evan you're dead

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A former soldier in the Russian army, after completing his military service, moved to England to live, but with his involvement in gangs, it turned his life into hell and forced him to withdraw from it. This is what made him pay the price later.

 chapter 01: not like his brothers


Darkness night full of mystery bringing the wonder and questions to our thoughts with that silence empty street where darkness domain that gives the person chill's make the horror penetrate his heart.

the sound of feet coming very quickly with a loud screaming : run without stop and don't look back. , that calm disappeared when four people shows up from nowhere, tall, stronger, muscular, never approach these men, you should fear for your life and run away if you see them because they are ruthless killers with dead conscience.

they kept running as if something is chasing them and trying to escape from it till the police surrounded them from all sides, standing while looking towards each other and all of them know it's the end, time to spend some good time in jail that what tom said with ironic tone .

mickey : looks like Evan outed us.

Manny : we told him if he ratted us out, we'd kill you

brad : you know, I've had my doubts like you, but Evan still honest man and snitching it's not his style.

mickey : than tell me why he didn't show up during the process.

brad couldn't respond, he has nothing to say to defend Evan, those doubts about him become real.

where is he, what is he doing, how can he leave us and go to that stupid chick, it's her fault, she changed him and now we are paying it , that what mickey was saying to his friends with low voice full with anger and thinking about the post-prison phase.

his dirty mind is busy to create an evil plan for Evan to settle personnel scores for his only mistake after following his heart and he know in this field there are no time for emotions or love.

you have to set two choices in front of your eyes and make it creed believe in it, either to be killed or spend the rest of your life in prison, we have no other options.

lying on the ground with their hands on their heads, this is the end of the lame sparrow gang.

without any lengthening, the police arrived to them and proceeded with armrest process in a way that show you that they were waiting for this moment with clear smile on their faces.

the cop : well, its ended exactly as we expected it to end.

they get everyone in the car except mickey who walk in slow steps as he not hurry while the cop pushing him hard and talk to him with ironic tone.

the cop : mickey, he betrayed you! and you still protect him?

Those provocative words played into Mikey's head , many questions revolving in his mind, who is this, what is it possible that Evan did it, There is no definitive answer to this question.

They put him in the car gently as remembrance of the favors he gave the police in Their cases when the law betrayed them.

Church bells are ringing, it is the sound of a sacred marriage that brings two lovers together .

Evan chose his life partner and decided to settle down but he price of that Will paid sooner or later.




 chapter 02 : fellas returned

Ten years have passed since the arrest of  lamesparrowgang and  Evan's marriage to a woman, the least we can say about her, is distinguished not only for her beauty, but for her amazing ability to change the man of her life from a deadly field towards an ideal life full of love and peace. A beautiful and perfect night for Evan, Sitting next to the most beautiful gift that Katrina gave him as a result of sincere and pure love, He looks at his son as he draws with an indelible smile on that angelic face. Katrina, a good wife and mother of all good qualities, leaning on Evan's shoulder in a romantic manner expressing feelings of love and gratitude for their respectful family. I wouldn't have dreamed of having all of this if I didn't met you. The sweetest word a wife can hear it from a partner of her life, shereplied  if I didn't really  love you, I wouldn't have told my father to act and expose your ex-comrades. Despite that smile, however, the signs of anxiety appeared on his face Because he knows his companions and what they are capable of, if they find out. A terrible silence descended upon him, intense fear possessed him, that happiness disappeared and replaced with great horror  Especially when he heard someone knocking on the door so hard, as if he wanted to enter quickly. Oh my God, this can't happen, my family is among the dead, I will try to calm them down, that's what he was saying to himself in a low tone that showed that he was really terrified. Knocking on the door forcefully and screamed in a threatening tone that you could hear it quite clearly, open the door traitor, this is what Mikey was saying. What Evan was afraid of became real,
Fear crept in the heart of Katrina and her sonEvan is standing staring at the window, watching Tom sends him a message meaning you are definitely dead,  What should I do, should I talk to them or bring my weapon? Evan has many questions running through his mind, but he knows the answer to all of it , that he will pay the price of his marriage andbetrayal of his friends. Tom has disappeared and the sound of knocking stops, they are gone, honey, it's over, no need to cry. A desperate attempt by Katrina to calm her son, who has fallen into hysteria out of fear. The sound of a window's glass shattering, the back door of the house opening hard, it seems like a break-in, with a hoarse sound of a threatening, come here you bastard, I will kill you, snitch. Without any delay, they entered the house, Evan was severely beaten by that imbecile who had no mercy in his heart with a barrage of insults. Do you think you are better than us? What did you do with twentymilliondollars in exchange for giving them information about us. This is what Mickey says while beating Evan  hard, who is trying to resist, you idiot, I have not given any information about you to anyone. Suddenly, Mickey stops doing it, and runs towards Evan's son, repeating, "We'll see." He dragged him roughly despite that screaming and crying and begging to leave him  It did not affect in a harsh heart more than stone. Evan watches in his son’s tears flowing from the severity of crying, a gun pointed at the head of a small angel who is not guilty of what his father did. A strong stare full of evil and hate from Mickey towards his former colleague: Last chance, stupid Russian Did you sell us out?

Submitted: December 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Isaac Johnson. All rights reserved.

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