He said flashing his eyes from my eyes to my chin. 

“You are good at these things?” I said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Solving things. Like mysteries. It seems you have been really thinking about this.” I said. He nodded.

“I have watched how people, especially the people who work here, react to certain things.” he said. 


“Like. someone started a fight. She disappeared for a week.” he said. “Someone tried escaping and he too disappeared. Obviously, they are hiding something on the outside and they don't want any violence or uprising.” 

“Well this is a mental hospital some people try to get better; violence might trigger someone's PTSD or something…” I said but was cut off by him shaking his head.

“A girl thought the same thing as me, that they were hiding. And started a fight to see if it would distract them so she could escape.” he said. I sat in silence thinking. “You can't say that you are healthy, and especially not that you know they are hiding something.'' I nodded.

 He stopped talking for a moment and just looked my face up and down. I looked his face up and down as well. Our silence was cut off by a bell which made me jump. He stood up and helped me up off the bench. He grabbed the sides of my crewneck and tugged me into him. 

“Stall 14 in the showers is a shampoo bottle with a plastic bag. We can write notes and put them into the bag and into the bottle to talk. Make sure to shove the plastic bag deep into it to really hide it.” he whispered into my ear. 

I flashed my eyes up and saw a security guard strolling towards us. Conan gently grabbed my upper arms and pushed me gently back and smiled at me before walking away. I rushed after him looking sideways at the guard. I nearly ran down the hallway to my room. 

Violet was already in there and was changing into a nightgown looking thing. I shut the door behind me and yanked off my crew neck and bent overlooking through the trunk. Inside was the same sort of gown thing as she was wearing. I turned my back to her and yanked off my sports bra and tugged the gown over my head. I stripped off my pants and sat on my bed. 

The door opened and our nurse walked in holding a glass of water and a dixie cup. She handed it to Violet smiling. Violet took whatever was in the dixie cup and chugged the water. The nurse took it from her and smiled at us as she made her way to the door.

“Good night ladies.” she said shutting the door. 

“Night.” I whispered. 

 Violet turned off her lamp and laid down and passed out. I sat there looking at her before laying down on my side. I reached over and turned off my lamp. I rolled over and faced the wall. I placed my hand on the spot where I left my clothes which were now gone. I gripped the sheets at their place. I felt my face was hot. I clenched my jaw and cried out silently. 

 What happened? What caused me to be here? Why can't I remember? Is Conan my way out? Was he my savior? Could we figure out how to leave here?

 I felt hot steamy tears pour out my eyes. There was an urge in me to want to hug Conan. To run to him. To escape with him. But he was still a mystery to me. But he shouldn't be. After all he was in my same place. What was going to happen tomorrow? I rolled over onto my back and looked at the ceiling. I could see his face looking down at mine. I reached out for it, but it only disappeared at my touch. Again, tomorrow. I remember Nurse Rachel talking about the classes that I have tomorrow. But I don't need classes. I don't need the special personal times to talk to people that I didn't know. 

 I forced myself to close my eyes. By the time I opened them it was two days later, I was in one of the classes. We sat in chairs in a circle. One by one we stood and talked about our fears or phobias that we had and explained it. I turned my head and watched as the person next to me stood and talked. I couldn't seem to hear the words coming out of anyone's mouth. I was in a sort of daze, just living but not really. The only words I heard was the instructor calling my name. 

 My legs stood without my brain commanding them too. I stood and looked around at all the faces and eyes that were on me. I opened my mouth and words came out. But it seemed as if my body was functioning without my brain needing to give out commands. 

Anthropophobia, the fear of people and society. Glossophobia, the fear of speaking in public.” I said. 

I was in a daze. My eyes looked on the familiar green set of eyes that sat across from me. He slowly nodded his head while his eyes were locked on mine. I sat not unlocking my eyes from his. The muffled voice of the instructor moving onto the next person was the only thing I heard. 

His green eyes seemed so close, yet they were across the wide circle. It was all I could see. The bright emerald green. Down the bridge of his button nose. To his pink lips. And back slowly up to his green eyes again. His green eyes now dragged down the bridge of my nose to my lips. And slowly back up. Focusing on each freckle. He blinked slowly refocusing on my brown eyes. In the corner of my eyes I could see everyone standing and beginning to leave. 

I yanked my eyes from my daze with him. I picked up my notebook that sat beside me on the ground. I began to follow Conan but was stopped by a tall skinny lady. She had streaks of grey hair in her brown hair that was pulled back into a low bun. She had cat eyeglasses that were placed on the middle of her nose. She had a long pointy face. She smiled down at me. I took a moment and blinked and smiled at her.

