A Date with the driver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Fredric is insecure and introvert Young Man, oppressed by his mother but in the journey he found woman in his life who a change everything.

Romantic story for adults only,
Note: I want to clarify an important point. My work is not a novel but rather a long story.

  chapter 01 : cruel love

Everyone knows that a mother is the only support for her children, gives them love and tenderness and takes care of them, They see it as a rare blessing and a gift from the Lord Contrary to JuliaFisher, who thought her son Frederick, the handsome and kind young man If we describe his personality, Angel would be the best fitting name for him, was a curse, that it was a punishment from God for her.

He get abused daily by his mother although he may love her, huge her and even kiss her but those kisses always send him sleeping in that cold and frightening basement.

A small room devoid of all the basic necessities that you will find in it, you only see ruined bed that Fredrick wish no one to sleep on it, windowless room And also that simple closet, it shows you what he suffers from, is it because of her stinginess or there are other reasons that we do not know that turned his life upside down , a completely open door and footsteps slowly coming while Frederick is in the world of dreams, his only favorite place for him, where he finds love and affection, and even the many friends he did not get them in real life.

She walk with bitterness and splashed that cold bucket of water on him Until he wake up frantically Without losing control of himself, and uttering inappropriate words in the presence of his mother Which follows the method of cruelty with him in everything, even in the way he was awakened as if he was in a military barracks .

After that panic went away , he looked at his mother with a broad smile and a happy tone, goodmorningmom., answered him with a look of contempt and a mockery tone: Inyourdreams, mentallyhandicapped, getupandgotowork, nevercallmemomagain, mychildrenarenotbackward.

Then she left him in that bad psychological state even though he was smiling, but sadness took over him, if you see those blue eyes, you will see questions he used to ask himself What should I do to make her love me, I believe that she will love me and I will not give up until I hear I love you or at least Son, this is my goal, this is my wish.

Sitting on the bed in a way that shows that he is thinking deeply and trying to find a solution to the situation that tormented him psychologically and deprived him of the mother's tenderness that he thinks would have changed his life if he had obtained it like the rest of the children.

Thinking played with his mind until he decided to stop living in delusions, my mother could not love me no matter what I tried, She is angry at me, Because I am the reason why my father left us, that what he was saying to himself in low voice and with tone of blame like He's beating himself up for something has absolutely nothing to do with it, he doesn't even remember his father very well.

His mother who instilled that idea in his head And she deliberately accused him that he was the reason for his departure, but the truth is still vague and will not be revealed except with the passage of time.

His mother's voice calls out for him to come down for breakfast, but in an insulting and unacceptable way for someone who truly has a human heart characterized by compassion and humanity, Politely and with great manners, explains sincere feelings that he really loves and respects her, but she refuses to see that or ignores it either for fear of a past that is haunting her or a future she wants to avoid.

He went to the wardrobe to change his clothes. Immediately he finished that, he went straight to the backyard without informing his mother, because he used to dry his clothes every morning as a result of his mother's way, which we describe so wonderful in waking him up.

A few minutes later, he went to the kitchen for breakfast to help him spend a nice day while sitting in a chair with his arms extended over a square table, Waiting for his breakfast, a single fried egg, she put it on the table for him while looking at her smiling And in a tone of inquiry: Isthismybreakfast?

Hard looks while answering him with completely cold As if she was doing a favor to a stranger or feeding a passerby, yes ,eatandshutyourmouth , youarelucky I prepareditforyou.

Those stares full of love towards his mother, although he did not say it. Just a word of thanks for that single egg  that Do not get fat nor saturate that stomach What really needs nourishment is that heart that is starving, neither love nor affection, care and concern, a word I love you does not know and did never hear, He eats quite slowly, in a way that shows something that no one else can notice.

He eats while he imagines that the table is full of food, sometimes from the plate in front of him and sometimes from any side above the table, He is not crazy, but he used to do that to see himself as an ordinary person who is not whimsical, living their style, as a desperate attempt to make his mother love him, a message to her meaning, see I eat like you as you do every night I don't have to eat in the basement I can be with you here as one family.

She clearly saw him while drinking in the coffee, but something happened to that cruel heart, and those dry eyes of any human feeling, a tear came down from her expressing great sadness, She did not want him to see her in this state and scared about him, which will affect his weak heart ,who resists everything except the tears of his mother or his beloved that fate has hidden from him is not injustice, but rather a surprise to him for his kindness which he made a light that illuminates his dark life.

