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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

The sun had set. The icy wilderness became darker with each second. A dark blue tinting the ice, snow, and bare trees. Five black crows swooped to the ground and hopped around. They hopped to the dead body looking curiously at it.

The girl had very white skin, her dark brown hair was scattered around and covered her face. She was slightly crumpled up. A piece of paper that was barely used and thrown out. Her white thin dress still was on her, although the bottom part (the part she lay on) was starting to be wet from the snow. Her hands were crumbled up, one inside the other, she had started to pull them to her chest before she went stiff. 

The wind rustled her dress and the crows gave out a cry. The same cried she gave out. Before the arrow pierced her behind the head. The warm blood that now was color stained the snow and her hair surrounding the back of her head. 

The person walked up, held her head in place and pulled the arrow out from her skull. The crows didn't move. Just standing by the dead girl's body. He squatted down, brushing her hair from her face. Her red lips were chapped from the cold. Her eyes were sunken in and had dark circles around them. He brushed a finger over her bottom lip. He said nothing, just staring at her. 

He stood and picked her up. In his arms now, he carried her back to his cabin. He placed her on the straw bed next to the fireplace and he headed to the opposite side to sit in a chair, stepping over a red cloak that lay on the ground. All he did was stare. He rocked gently back and forth watching her motionless body. 

“Why did you run?” he finally asked. “You weren't supposed to run from me.” the silence answered back empty. 

He cried out gripping his hair from the sides of his head. He closed his eyes and rocked himself back and forth. Trying to calm his breathing. He squeezed his eyes shut but the tears came through still. He clenched his jaw and tried to remember. 

Her smiling face. Bright from the afternoon sun and the reflection off the snow. Her beautiful white teeth. Red cheeks. Red nose. Dark brown hair perfectly curled, down loosely. Her long red cloak covering her white dress. She swung her head around and stared into his eyes. She turned back around and ran into the woods. He chased her following her sweet laugh. 

It was a crisp afternoon. Their breath was huge explosions. He panted and caught up to her. Wrapping an arm around her as they slowed to a walk. She still had a huge smile on her face as she breathed heavily. She leaned her head back resting it on his arm. 

“Do you want to rule?” he asked. 

“Why mention it now jack?” she said, turning to look at him. 

“I don't want you to. I feel that you're leaving me.” he replied slightly mad.

“I am not leaving you!” she cried.

“You're marrying him.” Jack responded. 

“I must. I don't want to either. But that's how it works.” she explained as they walked into the small cabin. 

The fire had already started. The bed sat lonely and made next to it. Jack took his coat off and hung it on a hook by the door, next to a bow. She unbuttoned her cloak and placed it across the small table. She put her hands on her hips and stared at jack.

“Why can't you marry me? I can help rule better than him.” Jack said. 

“It doesn't work that way.” she said sadly. “I have to marry someone from the Shilizer bloodline. They are the nobles that were next in line.”

“Please don't leave me.” he said falling to his knees in front of her. 

“I won't.” she said wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him. 

“You can run away. We can run away together. You won't have to marry him or rule. We can be married, live out in the woods and have a family.” she gently pushed him back and looked at his face.

“It doesn't work like that.” she whispered. He wandered to the fireplace and stood for a second staring at the fire.

“No. you must stay.” he growled, turning back to her. She frowned.

“I can't jack. I have to go.” she said, reaching for her cloak. Jack stepped over to her and swatted at her hand. 

“You can't go.” he said. She frowned at him.

“Im leaving jack.” she said grabbing it. He yanked it from her and threw it on the floor. She looked at it then him. She pressed her lips together before shoving him away and running out the door. 

He stumbled back and rushed to the door. He watched her run into the icy wilderness. Her black flat shoes made a trail in the snow as she disappeared. He gripped a hand around his bow and looked up at the sky. It was late afternoon. 

He bundled himself up and grabbed his bow and arrows and set off into the woods. He followed her trail like hunting for a deer. After a few miles the sun looked as if it might spend any minute. He saw her dark hair first. Then her white dress, and black shoes. She was faced away from him. And was squating down. 

He wondered what she was doing, before realizing. She was petting a crow. Another one hopped towards her and she reached out and petted it. The crow looked at Jack as he loaded the bow and pulled back the string. It gave out a cry, followed by her cry as he let go of the string and the sun completely set and the darkness crawled in. 

The five crows swooped in and landed on the snow, before hoping towards the dead body. Her dark brown hair was a mess and covered her pale face. Her white dress was scattered slightly. The blood sinking into the snow from the back of her head. Her hands collapsed together and slightly pulled into her chest. 

He walked towards her, he held her head into place and pulled his arrow out and just stared at her. The crows watched him as he moved the hair from her face and gently touched her red chapped lips. He said nothing, only staring as a crow spoke for him. 


Submitted: December 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Abigail N. Sette. All rights reserved.

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