“Bailey, right?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am.” I said. She reached out a skinny long hand and I shook it gently.

“I'm Mrs. Speener. I hope you are settling in well.” She said, and I nodded. She smiled. “Good. have a nice rest of your day.”

“You too.” I said before rushing off to find Conan. I left the room and turned left and ran into him. He grabbed my hand and rushed off. 

“She can't know Bailey.” he said.

“I didn't tell her or say anything really.'' I said, yanking my hand back. He turned back to face me and placed the back of his hand on my cheeks then my forehead. 

“You looked in a daze.” he said frowning. “Did you take the medication that was on your desk?” 

“Yeah, my nurse said they were anti-anxiety pills.” I said looking up at him.

“They aren't! Don't take them. They put you in those dazes where you feel high and not in control.” he said letting go of my face.

“How do you know?” I asked as he turned his back to me and started walking to my room. 

“I stopped taking them.” he said. I blinked repeatedly as we turned into my room. Violet wasn't there so we had the room to ourselves, but we must keep the door open. “Does Violet know?”

“No, I haven't told anyone.'' I said. 

“Good.” he said sternly, he looked down the hallway and turned back into the room looking anxious. 

“What's wrong?” I asked. He stared at me blankly. “You seem anxious.” 

“I am.” he said, walking around the room tapping his arm. “Lets…” he paused. “Lunch. Let's go eat.” he said before rushing out of the room. I frowned and stood walking to the door and looking down the hallway. He was walking quickly to the cafeteria. I looked at both sides of the hallway before following him. 

“Wait up Conan.” I said reaching out and tugging on his sleeve. He spun around and grabbed my arms. 

“Just save me a seat at our table.” he said. He let go of my arms and rushed past the doors to the cafeteria. 

I walked into the character filled room. I grabbed a cup of water and went and sat at our back table. I sipped at my water while looking down at my lap. In the corner of my eye I saw a figure walk up to the table and sit. 

I looked up to see a man around my age. Maybe a year older. He had dark hair that was parted down the middle. He was tan and obviously very tall. He had dark eyes that he looked at me with. He tapped the table nervously. I smiled slightly at him. He smiled. He tapped his fingers faster and more anxiously on the table. 

“Why are you here?” he asked, his voice was shaky and went up and down while he spoke. 

“Massive fears and anxiety attacks when talking to people.” I said. He nodded fast.

“I burned my house down with my family trapped in the basement.” he said, not breaking eye contact with me. I shifted uncomfortably. I nodded slowly. 

“We all make mistakes.” I whispered. 

“It wasn't an accident.” he said, not looking away. “I painted you.” he said.

“I'm sorry?” I asked turning my head slightly to the side. 

He pulled out a painting of me on a piece of paper. It was beautifully done. It was made of red paint or ink. He pushed it towards me, and I picked it up looking closer. 

“It's really good.” I said. And it truly was. He was a beautiful painter. 

“I didn't have any ink or paint, so it's made from my blood.” he said. My eyes shot up and looked at him then went back down to the painting. 

“Oh...” I said. 

“I always make one for all the girls. So, there is yours.” he said standing up. He quickly rushed away as Conan made his way to the table. Conan stopped and looked at the boy as he rushed away.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“No idea.” I said still looking at the boy who had given me the small painting. 

Conan sat next to me and slipped out a paper. I turned towards him and looked down at the paper that he held near his lap. 

“This is a map of the facility, these,” he said pointing to certain squares. “Are the exits. Not the ones to the courtyard. But the emergency ones that lead to the outside near the wall.” he said. I shot my head up and looked at him. My face being closer to his than I intended. His green eyes watched me. 

“We can escape.” I whispered. He nodded. I smiled wide and he grinned. The bell rang and people began leaving. 

“I'll see you at dinner.” he said getting up. As he stood, he leaned towards me slightly. “14.” he whispered. 

I kept repeating his words in my head as I sat in the last class of the day. I had taken a picture of the paper in my mind and was studying it. We were going to do this. We were going to leave. We were going to find out what the people who were running this place were hiding. I stared at the floor during the whole class. Thinking over some plans. When the bell rang, I rushed out of the room and down the hallway to my room. I searched for the exits closest to me and took note of them. When I got to my room Violet was in there with a girl. 

I stopped in my tracks when I saw what they were doing. They both stopped wiping their mouths looking at me. My face grew red with embarrassment. 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I repeated putting my hands up.

“You're fine bailey.” Violet said. 

I rushed to my trunk and pulled out a towel, and a new pair of sweatpants, crewneck, underwear and sports bra. I nearly ran down the hallway to the showers. When I entered the steamy room, I looked at the door numbers mouthing stall 14 to myself. When I came to it, I pulled it open relieved to find no one in there. I shut the door and stripped off my clothes putting them on a rack out of the way of the water. I cranked the water too hot. I grabbed the shampoo bottle and opened the lid. I dug my fingers through the soap before feeling the plastic bag. 