He finished eating his breakfast, and that innocent smile was not erased from that face, He was about to go out making his way, he kissed his mother and as he pass the door she called him. Happy that he heard her in thought that she would wish him a good day but it was crocodile tears, Threatening words, if he did that again, he would sleep in the basement, his heart was broken again, the Cruelty cancer kills the emotions that distinguish him and as a human being, and put him into a slow moribund stage ,he had no right to love or to be loved, he Lowering his head out of regret, his only sin was that he loved his mother, and to make matters worse, those words that rotted his conscience: Leavemenow, Youmessedupmyday.

He walks in rapid steps and his mind never stops thinking what he must do to attract the attention of his mother, what must be done in order for his life to change for the better, does he need the intervention of the Lord or is a matter of self-confidence, a weak personality that needs a great work ?

He got in his cab, drove through town searching for costumer's, looking right and left Until he found a man wearing a suit as if he worked for an important company or a well-known guy standing on The right and pointing with his finger, meaning he stopped please as calling taxi Frederick noticed him and then parked beside him and Without any lengthening, he opened the door and get in, saying: Takemedowntown, I haveanimportantmeeting, hurryupplease. In a polite way, he replied: rightaway, sir. 10 minutes, andyou'llbethere.

The smile appeared on the face of that man, who saw a rare trait in Frederick, you can say that it disappeared with us, which is mutual respect, so he decided to joke with him saying: Andtrynottokillus, youdonotknowhowmuchyousufferedtogetthiswork.

A slight laughing sound While he was driving than he asked Politely, that man liked him more : Doyouwanttoturnontheradioforyou?

He could not refuse his request for fear that his feelings would be hurt after he had seen good qualities from him, which he had not seen with people he knew, yes, whynot , ifyoudon'tmindofcourse. , Ofcoursenot, youmustknowsomethingaboutme. Myjobistodelivercustomerstotheirdestination, butthisdoesnotpreventthemfromentertaining, andaboveall, theirrespect., That was his answer Which that man could not respond to except to applaud him in respect of his morals and professional dealings with people.



  chapter 02 :  she found a mate


Clara is An unusually beautiful and attractive woman, aged 26 years old, although if you saw her you would say that she looks younger, who cant resist that smooth yellow hair with the color of gold when she move it smoothly, you feel your heart beating fast, especially those green eyes with this charm she is irresistible, Ultimately, it leads you to fall in love with her, whether you like it or not.

She walks around a well-arranged apartment that deluded an organized and maybe even an obsessive behavior , she sits on the sofa , holding in her hand a cup of coffee that is about going to work While she thinks about her private life which is empty of any boyfriend, warms her heart and sails with her in the Sea of love, That tough character and Disturbed-mind made boy's don't appeal to her.

The knocking on door interrupted that peaceful moment she was having , started talking with her self : jeez I said Brad don'tcomeagain. , than started walking towards the door and opened it ,there he was standing smiling at her saying: , goodmorning cupcake.

That word ignited the fire of rage caused her heart rate to increase dramatically and she began to feel very hot with her body shaking followed by a strong and scary cry made him  forget her feminine side followed by a powerful slap that echoed brad's psyche and his pride collapsed with that poor tongue was unable to speak or respond except taking what remained of his dignity and go away .

i don't accept any kind of flirtation that is the reason for that, you are all stupid,  understand nothing about love and talk in its name but you looking only for sex , that's what she was muttering as closing the door in his face.

really tough and high-level character who can convince he to love him, she is demanding and needs more than she gives but her prince charming who will get the honor for eternity dance remain even after their death.

when  he will appear and they  will hear the sound of church bells for a scared marriage based on sincerity, loyalty and pure love , if you intend to cheat after you say i do then no need to stand in front of altar because the easy way its suit you.

he spoil her day , so she decides to take the day off and go out To relax and entertain herself, While she heads towards the exit sighing, she wants to date a respectable man ,, understands her mentality, loves her as she, because she believes that whoever really loves you, loves you as you are, where is it, why  he disappeared, I am in the relationship unlucky

She opens in the door while she still talks herself, wonders when she will find him, the knight of her dreams, the hero who will save her from loneliness, will she  succeed in that, maybe he is closer to her than she think.

Emotional emptiness, frequent betrayal as a result of gullibility in love, This is  what you get when you give your heart to people who do not appreciate it, Stay out of love, it's a lethal poison, you're at best like this, Advice from a mystical mind to Clara while getting out from building .

a beautiful sunny day, Frederick leans on his parked car aside while smoking in a cigarette in a way that turns out to be enjoying the matter and watches in the coming and going cars and sometimes turns his gaze towards pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

Clara get out of the building looking for a cap , she saw one parked on the other side on the road and she yelled taxi, the man was smoking, he turned towards the sound of the woman , Clara Saw he is face it was Frederick.

She walks towards him while she was confused between giving a chance to that wounded heart or ignoring that she saw something special in him, attracted to him beside his good looking face and he has characteristics distinguished him from others.

she saw the romance emanating from his eyes and wanted use this opportunity to get to know him, she knows that it is a risk even she wants to challenge her self.

She approached him so much as if she was going to kiss him, and spoke in a gentle and sweet voice: would you take to Joe's bar.

With a big smile and without saying single word , he  opening the door for her in a very respectful way, showing that he is good at treating women, That elegant move  confirmed those imagination she put on her head about  him in a beautiful way and talking to her-self with faint voice that cannot be heard clearly while riding in the car, Very good. He is also gentleman.

Seconds later he got in his car and drove away while Clara is thinking how to aboard conversation with Fredrick till he surprised her saying with wonder : do I Know you., His words made Clara surprised and she tried to answer but she stumble in her speech suddenly Fredrick yelled ah yes you at that company.

Clara's psyche lives in many questions. Does he know me, did he come to the company and I did not acknowledge his presence, or maybe he was delivery man of Maria  my  boss secretary.

But Fredrick was knively thinking maybe I found friend who I can spend a good time with or maybe introduce her to my mom and maybe I can please my mom this way.




chapter 03 : fortunate kiss

The wind of change blew through their lives, the spark of love ignited but without they being aware of it.

Constant stare, sending indescribable feelings, poets of love are unable to translate them into words, she never stop thinking about him , many thoughts in her minds to know the secret behind this natural magic that he had, a lonely wish to have a romantic date with him will forget her about the world and what is in it.

Frederick drives in a terrible state of silence, What would he say, How does he light that fuse, which leads to an interesting conversation even he wants to leave a good impression on her but His goal is friendship No more or less, He does not deny that there was a feeling of admiration for her A strange feeling gripped his heart, But he didn't find how to express it So he ignoring it Without giving it much importance, However, love is not his specialty .

Great hesitation And a fear of taking a step might be a turning point in his miserable life , She noticed it with quite easily and decided to be the first to break that silence by saying : What is yourname , prettyboy.

Finally, a smile appeared on him, as if he was waiting for her to speak and he answered in a happy tone : Fredrick Fisher, ma'am, how about you

One look at him awakened her desire and with a seductive tone she answered, Clara Smith, then shocked him with Flirting words while bite her lips gently in a way that shows that she is ready to give him what he wants in exchange for one night with him and sign If you intend to kiss me, now is the time for it : Has anyone ever told you that you look so sexy.

That face turned red immediately that he heard her flirt, did she mean that, When we get to the bar, I will introduce myself as a romantic person ,Who knows how to deal with women, especially Who wants to spend an intimate moment alone with me, This is what was wandering in his mind, It seems he made a decision for the first time in his life to leave that introverted shell he was in, and try to live events and experiences that he had never dared approach them before.

Clara has reached her destination, but the real question is, will she invite him for a drink that will be the beginning of an unusual relationship between them.

Park the car professionally, then get off, , Moving towards her in rapid steps While she was watching until he reached her, He opened the door gently and then gave her his hand to help her get out, she hold it and it was so soft and warm , suddenly stumbled and fell, but he was quick and grabbed her before she touched the ground than bowed to her and he had a great desire to kiss those lips, and he remained silent staring at her eyes with a smile of great love, sent Encrypted messages I will always be here for you.

He lifted her romantically until she touched his chest, She felt a peace inside her as she watched him slowly approaching to her for the first kiss that will brought them together forever.

She surrendered to him completely, while putting her hand on his shoulder And she grabbed his shirt very tightly, as if she wanted more And because it satisfied her desire, even a little bit but she knows here is not the right place for it .

The effect of that kiss, Forget her who she is, Her sweetness took her into another world when she will be with him , do what ever she want , no one will bother them, she kissing him with all her emotions and does not want to stop because she felt love and the true love standing in front of her.

After that beautiful moment ended, he put his forehead on her forehead He said in a romantic tone: You are to me the mostbeautifulwoman in the universe. Do youaccept that you are a part of mylife? I will lieif I will not tellyou and I love you.