I grabbed it with my index finger and middle finger and tugged it out. Inside was a note that said, “meet me at midnight.”. I looked up. I knew what this meant. I shoved the bag back into the bottle and covered it with shampoo. I washed my hair and body well. And just stood in the hot water that came down from the shower head. I was nervous. I shut off the water. and dried myself off before putting on my clean clothes. I could feel the nervous knot in my stomach. I squeezed out the water in my hair and walked back to my room. 

Violet and the other girl weren't there, and I was guessing they went to another room. I put my stuff into the trunk and closed it. I brushed out my hair and pulled it into a messy wet bun. I looked at myself in the mirror. I sighed and turned around to see Conan standing in the doorway.

“Jesus!” I gasped. He smiled. He slowly walked towards me.

“Did you see it?” he asked. I nodded. “We have two hours till dinner.” he said. 

“Yeah I know. I was going to go hang out in the loft area. Maybe we can play chest or something.” 

“We can tonight.” he said, turning his head slightly to the side. 

“At,” I started. 

“Yes.” he said cutting me off. He came up to me and whispered in my ear. His hot breath made me shiver. “Tonight, when we go to eat, grab two spoons and hide them in your sleeves. We are going to plan.” I nodded. There was a loud rumbling sound that made me jump. I gripped onto his arm. And looked around. He smiled. “It's just thunder.”

“Yeah...”  I said. “Let's go in the rain!” I said grabbing his arm.

“The rain? Why?” he said as I drug him out of the room and down the hallway. 

I tugged him outside into the pouring rain as the sky rumbled and growled. My hair began to mat down to my head along with his blonde hair. I grabbed both of his hands into mine and swung them side to side. I could see him squinting to see me as the water got in his eyes. I reached out and wiped his eyes for him. He wrapped his arms around me and gripped onto my wet clothes and rocked side to side. 

 I rested my head against his collarbone and watched the bright flash of lightning flash across the sky followed by the loud rumbling sound of thunder. I closed my eyes and let him rock me. I remembered when we looked at each other during one of the classes. I remember the way he looked my face up and down. And how I looked from his green eyes to his lips. More rumbling from the sky came. I leaned my head back and let the rain pour onto my face. 

 I smiled as the water coated me over and over. I remembered that he wanted to meet tonight again to talk about our plan. It was so soon that we would find out the truth. What they were hiding from us. I felt lips on mine which snapped me out of my thoughts. I jerked my head up to face Conan's face. He wiped his large hands on my face, clearing some of the water out the way. 

“Let’s go dry ourselves before dinner.” he said, and I nodded in agreement. When I pulled and turned away from him, I felt him tug my arm and I turned to face him. “Bailey?” he said.

“Yeah.” I asked squinting my eyes through the water that dripped off my eyelashes. 

“Bailey.” he repeated.

“What?” I asked louder. 

He said my name repeatedly and kept tugging on my arm. I shot up in bed and looked at Conan’s concerned face who was beside me, tugging my arm. 

“Finally,” he said. “You were out, I was calling for you for like 5 minutes.” he said. I looked around dazed and confused, rubbing my eyes. “It's time for dinner.” he said standing up straight. 

 I rolled out of bed and followed him down the hallway to the cafeteria. It was a bit noisy and busy like normal. I waited in line with Conan and grabbed some soup once I got to the counter. We went and sat together at our usual back table. It was only about 6 hours to go. 6 hours till midnight. Then I remembered. Spoons. 

 I looked down at the one in my hand and looked around. I pretended to drop it on the floor and bent over and picked it up. While I lifted my head, I made eye contact with one of the security guys. I stood and walked over to the bin where we put our dirty dishes and walked back up to the counter to grab a few spoons. I shoved two up my sleeve and held one in my hand showing off to the guy that I was just getting a new spoon. 

“I got them.” I whispered through my clenched teeth to Conan who was busy eating. 

He nodded as you put another spoonful of soup into his mouth. I ate quickly to catch up to him and we cleared our trays and headed to the loft area inside. As we walked, I slipped a spoon into his hand and he shoved it up his sleeve. As he did, he kept his hand near mine and I could feel his fingers trying to lace through mine. I let him grip onto my hand and headed to two bean bags in the corner of the room. 

We sat close to each other in silence for a few minutes before he broke the silence with a game of uno with cards that sat on the floor in front of us. After a few rounds, the bell rang for bedtime which meant it was 9. As I stood Conan tugged me into a hug. 

“Remember and get up around 11:45 to let me in.” he whispered quickly in my ear.

 I nodded and he squeezed my arms slightly before we broke apart and left the loft. I went my separate way and he went his way, to our separate rooms. Violet was already in my room and was getting ready for bed. I went to my trunk and slipped the spoon in there as I took off my crewneck and slipped on my nightgown thing. 

Our nurse came in and gave Violet her medicine which meant she would be out cold within the next hour. Rachel said goodnight and left the room. I shut my eyes slightly making sure I didn't completely fall asleep and lose track of time. But also, to get a little rest. I ended up falling asleep and the big boom of thunder outside scared me awake. I looked over at the time on Violet's little radio. 11:43. Couldn't be more perfect of timing. 

I sat up and rubbed my face. I heard a little tapping on the door, and I got up and silently walked to it. I opened it and let Conan inside secretly. We sat on my bed close to each other whispering.

“So, in two weeks there will be a fire drill, during the drill we will pull the alarm, so after a few minutes of the “drill” it will keep going off which will distract them and give us more time. We will meet at the exit door next to your room, to the right. During the drill everyone will be walking to the front check in area so we will use that one. I will rush over here as fast as I can. Because the alarm will be going off and there will be a lot of commotion, they won't notice us leaving.” he said, as I nodded slowly.

“But what about leaving? The doors aren't they locked?” I asked and he shook his head.

“During the drill they unlock automatically as a drill for a real fire they will need to be open for a quick escape of the building. Once we get outside, we will book it for the wall. There are bushes which we will be able to hide in so we can dig out.” he said, and I nodded keeping my eyes on him. 

“I can't believe we are really doing this.'' I whispered lower than we were before.

 I felt a tingle of nervousness in my stomach and I kept looking at him. He reached his left hand up and placed it behind my head and pulled me into a kiss. I knew this one was for real this time since I could feel my cheeks get hot and I could feel butterflies exploding in my stomach. His lips were as soft as they looked, and he was so gentle. I reached my small hands up and cupped his face. 

He pulled back for a second before kissing me harder, pushing me back on my bed. I could feel the weight of his body pushing on mine, but it wasn't suffocating. His kisses became more desperate as we tried to remain as silent as we could. When he sat up and began tugging off his crewneck, I knew it was going to happen. 

 When the morning bell woke me, and Violet up Conan was long gone. I could almost still feel him touching and hugging me still as I sat up in bed rubbing my face. I watched as Violet did her routine and rushed off to the shower. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself. I sat there for a few minutes until I heard his voice at the door. 

“13 days.” he said with a wide smile. He leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed across his chest. I felt my cheeks get hot with embarrassment as the scenes from that night came to my mind. 

“Yeah.” I said standing up. 

 For the rest of the two weeks it was the same long classes and “special times”. Every few days or so I would find a note in the shampoo bottle with the words “meet me at midnight.” on them. I would wait for the day to slowly pass until then. When the 14th day came. I woke up and got dressed sneaking the spoon that I had hidden into my sleeve. 

 When the loud fire alarm went off, I felt like I would vomit. I was so nervous that I could barely walk. My hands shook. Me Violet walked into the hallway and saw as people quickly made their way to the front of the building. As the fire alarm chirped loudly there was a red flashing light that faded in and out giving everything a red tint. 

 As we walked down the hallway, I yanked on the fire alarm next to me which caused the sprinkles to turn on soaking us. I hung back near the exit door still shaking. I was scared and nervous. I looked around for Conan. Where was he? I looked at the door and pulled the handle opening. I tapped my foot looking outside at the freedom that I was so close to. I felt someone yank hard on my wrist. 

 I spun my head around to see a security guard yanking me back inside. I yelled and tried to yank my wrist back and fight him, but another guard yelled and grabbed my other arm. I yelled for Conan. I yelled his name repeatedly, but he never showed up. He never came. The guard’s drug me away from the door as I yelled and yelled for Conan until my voice and throat hurt. I flung myself around trying to get free of the guards while still yelling for him in desperation. I felt a pinch on my upper arms and my vision got blurry as I started to calm down.

 I do not remember anything else after that. But here I am. Sitting in the office of one of the therapists who was trying to talk to me. 

“Has he come back? The boy you had been seeing. What was his name? Has the medicine worked? You don't see him, anymore do you?” she asked. 

I could not hear her since I was focused on the French song that was playing on the radio. I felt someone squeeze my hand and I turned my head. In the seat next to me was Conan. He smiled as he held my hand. I smiled back at him lost in his green eyes. As his lips mouthed “meet me at midnight”. 


Submitted: December 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Abigail N. Sette. All rights reserved.

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