Smiling while holding his hand until their fingers crossed, saying in a happy tone: I will not be part of your life, but I will be your whole life, I love you too.

They walk towards the bar while holding each other's hands, clearly happy, A romantic relationship that started between them.

He opened the door for her, in a way that is more appropriate to her, for his new or only girlfriend in relation to his condition, They both entered and closed the door behind them.



chapter 04 : love affair friction


Joe's bar is known for by peaceful climate where there is order and less problems. , There you can enjoy your time with respect because if you cause trouble, you will be trown out, that make it the favorite place for many peoples.

When you enter it, you see those tables placed in front of you in an orderly and impressive way , where you can Sit comfortably, drink and talk while enjoying your time, And relieve you from the hardship of a difficult day  If you take a slight look to your right, you will see  jukebox in the corner which is playing country songs, Relax your nerves and take you to a quiet place Far from anything that spoils your mood.

Walk a little, then you notice a pool table at the back of the bar Around it two men playing Quietly, because they know it's one of Mister Joe's rules when you decides to come to his bar .

On The left side there a  bar where the liquor is served Joe is standing there serving costumers. Fredrick and Clara standing on the stools  drinking beer while talking with low voice as stare at each other with romantic look , next to them short and  hot blonde woman wearing black dress  drinking  while looking in front of her as she was thinking about something without paying attention to them.

She suddenly turned towards them ,In shock at what she saw, she kept staring completely in disbelief .
She was provoked by that kiss, which Frederick received it while staring with evil and envy, Who is she that is flirting with my Frederick, This is what she said to herself and she was unhappy about what she saw, It turns out it's getting harder for her, especially with Clara in his life.

Many questions go through Amanda's mind  about Frederick's girlfriend, as she knows that he is an introverted person, relationship it's not his thing.

A malicious smile while calling at Frederick : heymylovelyweirdo, howareyou.

Frederick quickly turned towards her because there is only one person in his life calling him by that name, his face yellowed for fear that it would cause him problems with Clara.

With a simple smile and a warning look, if you mess up the whole thing, I will destroy your life.

She understood this threatening view well However, she did not stop sending him provocative words  by saying: youdidn'tintroducemetoyourfriend.

Clara answered her confidently  and with a tone of assurance: Infact, hisgirlfriend. While the conversation between Clara and Amanda is continuing, Frederick remain silent.

He wants to maintain his relationship with Clara but he knows very well that  Amanda loves him too and she is not that  type who give up easily and she  will do anything to get him Even if she follow dirty and mean methods.

Conflict erupted between Clara and Amanda, but without resorting to violence, diplomatic one contains conversations that carry coded meanings and at the same time attack each other.

Amanda failed to keep up with Clara, She was better and smarter than her, like a cunning fox, forcing her to surrender without showing it, fearing for her dignity to be humiliated more than that While preparing herself to leave.

That personality that characterizes Clara classified her as the strongest woman in the field of malice and deceit in order to defend herself or who she loves, but she is not of the kind that harms the psyche of people for a personal benefit.

She carried her things As a clear sign that she desperately wants to leave and cannot continue the discussion with her with a smile that explained sordid morals on Amanda's face As she walked towards her, She whispered into her ear in a low voice and threatening tone of a provocative nature: You can't keephimforever, enjoyitwhileyoustillcan.

A soft kiss on his cheek with a special touch to stir Frederick's feelings and lead him towards her of his own free will to enjoy the warmth of a relationship appropriate to his charming and taste, gazes full of wonder and love that appear from those brown eyes, pure love and all of this only for her lovely weirdo as she would like to call him .

Tempting steps revive any dead desire inside the boys present at the bar whistling and flirting, this was their condition after they saw a simple glimpse of the abilities that are not insignificant on the part of Amanda.

Opening the door while looking at him, saying, "See youaround, suger.

That kiss knocked Clara out of her consciousness and plunged her into a vortex of anger  and  made her act reckless and irrational after she slapped him, saying, Damn you. I thoughtyouweredifferent, anyway. It's over.

That slap did not affect him more than seeing Clara leaving , you can say fate did not stand beside him in love. Their relationship did not last for a few hours.

A tear fell from his eyes grief over a love that did not last as he  thinking to give Amanda a chance because  she is the only one who has been in his life for so long.

He taking out his cellphone and looking for number of Amanda, he found it but he didn't call yet,  He hesitated the first time but finally called In a melancholy tone saying : hello Amanda.



Submitted: December 19, 2020

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